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About Canada's Stock Market

Canada has the following stock exchanges:

Bloomberg Exchange Code Bloomberg Composite Code Description ISO MIC # of Stocks In Our Database
CFCNCanadian Securities ExchangeXCNQ71
CTCNToronto Stock ExchangeXTSE499
CVCNTSX Venture ExchangeXTSX152

Note that there may be some additional stock exchanges in Canada that focus on option or commodities trading that are not in our database. We only have in our database the stock exchanges around the world that focus on equities.

On StockMarketMBA.com, we have adopted the Bloomberg two digit code system for identifying exchanges, as explained in global stock exchanges.

We don't have all stocks traded on the above exchanges in our database, as there are hundreds of microcap stocks, global depository receipts ("GDRs"), and locally traded ETFs that we don't have in our database. We strive to have all stocks in our database that are owned by a U.S. exchange traded fund, or have their shares traded on a U.S. exchange or on the U.S. OTC market (either by cross-listing or through an ADR).

Canada's currency is the Canadian Dollar.

We strive to have an index in our database for every country that is denominated in the local currency. Our key local currency index for Canada is:

GSPTSE, the S&P/TSX Composite Index

The Index is a broad market measure for the Canadian equity markets that includes common stocks and income trust units.

Let's look at the history of the exchange rate between the USD and the Canadian Dollar (our symbol is USDCAD).

Let's compare USDCAD to UUP, a currency ETF that tracks the US dollar against a basket of developed market currencies.

We have 4 U.S. ETFs in our database that focus on buying stocks traded in Canada. Our benchmark ETF is EWC, the iShares MSCI Canada ETF. Our benchmark ETF is typically the largest or oldest ETF for that country that we use for comparisons.

BBCA, the JPMorgan BetaBuilders Canada ETF

EWC, the iShares MSCI Canada ETF

FLCA, the Franklin FTSE Canada ETF

HEWC, the iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Canada ETF

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