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You can advertise on our website using display ads, and we will charge you on a cost per click model. We are currently charging a flat rate of $2.00 per click.

Our website is currently averaging about 80,000 users per month and about 300,000 page views. Our audience is growing as we are a relatively new website. This is your chance to run ads that target a core audience of people who are interested in the stock market.

How It Works

We currently support four of the most commonly used display ad formats:

Different pages on our website are configured to use one or more of these ad formats. When you start an ad campaign, you tell us what ad formats you want to use for the campaign. Our system then automatically places your ad on all of our pages that support those ad formats.

If there are currently more ad campaigns running of a particular ad format than will fit on our website, we will display your ad on a random basis throughout our website. For example, if ten advertisers want to run an ad campaign using a 728 x 90 ad format, the pages that support a 728 x 90 ad format will just randomly pick which of the ten ads to run on the page each time it is loaded.

Our system allows you to monitor at any time your campaign's performance. You can tweak your campaign to try to improve it's performance, mostly by choosing to use different ad formats. For example, if there is heavy competition for 728 x 90 ad formats, you can change your campaign to add a 320 x 100 ad as well as the 728 x 90 ad format.

You pay for your ads once a month using a credit card. Our system allows you to establish a maximum budget for each campaign.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to start advertising on our website:

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email or call us. Please also contact us if you have some kind of special request. We will try to accomodate you if we can.

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