BOIL ProShares Ultra 2x DJ-UBS Natural Gas ETF

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BOIL ProShares Ultra 2x DJ-UBS Natural Gas ETF

Seeks daily investment results, before fees and expenses, that correspond to two times (2x) the daily performance of the Bloomberg Natural Gas Subindex.The Bloomberg Natural Gas Subindex is intended to reflect the natural gas segment of the commodities market. The index consists of futures contracts on natural gas. Unlike equities, which entitle the holder to a continuing stake in a corporation, commodity futures contracts specify a delivery date for an underlying physical commodity. The index measures the performance of commodity futures contracts, and, as the date for a futures contract comes due, the index replaces such contract with similar contracts with later expirations. The index thus is a "rolling" index. The index is valued using the settlement prices for the underlying futures contracts. The index rolls its contracts over the course of 5 consecutive business days, starting on the 6th business day of the month. Each day, approximately 20% of each futures position that is included in the month's roll is rolled.

$5.86  -0.25 (-4.02%)
As of 02/03/2023 14:56:51 EST     IEX book   CBOE book

ETF Information
Sponsor:     ProShares
Category1:  Commodities
Category2:  Energy
Category3:  Natural gas
Morningstar category:  Trading--Leveraged Commodities
Leverage factor:  2.00
Inception date:  10/04/2011
Index tracking method: Passive replication
Current yield:  0.00%
Historical average yield:  0.00%
Market cap:  $723,063,688
Average volume:  38,183,000
Fees:     1.3100%

Index Information
Bloomberg Natural Gas Subindex
Index symbol:  BCOMNG
Provider:   Bloomberg
Index weighting:   Market capitalization
Index inception date:  12/03/2019
Backtesting data exists:  

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