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Bitcoin is the original digital cryptocurrency, having started in 2009, and the cryptocurrency with the most market cap today. Bitcoin runs on its own blockchain. The number of bitcoin has been set at 21 million. There are currently 18+ million bitcoin in circulation, with the remaining 2 million or so bitcoin to be discovered over the next few years as a result of mining. The bitcoin blockchain is the oldest and often the slowest to process transactions, so it is not widely used for decentralized application development (it is used primarily just to manage the coin itself). More modern blockchains are focused on figuring out ways to use the blockchain network to power applications.

$22,897.38  -434.47 (-1.86%)
As of 02/05/2023 16:30:00 EST

Cryptocurrency Information
Category1:  Cryptocurrency
Category2:  Layer 1 native coins
Category3:  Large cap
Inception date:     07/17/2010
Max market cap:     $492,435,753,600
Max outstanding coins:  21,000,000

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