CEFMX S Network Municipal Fixed Income CEF Index

The Index is intended to track the overall performance of the U.S.-listed closed-end funds that invest in U.S. dollar denominated tax-exempt bonds. To be eligible for inclusion in the index, the closed-end fund must have a minimum market capitalization greater than $100 million and must have as its stated objective one of the four categories: a) Leveraged Municipal fixed income; b) Leveraged Municipal high yield fixed-income; c) Unleveraged Municipal fixed income; and d) Unleveraged Municipal High Yield fixed income. The Index excludes certain closed-end funds that maintain expense ratios over 2% per year and trade at premiums to net asset value of more than 20%. The Index employs a weighting methodology based on Total Net Assets, adjusted for each closed-end fundís average discount for the previous 90 days.

As of 09/11/2017

Index Information
Provider:     S-Network Global Indexes
Category1:  Special Security Types
Category2:  Closed end funds
Currency:    USD
Inception date:  12/31/2005
Backtesting data exists:   Yes
Weighting methodology:   Other
Number of holdings:  69  (as of 09/29/2017)
Rebalanced:  Quarterly
Reconstituted:  Semi-annually
Total return version:  CEFMXTR

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