DBC Invesco DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund ETF

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DBC Invesco DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund ETF

Seeks to track, before fees and expenses, Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodity Index Optimum Yield Diversified Excess Return Index. The Index is a rules-based index composed of futures contracts on 14 of the most heavily-traded and important physical commodities in the world. The Index is rebalanced yearly on the 5th business day of November. When rebalanced, each of the 14 commodities is given a pre-determined fixed weight in the Index. The largest commodities are brent crude oil, heating oil, light crude oil, and RBOB gasoline, each with a fixed weight of 12.375%. The other commodities have various fixed weights in the Index. The Index employs a rule based approach when it rolls from one futures contract to another for each commodity in the Index. Rather than select the new future based on a predefined schedule (e.g. monthly) the Index rolls to that future (from the list of tradable futures which expire in the next thirteen months) which generates the maximum implied roll yield. The index aims to maximize the potential roll benefits in backwardated markets and minimize the loss from rolling down the curve in contago markets.

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ETF Information
Sponsor:     Invesco
Category1:  Commodities
Category2:  Broad market
Category3:  Varied term futures
Morningstar category:  Commodities Broad Basket
Leverage factor:  1.00
Inception date:  02/03/2006
Index tracking method: Passive replication
Current yield:  0.58%
Historical average yield:  0.61%
Market cap:  $2,590,170,000
Average volume:  1,734,734
Fees:     0.8500%

Index Information
Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodity Index Optimum Yield Diversified Excess Return Index
Index symbol:  DBLCIX
Provider:   dbIQ (Deutsche Bank)
Index weighting:   Other
Index inception date:  12/02/1998
Backtesting data exists:   No
Index factsheet:  Read PDF
Rebalanced:  Annually
Reconstituted:  Annually

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