DJSTELT Dow Jones U.S. Select Telecommunications Total Return Index

This is the total return version of DJSTEL. The index is part of the Dow Jones U.S. Select Sector Index family, which measures precise, and typically narrowly-defined, sectors of the U.S. stock market. It covers ICB Subsectors 6535 and 6575. It is float market cap weighted.

As of 09/11/2017

Index Information
Provider:     MSCI
Category1:  US Equity
Category2:  Single sector
Category3:  Telecommunications
Currency:    USD
Inception date:  03/27/2007
Backtesting data exists:  
Weighting methodology:   Market capitalization
Number of holdings:  19  (as of 12/19/2017)
Total return version:  DJSTEL

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