JHMS John Hancock Multifactor Consumer Staples ETF

Seeks to track, before fees and expenses, the John Hancock Dimensional Consumer Staples Index. The John Hancock Dimensional Consumer Staples Index is a rules-based index of U.S. consumer staple stocks that have been selected based on sources of expected returns. Securities eligible for inclusion in the index are classified according to their market capitalization, relative price, and profitability, and are weighted accordingly in favor of smaller, less expensive, more profitable companies. The index is reconstituted and rebalanced on a semiannual basis.

As of 11/11/2022     IEX book   CBOE book

ETF Information
Sponsor:     John Hancock
Category1:  US Equity
Category2:  Single sector
Category3:  Consumer staples
Morningstar category:  Consumer Defensive
Leverage factor:  1.00
Inception date:  03/28/2016
Index tracking method: Passive replication
Current yield:  0.00%
Historical average yield:  1.92%
Market cap:  $34,722,282
Average volume:  10,609
Fees:     0.4000%

Index Information
John Hancock Dimensional Consumer Staples Index
Index symbol:  JHDMS
Provider:   John Hancock Dimensional
Total return index symbol:  JHDMST
Index weighting:   Quality scores
Index inception date:  01/29/2016
Backtesting data exists:   Yes
Strategy:  Multi-factor investing
Factors used to select securities:

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