M2EADMAR MSCI EAFE Dividend Masters Index

The Index includes companies that are currently members of the MSCI EAFE Index, and have increased dividend payments each year for at least 10 years. The index contains a minimum of 40 stocks, which are equally weighted. No single sector is allowed to comprise more than 30% of an indexs weight, and no single country is allowed to comprise more than 50% of the index weight. If there are fewer than 40 stocks with at least 10 consecutive years of dividend growth, or if sector or country caps are breached, the index will include companies with shorter dividend growth histories.

As of 12/11/2015

Index Information
Provider:     MSCI
Category1:  Global Equity
Category2:  Developed markets ex-US
Category3:  Large and mid cap
Currency:    USD
Inception date:  07/14/2014
Backtesting data exists:   Yes
Weighting methodology:   Equal weighted
Factsheet:  Read PDF
Number of holdings:  55  (as of 01/20/2018)

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