NIE AllianzGI Equity & Convertible Income Fund CEF

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You can see NIE's holdings by looking at their quarterly filings with the SEC, using this link:  N-Q

NIE AllianzGI Equity & Convertible Income Fund CEF Edit This CEF

This is an actively managed closed end fund that seeks total return comprised of capital appreciation, current income and gains. Under normal circumstances, the Fund will invest at least 80% of its net assets (plus any borrowings for investment purposes) in a combination of equity securities (the "Equity Component") and income-producing convertible securities (the "Convertible Component"). The Equity Component may vary from 40-80% and the Convertible Component may vary from 20-60% of its assets. Typically employs a strategy of writing (selling) call options on the stocks held in the Equity Component, generally with respect to approximately 70% of the value of each stock position (the “Option Strategy”). The extent to which the fund uses this strategy will vary depending on market conditions and other factors. This strategy is intended to generate current gains from options premiums as a means to enhance distributions payable to the Fund’s shareholders and to reduce overall portfolio risk.

As of 03/23/2023     IEX book   CBOE book

CEF Information
Sponsor:     Allianz
Category1:  Asset Allocation
Category2:  US
Category3:  Moderate
Morningstar category:  Allocation--70% to 85% Equity
Leverage factor:  1.01    as of 07/31/2019
Inception date:  02/23/2007
Current yield:  23.72%
Historical average yield:  8.93%
Market cap:  $522,868,170
Average volume:  72,163
Fees:     1.0700%
Investment style: Actively managed
All SEC Filings:  SEC Edgar Online
Semi-Annual filings:  N-CSR
Quarterly holdings:  NPORT

Fund NAV:              $21.23
Trading discount:     -11.02%

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