NQDVSMR NASDAQ US Small Mid Cap Rising Dividend Achievers Index

To be eligible for inclusion in the Index, a security must meet the following requirements: 1) be a member of the Nasdaq US Mid Cap Index (NQUSM) or Nasdaq US Small Cap Index (NQUSS), excluding real estate investment trusts, with a minimum market cap of $500 million. 2) must have paid a dividend in the trailing twelve-month period greater than the dividend paid in the trailing twelve-month period three and five years prior; 3) positive earnings per share in the most recent fiscal year greater than the earnings per share three fiscal years prior; 4) cash to debt ratio greater than 25%; and 5) trailing twelve-month period payout ratio no greater than 65%. Securities eligible for inclusion will be ranked descending by dollar dividend increase over the previous five year period and the current dividend yield and ascending by the payout ratio. The resulting ranks will be aggregated into a single score and the 100 securities with the lowest aggregated rank are selected for the Index inclusion.

As of 05/27/2021

Index Information
Provider:     NASDAQ OMX
Category1:  US Equity
Category2:  Broad market
Category3:  Small and mid cap
Currency:    USD
Inception date:  09/18/2017
Backtesting data exists:   Yes
Weighting methodology:   Equal weighted
Number of holdings:  100
Total return version:  NQDVSMRT

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