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RCS PIMCO Strategic Income Fund, Inc. CEF

No holdings information is available in our database.

You can see RCS's holdings by looking at their quarterly filings with the SEC, using this link:  N-Q

RCS PIMCO Strategic Income Fund, Inc. CEF Edit This CEF

This is an actively managed closed end fund that seeks a level of income that is higher than that generated by high-quality, intermediate-term U.S. debt securities as a primary objective and capital appreciation to the extent consistent with this objective. Leveraging PIMCO's core analytical and risk management capabilities, the fundís managers can select what they believe to be the most attractive issues across the full range of fixed income sectors including corporate debt, government and sovereign debt, mortgage-related and other asset-backed securities and other income-producing securities of varying maturities. The fund normally invests at least 80% of its net assets (plus any borrowings for investment purposes) in a combination of income-producing securities of non-corporate issuers, such as securities issued or guaranteed by the U.S. or foreign governments, mortgage-related and other asset-backed securities issued on a public or private basis, corporate debt obligations, and other income-producing securities of varying maturities issued by U.S. or foreign (non-U.S.) corporations or other business entities, including emerging market issuers and municipal securities.

Note: this fund has been around a long time. We don't have pricing data and dividend data for the entire history of the fund. Our data begins 10/27/1994.

As of 03/23/2023     IEX book   CBOE book

CEF Information
Sponsor:     PIMCO
Category1:  Global Fixed Income
Category2:  Global
Category3:  Broad market
Morningstar category:  Intermediate-Term Bond
Leverage factor:  1.25
Inception date:  02/24/1994
Our data start date:  10/27/1994
Current yield:  11.50%
Historical average yield:  9.62%
Market cap:  $233,210,265
Average volume:  155,576
Fees:     0.9700%
Investment style: Actively managed
All SEC Filings:  SEC Edgar Online
Semi-Annual filings:  N-CSR
Quarterly holdings:  NPORT

Fund NAV:              $4.32
Trading premium:     23.15%

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