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SPSIEUP S&P 500 Sharia Industry Exclusions Index

The Index is designed to measure the constituents of the S&P 500 Shariah, excluding companies within certain GICS sub-industries. Excludes companies involved in the following: Alcohol, Highly Leveraged Businesses, Gambling, Interest-based Businesses, Weapons, Music, Cinema, or Broadcasting , Tobacco, Defense or Weapons, Adult Entertainment, Credit Cards and Pork Products. Provides exposure to companies with low leverage and debt-to-equity ratios below 30%.

As of 09/21/2023

Index Information
Provider:     S&P Dow Jones
Category1:  US Equity
Category2:  Socially responsible
Category3:  Large cap
Currency:    USD
Inception date:  10/13/2019
Backtesting data exists:   Yes
Weighting methodology:   Market capitalization
Number of holdings:  232  (as of 12/22/2019)

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