Continuing Education Tools


Are you an experienced investor and/or a registered investment advisor? Our website offers you a series of innovative and easy to use tools to help you stay current with stock market developments:

We strive to provide the best, easiest to use research tools, at an affordable price. We are also open to your feedback and ideas. If there is a tool you need, let us know, and we will do our best to build it.

Deep Dive Training Classes

We also suggest taking one of our "deep dive" online training classes. We offer two types of classes: classes that are introductory in nature and "deep dive" classes that involve hard core studying of securities. We try to make every class contain material that even experienced investors won't know.

We have found through experience that there is a value to studying all securities on the market (or most of them). For example, if you want to understand closed-end funds, you need to study 200 of them to see what's really on the market. That sounds difficult, but we give you the tools to easily accomplish just that.

Our deep dive classes also include detailed analytics using our database. Since we have the stock market in our database, we can build reports that are live summaries of currently trading securities. So unlike a lot of stock market training which consists of watching videos, our courses include studying online analytics of real data.

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