ETF Closures

These 128 funds have been closed by their sponsor in the past 12 months. See also the list of upcoming closures.

SymbolNameSponsorCategory1Category2Close Date
ACSGXtrackers MSCI ACWI ex USA ESG Leaders Equity ETFDeutsche Bank ETFsGlobal EquityGlobal ex-US09/13/2021
ALTSProShares Morningstar Alternatives Solution ETFProSharesAlternativesOther05/22/2022
AMCAiShares Russell 1000 Pure U.S. Revenue ETFiSharesUS Equity Broad market09/13/2021
BIFBoulder Growth & Income Fund Inc. CEFTWM FundsUS Equity Broad market05/22/2022
BSAEInvesco BulletShares 2021 USD Emerging Markets Debt ETFInvescoUS Fixed IncomeEmerging market bonds12/19/2021
BSCLInvesco BulletShares 2021 Corp Bond ETFInvescoUS Fixed Income Corporate bonds12/19/2021
BSJLInvesco BulletShrs 2021 HY Corp Bond ETFInvescoUS Fixed IncomeCorporate bonds12/19/2021
BSMLInvesco BulletShares 2021 Municipal Bond ETFInvescoUS Fixed Income Municipal bonds12/19/2021
CAPEBarclays Shiller CAPE Index ETNBarclays ETNsUS Equity Broad market02/28/2022
CBTGCabot Growth ETFCabot ETF PartnersUS Equity Broad market02/08/2022
CCONDirexion Connected Consumer ETFDirexion FundsUS EquitySingle industry10/12/2021
CEZVictoryShares Emerging Market Volatility Weighted ETFVictory SharesGlobal EquityEmerging markets06/16/2021
CHILGlobal X MSCI China Large-Cap 50 ETFGlobal X FundsGlobal EquitySingle country10/20/2021
CROCProShares UltraShort Australian Dollar ETFProSharesCommoditiesCurrency05/22/2022
DDGShort Oil & Gas Stocks ETFProSharesUS EquitySingle industry05/22/2022
DEFAiShares Adaptive Currency Hedged MSCI EAFE ETFiSharesGlobal EquityDeveloped markets ex-US09/13/2021
DEFNEmles Protective Allocation ETFEMLESAlternativesOther11/20/2021
DFVLiPath US Treasury 5-year Bull ETNBarclays ETNsUS Fixed Income Leveraged debt07/17/2021
DFVSIPATH US TREASURY 5 YR BEAR ETNBarclays ETNsUS Fixed IncomeInverse debt07/17/2021
DMREDeltaShares S&P EM 100 & Managed Risk ETFDeltaShares (Transamerica)Global Equity Emerging markets05/22/2022
DMRIDeltaShares S&P International Managed Risk ETFDeltaShares (Transamerica)Global EquityDeveloped markets ex-US05/22/2022
DMRLDeltaShares S&P 500 Managed Risk ETFDeltaShares (Transamerica)US Equity Broad market05/22/2022
DMRMDeltaShares S&P 400 Managed Risk ETFDeltaShares (Transamerica)US EquityBroad market05/22/2022
DMRSDeltaShares S&P 600 Managed Risk ETFDeltaShares (Transamerica)US EquityBroad market05/22/2022
DOOWisdomTree International Dividend ex-Financials Fund ETFWisdom TreeGlobal Equity Developed markets ex-US01/19/2022
DRWWisdomTree Global ex-U.S. Real Estate Fund ETFWisdom TreeGlobal Equity Single sector ex-US05/22/2022
DTNWisdomTree Dividend ex-Financials ETFWisdom TreeUS Equity Broad market01/19/2022
DYHGDirexion Dynamic Hedge ETFDirexion FundsAlternativesOther01/19/2022
EMAGMarket Vectors Emerging Markets Aggregate Bond ETFVan Eck Global Fixed Income Emerging markets10/20/2021
EMSHProShares Short Term USD Emerging Markets Bond ETFProSharesUS Fixed IncomeEmerging market bonds05/22/2022
ESNGDirexion MSCI USA ESG - Leaders vs. Laggards ETFDirexion FundsAlternativesOther10/12/2021
EUFXProShares Short Euro ETFProSharesCommoditiesCurrency05/22/2022
EURZXtrackers Eurozone Equity ETFDeutsche Bank ETFsGlobal EquityEurope05/22/2022
FDIVFirst Trust Strategic Income ETFFirst TrustAsset AllocationUS02/28/2022
FEULCredit Suisse FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETNCredit Suisse ETNsGlobal EquityEurope12/27/2021
FJNKPacific Global Focused High Yield ETFPacific GlobalUS Fixed IncomeCorporate bonds08/04/2021
FLGECredit Suisse FI Large Cap Growth Enhanced ETNCredit Suisse ETNsUS Equity Broad market12/27/2021
FLYTDirexion Flight to Safety Strategy ETFDirexion FundsAsset AllocationUS01/19/2022
FMOFiduciary/Claymore Energy Infrastructure Fund CEFDirexion FundsSpecial Security TypesMLPs05/22/2022
FNGZMicroSectors FANG+ Index -2X Leveraged ETNBank of Montreal ETNsGlobal Equity Single sector12/19/2021
FRAKMarket Vectors Unconventional Oil & Gas ETFVan Eck Global Equity Single industry10/20/2021
FRLGLarge Cap Growth Index-Linked ETNGoldman Sachs ETNsUS Equity Broad market02/28/2022
FTLBFirst Trust Hedged BuyWrite Income ETFFirst TrustAlternativesOptions05/22/2022
FTXDFirst Trust Nasdaq Retail ETFFirst TrustUS EquitySingle industry02/08/2022
FUTProShares Managed Futures Strategy ETFProSharesAlternativesManaged futures05/22/2022
FWDBAdvisorShares Madrona Forward Global Bond ETFAdvisorSharesUS Fixed Income Broad market11/20/2021
GNAFMicroSectors FANG+ Index -1X Inverse ETNBank of Montreal ETNsGlobal Equity Single sector12/19/2021
GOATVanEck Vectors Morningstar Global Wide Moat ETFVan Eck Global Equity Global12/19/2021
GXFGlobal X FTSE Nordic 30 ETFGlobal X FundsGlobal Equity Europe11/20/2021
HEWWiShares Currency Hedged MSCI Mexico ETFiSharesGlobal Equity Single country09/13/2021
HIPRDirexion High Growth ETFDirexion FundsUS Equity Broad market10/12/2021
IBBJDefiance Nasdaq Junior Biotechnology ETFDefiance ETFsUS EquitySingle industry12/19/2021
IBDMiShares iBonds Dec 2021 Corporate ETFiSharesUS Fixed Income Corporate bonds12/19/2021
IBHAiShares iBonds 2021 Term High Yield and Income ETFiSharesUS Fixed IncomeCorporate bonds12/19/2021
IBMJiShares iBonds Dec 2021 AMT-Free Muni Bond ETFiSharesUS Fixed Income Municipal bonds12/19/2021
IBTAiShares iBonds Dec 2021 Term Treasury ETFiSharesUS Fixed Income U.S. treasury bonds12/01/2021
INFRLegg Mason Global Infrastructure ETFLegg MasonGlobal EquitySingle industry02/08/2022
IPFFiShares International Preferred Stock ETFiSharesSpecial Security TypesPreferred stock09/13/2021
JKDiShares Morningstar Large Core Index Fund ETFiSharesUS Equity Broad market06/16/2021
JKEiShares Morningstar Large Growth Index Fund ETFiSharesUS Equity Broad market06/16/2021
JKFiShares Morningstar Large Value ETFiSharesUS Equity Broad market06/16/2021
JKGiShares Morningstar Mid Core Index Fund ETFiSharesUS EquityBroad market06/16/2021
JKHiShares Morningstar Mid-Cap Growth ETFiSharesUS EquityBroad market06/16/2021
JKIiShares Morningstar Mid Value ETFiSharesUS EquityBroad market06/16/2021
JKJiShares Morningstar Small Core Index Fund ETFiSharesUS Equity Broad market06/16/2021
JKKiShares Morningstar Small-Cap Growth ETFiSharesUS Equity Broad market06/16/2021
JKLiShares Morningstar Small Value ETFiSharesUS Equity Broad market06/16/2021
JPNDeutsche X-trackers JPN JPX-Nikkei400 Eq ETFDeutsche Bank ETFsGlobal Equity Single country05/22/2022
KCCBKraneShares CCBS China Corporate High Yield Bond USD Index ETFKrane SharesUS Fixed IncomeEmerging market bonds08/04/2021
KCNYKraneShares E Fund China Comrcl Papr ETFKrane SharesGlobal Fixed Income Single country06/16/2021
KDFIKFA Dynamic Fixed Income ETFKFA FundsUS Fixed Income Broad market12/19/2021
LBJDaily Latin America 40 Bull (3x) ETFDirexion FundsGlobal Equity Emerging markets01/19/2022
LDRSIBD ETF Leaders ETFInnovator FundsAsset AllocationGlobal09/13/2021
LENDAmplify CrowdBureau Peer-to-Peer Lending & Crowdfunding ETFAmplify ETFsGlobal Equity Single industry07/17/2021
LNGRGlobal X Longevity Thematic ETFGlobal X FundsGlobal EquityDeveloped markets06/16/2021
LOWCSPDR MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETFState Street (SPDRs)Global EquityGlobal05/22/2022
LSLTSalt Low truBeta US Market ETFSalt FinancialUS Equity Broad market02/28/2022
MCABlackrock MuniYield California Quality Fund CEFAdvisorSharesUS Fixed Income Municipal bonds05/22/2022
MCEFFirst Trust Municipal CEF Income Opportunity ETFFirst TrustSpecial Security TypesClosed end funds05/22/2022
METARoundhill Ball Metaverse ETFRoundhill InvestmentsGlobal Equity Single industry02/08/2022
MFLBlackrock MuniHoldings Investment Quality Fund CEFAdvisorSharesUS Fixed Income Municipal bonds05/22/2022
MFMSMotley Fool Small Cap Growth ETFMotley FoolUS Equity Broad market01/04/2022
MLPYMorgan Stanley Cushing MLP High Income Index ETNMorgan Stanley ETNsSpecial Security TypesMLPs06/16/2021
MYCBlackrock MuniYield California Fund CEFAdvisorSharesUS Fixed Income Municipal bonds05/22/2022
MYJBlackrock MuniYield New Jersey Fund CEFAdvisorSharesUS Fixed Income Municipal bonds05/22/2022
NVMZTrueShares Structured Outcome (November) ETFTrueSharesAlternativesOther09/13/2021
OLDLong-Term Care ETFJanusGlobal EquitySingle industry10/12/2021
PDEVPrincipal International Multi-Factor Core Index ETFPrincipal FundsGlobal EquityDeveloped markets ex-US12/01/2021
PQLCPGIM QMA Strategic Alpha Large-Cap Core ETFPGIMUS EquityBroad market10/12/2021
PQSGPGIM QMA Strategic Alpha Small-Cap Growth ETFPGIMUS Equity Broad market10/12/2021
PQSVPGIM QMA Strategic Alpha Small-Cap Value ETFPGIMUS Equity Broad market10/12/2021
PZDInvesco Cleantech Portfolio ETFInvescoGlobal Equity Single industry06/16/2021
QMJDirexion S&P 500 High minus Low Quality ETFDirexion FundsAlternatives Long/short equity10/12/2021
QSYWisdomTree U.S. Quality Shareholder Yield ETFWisdom TreeUS EquityBroad market01/04/2022
RALSProshares RAFI Long/Short ETFProSharesAlternatives Other05/22/2022
REMLCredit Suisse X-Links Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged Mortgage REIT ETNCredit Suisse ETNsUS EquitySingle industry12/27/2021
RFAPFIRST TRUST RIVERFRONT DYNAMIC ASIA PACIFIC ETF First TrustGlobal EquityDeveloped markets ex-US09/13/2021
RFUNRiverFront Dynamic Unconstrained Income ETFALPSGlobal Fixed IncomeGlobal10/25/2021
RUSLDirexion Russia Bull (2x) ETFDirexion FundsGlobal Equity Single country05/22/2022
RVRSReverse Cap Weighted U.S. Large Cap ETFExponential ETFsUS Equity Broad market06/16/2021
SBMProShares Short Basic Materials ETFProSharesUS EquitySingle sector05/22/2022
SFHYWisdomTree Fundamental U.S. Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond ETFWisdom TreeUS Fixed IncomeCorporate bonds10/12/2021
SHLDVictoryShares Protect America ETFVictory SharesUS Equity Single industry10/20/2021
SLTSalt truBeta High Exposure ETFSalt FinancialUS Equity Broad market02/28/2022
SPQQSiren Large Cap Blend Index ETFSiren ETFsUS Equity Broad market05/22/2022
STLCiShares Factors US Blend Style ETFiSharesUS Equity Broad market09/13/2021
STMBiShares Factors US Mid Blend Style ETFiSharesUS EquityBroad market09/13/2021
STSBiShares Factors US Small Blend Style ETFiSharesUS Equity Broad market09/13/2021
SUBZRoundhill Streaming Services & Technology ETFRoundhill InvestmentsGlobal Equity Single industry05/22/2022
SULRSmartETFs Sustainable Energy II ETFSmartETFsGlobal Equity Single industry01/04/2022
TAAGTrend Aggregation Aggressive Growth ETFTuttle ETFsAlternatives Long/short equity10/25/2021
TACETrend Aggregation Conservative ETFTuttle ETFsAsset AllocationUS10/12/2021
TADSTrend Aggregation Dividend Stock ETFTuttle ETFsAlternatives Long/short equity01/19/2022
TAEQTrend Aggregation U.S. ETFTuttle ETFsAsset AllocationUS10/12/2021
TEGSTrend Aggregation ESG ETFTuttle ETFsAsset AllocationUS01/19/2022
TERMEquityCompass Tactical Risk Manager ETFFirst TrustUS EquityBroad market10/20/2021
TFIVGlobal X TargetIncome 5 ETFGlobal X FundsAsset AllocationGlobal10/20/2021
TFLTGlobal X TargetIncome Plus 2 ETFGlobal X FundsAsset AllocationGlobal10/20/2021
TUSAFirst Trust Total US Market AlphaDEX ETFFirst TrustUS Equity Broad market05/22/2022
VCFDelaware Investments Colorado Municipal Income Fund CEFFirst TrustUS Fixed Income Municipal bonds02/28/2022
VETSPacer Military Times Best Employers ETFPacer ETFsUS EquitySocially responsible09/13/2021
VMMDelaware Investments Minnesota Municipal Income Fund II CEFFirst TrustUS Fixed Income Municipal bonds02/28/2022
VTRNVictoryShares Top Veteran Employers ETFVictory SharesUS Equity Broad market10/20/2021
WBIEWBI Large Cap Tactical Growth Shares ETFWBI SharesGlobal EquityGlobal06/16/2021
WBINWBI BullBear Trend Switch US Total Return ETFWBI SharesUS Fixed Income Broad market06/16/2021
XBUYAmplify International Online Retail ETFAmplify ETFsGlobal EquitySingle industry02/28/2022
XDIVMetaurus US Equity Ex-Dividend Fund ETFMetaurusAlternativesOther12/19/2021
XVZiPath S&P 500 Dynamic VIX ETNBarclays ETNsAlternativesVolatility09/13/2021

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