ETFs At Or Near Five Year Lows

These 7 ETFs have had a five year low within the last 30 days
ETFs at all time lows

SymbolDescriptionLeverageInception DateVolumeCategoryFive Year Low DateActions
JKHiShares Morningstar Mid-Cap Growth ETF1.0006/28/200428,646US Equity04/19/2021Analyze
JKJiShares Morningstar Small Core Index Fund ETF1.0006/28/20041,810US Equity 04/19/2021Analyze
JKKiShares Morningstar Small-Cap Growth ETF1.0006/28/200418,147US Equity 04/19/2021Analyze
ONEQFidelity Nasdaq Composite ETF1.0009/25/2003317,400US Equity05/12/2021Analyze
VONGVanguard Russell 1000 Growth ETF1.0009/20/2010118,245US Equity 05/12/2021Analyze
VONVVanguard Russell 1000 Value ETF1.0009/20/2010227,582US Equity 04/22/2021Analyze
VTWOVanguard Russell 2000 ETF1.0009/20/2010265,903US Equity 05/12/2021Analyze

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