ETFs and ETNs That Have Suspended Issuing New Shares

These 21 funds are still being actively traded, but the sponsor has announced that they will no longer issue any new shares. Funds that are closed to creations pose additional risks such as the potential for the market price to deviate from the fund's net asset value (NAV), as well as increased volatility. Obviously, some of these funds are still being actively traded, as shown below, but exercise extra caution.

SponsorSymbolNameInception DateMarket cap20 Day Average VolumeAction
J.P. Morgan ETNsAMJJPMorgan Alerian MLP ETN2009-04-02$1,511,464,9261,454,634Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)AMUE-TRACS Alerian MLP Index ETN2012-07-17$18,022,50030,142Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)BDCSETRACS Wells Fargo Business Development Companies ETN2011-04-27$29,691,60019,677Analyze
Deutsche Bank ETNsDGPDB Gold Double Long ETN2008-02-27$146,083,90029,380Analyze
Deutsche Bank ETNsDGZPowerShares Gold Short ETN2008-02-27$3,526,6471,484Analyze
C-Tracks ETNs (Citi)DIVCC-Tracks ETN Miller/Howard Strt Div Rinv ETN2014-09-11$79,800,00075Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)DJCIETRACS DJ-UBS Commodity Index TR ETN2009-10-29$9,195,0001,358Analyze
Deutsche Bank ETNsDZZDB Gold Double Short ETN2008-02-27$8,229,2045,099Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)FBGXUBS AG FI Enhanced Large Cap Growth ETN2014-06-10$606,489,60015,745Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)FUDETRACS CMCI Food TR ETN2008-04-01$4,263,0001,845Analyze
Goldman Sachs ETNsGSCGS Connect S&P GSCI Enhanced Commodity Total Return Strategy ETN 2007-07-31$76,743,3001,558Analyze
C-Tracks ETNs (Citi)MLPCC-Tracks Miller/Howard MLP Fundamental Index ETN2013-09-25$41,100,0001,351Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)MLPGETRACS Alerian Natural Gas MLP ETN2010-07-13$2,427,5001,631Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)MLPIETRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure ETN2010-04-01$104,120,000195,387Analyze
Morgan Stanley ETNsMLPYMorgan Stanley Cushing MLP High Income Index ETN2011-03-16$21,152,32015,374Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)SDYLUBS ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged S&P Dividend ETN2012-05-22$12,716,7001,565Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)UAGETRACS CMCI Agriculture TR ETN2008-04-01$1,872,00010Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)UBGETRACS CMCI Gold TR ETN2008-04-01$5,691,068200Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)UCIETRACS CMCI Total Return ETN2008-04-01$8,791,9871,523Analyze
USCFUSOUnited States Oil ETF2006-04-10$5,332,587,5308,936,322Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)USVETRACS CMCI Silver TR ETN2008-04-01$3,447,000644Analyze

Data is current as of yesterday.

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