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SymbolDescriptionInception DateLeverage FactorIndexFeesCategory1Category2Category3Market CapAverage VolumeActions
VBBValkyrie Balance Sheet Opportunities ETF12/13/20211.00n/a - Actively managed0.75%Global EquitySingle industryBlockchain$1,202,6001,554Analyze
WGMIValkyrie Bitcoin Miners ETF02/08/20221.00n/a - Actively managed0.75%Global EquitySingle industryBlockchain$3,696,00016,247Analyze
BTFValkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF10/22/20211.00n/a - Buys and sells commodity futures on a set pattern0.95%CommoditiesDigital currencySingle currency$23,184,000272,118Analyze

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