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Note: For some reason, UBS does not include on their website three of their ETNs: FBGX, FIHD and FIEE. Apparently, these ETNs were mostly created for Fisher Investments, so perhaps that is why they are not listed.

SymbolDescriptionInception DateLeverage FactorIndexFeesCategory1Category2Category3Market CapAverage VolumeActions
AMNAETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy Index ETN06/22/20201.00Alerian Midstream Energy Total Return Index0.75%Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$057Analyze
AMNDUBS AG ETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy High Dividend Index ETN07/16/20201.00Alerian Midstream Energy High Dividend Index0.75%Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$012Analyze
AMTRETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy Total Return Index ETN10/21/20201.000.00%Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$013Analyze
AMUBETRACS Alerian MLP Index Series B ETN 10/09/20151.00Alerian MLP Index0.80%Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$02,215Analyze
BDCXETRACS Quarterly Pay 1.5X Leveraged MVIS BDC Index ETN06/03/20201.50MVIS US Business Development Companies Index0.95%Special Security TypesBDCs$05,581Analyze
BDCZETRACS Wells Fargo Business Development Company Index Series B ETN 10/09/20151.00Wells Fargo Business Development Company Index0.85%Special Security TypesBDCs$02,904Analyze
CEFDETRACS Monthly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Closed-End Fund Index ETN06/03/20201.50S-Network Composite Closed-End Fund Index0.95%Special Security TypesClosed end funds$04,650Analyze
DJCBETRACS Bloomberg Commodity Index Total Return ETN Series B 10/25/20191.00Bloomberg Commodity Index0.50%CommoditiesBroad marketFront month futures$0861Analyze
FBGXUBS AG FI Enhanced Large Cap Growth ETN06/11/20142.00Russell 1000 Growth Total Return Index0.85%US Equity Broad marketLarge and mid cap$0252Analyze
FIEEUBS AG FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN 02/18/20162.00Euro Stoxx 50 USD Index0.95%Global EquityEuropeLarge cap$015Analyze
FIHDUBS AG FI Enhanced Global High Yield ETN 02/22/20162.00MSCI World High Dividend Yield USD Gross Total Return Index0.80%Global EquityDeveloped marketsLarge and mid cap$051Analyze
IWDLETRACS 2x Leveraged US Value Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.000.00%$0285Analyze
IWFLETRACS 2x Leveraged US Growth Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.000.00%$0217Analyze
IWMLETRACS 2x Leveraged US Size Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.000.95%US Equity Broad marketSmall cap$0249Analyze
MLPBETRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index Series B ETN 10/09/20151.00Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index0.85%Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$013,415Analyze
MLPRETRACS Quarterly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Alerian MLP Index ETN06/03/20201.50Alerian MLP Index0.95%Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$01,626Analyze
MTULETRACS 2x Leveraged MSCI US Momentum Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.000.95%US Equity Broad marketLarge and mid cap$0122Analyze
MVRLETRACS Monthly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Mortgage REIT ETN06/03/20201.500.95%US EquitySingle industryMortgage REITs$04,336Analyze
PFFLETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Preferred Stock ETN09/26/20182.00Solactive Preferred Stock ETF Index0.85%Special Security TypesPreferred stockU.S.$02,907Analyze
PYPEETRACS NYSE Pickens Core Midstream Index ETN08/21/20181.00NYSE Pickens Core Midstream Index0.85%Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$034Analyze
QULLETRACS 2x Leveraged MSCI US Quality Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.000.00%$0209Analyze
SCDLETRACS 2x Leveraged US Dividend Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.00Dow Jones U.S. Dividend 100 Total Return Index0.95%US EquityBroad MarketMulti-cap$0491Analyze
SMHBETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Small Cap High Dividend Series B ETN11/09/20182.00Solactive US Small Cap High Dividend Index0.85%US Equity Broad marketSmall cap$038,554Analyze
UCIBETRACS CMCI Total Return Series B ETN 10/09/20151.00Bloomberg CMCI Total Return Index0.55%CommoditiesBroad marketVaried term futures$01,411Analyze
USMLETRACS 2x Leveraged MSCI US Minimum Volatility Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.000.00%$0429Analyze
ESUSETRACS 2x Leveraged MSCI US ESG Focus TR ETN09/14/20212.00n/a - 0.00%$030Analyze
FEDLETRACS 2x Leveraged IFED Invest with the Fed TR Index ETN09/14/20212.00n/a - 0.00%$0100Analyze
HDLBETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged US High Dividend Low Volatility ETN Series B10/25/20192.00n/a - 0.80%US EquityBroad MarketMulti-cap$02,241Analyze
IFEDETRACS IFED Invest with the Fed TR Index ETN09/15/20211.00n/a - 0.00%$0629Analyze

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