List of ETF Sponsors

143 as of today

Sponsor CompanyAssets Under ManagementNumber of ETFs
USCFNot available13
AdvisorSharesNot available17
Deutsche Bank ETFsNot available38
Direxion FundsNot available93
Elements ETNsNot available7
Aberdeen StandardNot available8
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)Not available38
FlexShares (Northern Trust)Not available29
Global X FundsNot available69
New York LifeNot available24
InvescoNot available245
Van Eck Not available55
ProSharesNot available138
Schwab ETFsNot available22
State Street (SPDRs)Not available148
TeucriumNot available5
Vanguard ETFsNot available80
VelocityShares ETNsNot available25
Wisdom TreeNot available80
First TrustNot available142
ALPSNot available15
AGFNot available7
ETF Managers Group FundsNot available5
Krane SharesNot available15
Cambria FundsNot available12
Amplify ETFsNot available10
Renaissance CapitalNot available2
Arrow SharesNot available6
Oppenheimer Funds Not available18
Barclays ETNsNot available45
Market Vector ETNs (Morgan Stanley)Not available4
Ark FundsNot available7
Sprott ETFsNot available2
Victory SharesNot available15
Validea FundsNot available1
U.S. Global ETFsNot available2
Gavekal CapitalNot available1
Yorkville ETF AdvisorsNot available1
WBI SharesNot available12
Vident FinancialNot available5
alpha architectNot available6
AlphaCloneNot available1
AlphaMarkNot available1
Cohen & SteersNot available1
Columbia ThreadneedleNot available10
CSOP Asset ManagementNot available2
EMQQNot available1
FidelityNot available28
Franklin TempletonNot available39
Horizons ETFsNot available3
Highland Capital ManagementNot available1
Hull Tactical FundsNot available1
Strategy SharesNot available3
Innovator FundsNot available34
J.P. Morgan ETFsNot available32
Hartford FundsNot available11
OShares InvestmentsNot available4
PIMCO ETFsNot available15
Pacer ETFsNot available20
Merk Funds$174,000,0001
Principal FundsNot available16
Reality SharesNot available7
Robo Global ETFsNot available2
Rise ETFNot available1
TrimTabs Asset ManagementNot available2
Tortoise Index SolutionsNot available4
TWM FundsNot available1
JanusNot available7
J.P. Morgan ETNsNot available2
Credit Suisse ETNsNot available9
Deutsche Bank ETNsNot available4
C-Tracks ETNs (Citi)Not available3
Goldman Sachs ETFsNot available19
Goldman Sachs ETNsNot available3
ETF Managers GroupNot available4
Exchange Traded ConceptsNot available3
John HancockNot available15
Virtus ETF SolutionsNot available13
Morgan Stanley ETNsNot available1
Legg MasonNot available11
Nuveen (Nushares)Not available12
Premise CapitalNot available1
Aptus CapitalNot available4
Exponential ETFsNot available3
Natixis GlobalNot available2
Davis AdvisorsNot available4
Inspire InvestingNot available4
Saba CapitalNot available1
Strong VestNot available1
Bank of Montreal ETNsNot available16
GraniteSharesNot available5
FormulaFolioNot available4
ClearSharesNot available2
DeltaShares (Transamerica)Not available5
Spinnaker TrustNot available1
EqubotNot available2
Event SharesNot available1
Main ManagementNot available1
Point BridgeNot available1
NationwideNot available4
Change FinanceNot available1
USAANot available5
Regents Park FundsNot available3
Sage AdvisoryNot available1
Entrepreneur SharesNot available2
AAM (Advisors Asset Management)Not available3
SL AdvisorsNot available1
InsightShares (UBS) Not available2
American CenturyNot available5
Innovation SharesNot available2
Motley FoolNot available2
MetaurusNot available2
VolsharesNot available1
CBOE VestNot available1
Little Harbor AdvisorsNot available1
PGIMNot available6
Salt FinancialNot available2
Defiance ETFsNot available3
Impact SharesNot available3
AAAUNot available1
OPUSNot available1
Distillate CapitalNot available1
TigerSharesNot available1
Loncar FundsNot available2
Gadsen FundsNot available2
CushingNot available4
SyntaxNot available1
Aware Asset ManagementNot available1
Pacific GlobalNot available1
RYZZ CapitalNot available1
Hoya CapitalNot available1
Procure Asset ManagementNot available1
SoFINot available4
Timothy PlanNot available2
Quadratic CapitalNot available1
iM Global PartnerNot available1
QRAFTNot available2
M*CAMNot available3
Tactical IncomeNot available1
Roundhill InvestmentsNot available1
Wahed InvestmentsNot available1
Total number of ETFs17,483,046,1702,344

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