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List of Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs)

There are currently 95 ETNs in our database. If you are new to ETNs you can read what is an ETN?

SponsorSymbolNameInception DateLeverage FactorCategory1Category2Category3Market Cap20 Day Average VolumeAction
J.P. Morgan ETNsAMJJPMorgan Alerian MLP ETN04/02/20091.00Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$373,335,206,420417,004Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)AMNAETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy Index ETN06/22/20201.00Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$046Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)AMNDUBS AG ETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy High Dividend Index ETN07/16/20201.00Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$011Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)AMTRETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy Total Return Index ETN10/21/20201.00Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$013Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)AMUBETRACS Alerian MLP Index Series B ETN 10/09/20151.00Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$02,253Analyze
Barclays ETNsATMPBarclays ETN+ Select MLP ETN03/13/20131.00Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$026,327Analyze
Barclays ETNsBALiPathA Series B Bloomberg Cotton Subindex Total Return ETN02/05/20181.00CommoditiesAgricultureSingle commodity$03,867Analyze
Barclays ETNsBCMiPath Pure Beta Broad Commodity ETN04/21/20111.00CommoditiesBroad marketVaried term futures$02,174Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)BDCXETRACS Quarterly Pay 1.5X Leveraged MVIS BDC Index ETN06/03/20201.50Special Security TypesBDCs$04,967Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)BDCZETRACS Wells Fargo Business Development Company Index Series B ETN 10/09/20151.00Special Security TypesBDCs$02,863Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsBERZMicroSectors FANG & Innovation -3x Inverse Leveraged ETN08/18/2021-3.00Global Equity Single sectorInformation technology$0243,612Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsBNKDMicroSectors U.S. Big Banks Index -3X Inverse Leveraged ETN03/29/2021-3.00US EquitySingle industryBanking$0290,249Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsBNKUMicroSectors U.S. Big Banks Index 3X Leveraged ETN04/03/20193.00US EquitySingle industryBanking$01,097,433Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsBULZMicroSectors FANG & Innovation 3x Leveraged ETN08/18/20213.00$0689,076Analyze
Barclays ETNsCAPDiPath Shiller CAPE ETN11/21/20181.00US Equity Broad marketLarge cap$0162,230Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)CEFDETRACS Monthly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Closed-End Fund Index ETN06/03/20201.50Special Security TypesClosed end funds$04,078Analyze
Barclays ETNsCOWiPathA Series B Bloomberg Livestock Subindex Total Return ETN02/01/20181.00CommoditiesAgricultureSingle commodity$03,433Analyze
Deutsche Bank ETNsDGPDB Gold Double Long ETN02/28/20082.00CommoditiesPrecious metalsGold$06,088Analyze
Deutsche Bank ETNsDGZPowerShares Gold Short ETN02/29/2008-1.00CommoditiesPrecious metalsGold$07,635Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)DJCBETRACS Bloomberg Commodity Index Total Return ETN Series B 10/25/20191.00CommoditiesBroad marketFront month futures$0883Analyze
Barclays ETNsDJPiPath Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index Total Return ETN06/07/20061.00CommoditiesBroad marketFront month futures$0349,126Analyze
DULLBank Of Montreal MicroSectors Gold -3X Inverse Leveraged ETNs due January 29, 204302/22/20231.00$60,170,513,132865Analyze
Deutsche Bank ETNsDZZDB Gold Double Short ETN02/28/2008-2.00CommoditiesPrecious metalsGold$012,658Analyze
Elements ETNsEEHELEMENTS Linked to the SPECTRUM Large Cap U.S. Sector Momentum Index ETN08/02/20071.00US Equity Broad marketLarge cap$0101Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)ESUSETRACS 2x Leveraged MSCI US ESG Focus TR ETN09/14/20212.00$030Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)FBGXUBS AG FI Enhanced Large Cap Growth ETN06/11/20142.00US Equity Broad marketLarge and mid cap$0245Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)FEDLETRACS 2x Leveraged IFED Invest with the Fed TR Index ETN09/14/20212.00$0172Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)FIEEUBS AG FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN 02/18/20162.00Global EquityEuropeLarge cap$015Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)FIHDUBS AG FI Enhanced Global High Yield ETN 02/22/20162.00Global EquityDeveloped marketsLarge and mid cap$0328Analyze
FLYDBank of Montreal MicroSectors Travel -3x Inverse Leveraged ETN06/22/20221.00$60,170,513,1329,165Analyze
FLYUBank of Montreal MicroSectors Travel 3x Leveraged ETN06/22/20221.00$60,170,513,1321,490Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsFNGDBMO REX MicroSectors FANG+ Index 3X Inverse Leveraged ETN01/23/2018-3.00Global Equity Single sectorInformation technology$02,754,221Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsFNGOMicroSectors FANG+ Index 2X Leveraged ETN08/02/20182.00Global Equity Single sectorInformation technology$08,335Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsFNGSMicroSectors FANG ETNs due January 8, 203811/13/20191.00$021,842Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsFNGUBMO REX MicroSectors FANG+ Index 3X Leveraged ETN01/23/20183.00Global Equity Single sectorInformation technology$02,518,044Analyze
Elements ETNsFUEELEMENTS MLCX Biofuels ETN02/07/20081.00CommoditiesEnergyBiofuels$05,068Analyze
Barclays ETNsGAZiPath Series B Bloomberg Natural Gas Subindex Total Return ETN04/04/20171.00CommoditiesEnergyNatural gas$0155,492Analyze
Barclays ETNsGBUGPacer iPath Gold ETNs10/08/20191.00CommoditiesPrecious metalsGold$0408Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsGDXDMicroSectors Gold Miners -3X Inverse Leveraged ETNs12/03/2020-3.00$0987,738Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsGDXUMicroSectors Gold Miners 3X Leveraged ETN12/03/20203.00Global Equity Single industryGold miners$0413,260Analyze
Credit Suisse ETNsGLDIGold Covered Call Option ETN01/29/20131.00AlternativesOptionsCovered calls$04,397Analyze
Barclays ETNsGRNiPath Series B Carbon ETN06/27/20181.00AlternativesOther$06,973Analyze
Elements ETNsGRUELEMENTS Linked to the MLCX Grains Index ETN02/14/20081.00CommoditiesAgricultureSingle commodity$014,273Analyze
Barclays ETNsGSPiPath S&P GSCI Total Return Index ETN06/07/20061.00CommoditiesBroad marketFront month futures$013,769Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)HDLBETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged US High Dividend Low Volatility ETN Series B10/25/20192.00US EquityBroad MarketMulti-cap$02,263Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)IFEDETRACS IFED Invest with the Fed TR Index ETN09/15/20211.00$0666Analyze
Barclays ETNsIMLPiPath S&P MLP ETN01/04/20131.00Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$0681Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)IWDLETRACS 2x Leveraged US Value Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.00$0285Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)IWFLETRACS 2x Leveraged US Growth Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.00$0217Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)IWMLETRACS 2x Leveraged US Size Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.00US Equity Broad marketSmall cap$0249Analyze
Barclays ETNsJJAiPathA Series B Bloomberg Agriculture Subindex Total Return ETN06/02/20211.00CommoditiesAgricultureBroad market$01,627Analyze
Barclays ETNsJJCiPathA Series B Bloomberg Copper Subindex Total Return ETN06/02/20211.00CommoditiesMetalsSingle metal$028,948Analyze
Barclays ETNsJJEiPathA Series B Bloomberg Energy Subindex Total Return ETN01/23/20181.00CommoditiesEnergyBroad market$02,076Analyze
Barclays ETNsJJGiPathA Series B Bloomberg Grains Subindex Total Return ETN01/30/20181.00CommoditiesAgricultureSingle commodity$01,662Analyze
Barclays ETNsJJMiPathA Series B Bloomberg Industrial Metals Subindex Total Return ETN01/29/20181.00CommoditiesMetalsBroad market$0400Analyze
Barclays ETNsJJNiPath Series B Bloomberg Nickel Subindex Total Return ETN06/02/20211.00CommoditiesMetalsSingle metal$044,545Analyze
Barclays ETNsJJPiPathA Series B Bloomberg Precious Metals Subindex Total Return ETN01/18/20181.00CommoditiesPrecious metalsBroad market$074Analyze
Barclays ETNsJJSiPathA Series B Bloomberg Softs Subindex Total Return ETN01/18/20181.00CommoditiesAgricultureBroad market$0367Analyze
Barclays ETNsJJTiPathA Series B Bloomberg Tin Subindex Total Return ETN02/16/20181.00CommoditiesMetalsSingle metal$0715Analyze
Barclays ETNsJJUiPathA Series B Bloomberg Aluminum Subindex Total Return ETN01/18/20181.00CommoditiesMetalsSingle metal$08,524Analyze
Barclays ETNsJOiPath Series B Bloomberg Coffee Subindex Total Return ETN02/01/20181.00CommoditiesAgricultureSingle commodity$080,847Analyze
Barclays ETNsLDiPath Dow Jones-UBS Lead Subindex Total ReturnSM ETN06/25/20081.00CommoditiesMetalsSingle metal$0245Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)MLPBETRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index Series B ETN 10/09/20151.00Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$014,052Analyze
Credit Suisse ETNsMLPOCredit Suisse S&P MLP Index ETN12/04/20141.00Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$06,196Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)MLPRETRACS Quarterly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Alerian MLP Index ETN06/03/20201.50Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$01,624Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)MTULETRACS 2x Leveraged MSCI US Momentum Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.00US Equity Broad marketLarge and mid cap$0660Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)MVRLETRACS Monthly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Mortgage REIT ETN06/03/20201.50US EquitySingle industryMortgage REITs$05,656Analyze
Barclays ETNsNIBiPath Dow Jones-UBS Cocoa Subindex Total Return ETN06/25/20081.00CommoditiesAgricultureSingle commodity$012,492Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsNRGDMicroSectors U.S. Big Oil Index -3X Inverse Leveraged ETN03/29/2021-3.00US Equity Single industryEnergy$0452,003Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsNRGUMicroSectors U.S. Big Oil Index 3X Leveraged ETN04/23/20193.00US Equity Single industryEnergy$091,799Analyze
Barclays ETNsOILiPath Pure Beta Crude Oil ETN07/30/20201.00CommoditiesEnergyOil$047,001Analyze
Bank of Montreal ETNsOILDMicroSectors Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. -3x Inverse Leveraged ETN11/11/2021-3.00CommoditiesEnergyOil$0212,618Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)PFFLETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Preferred Stock ETN09/26/20182.00Special Security TypesPreferred stockU.S.$03,958Analyze
Barclays ETNsPGMiPathA Series B Bloomberg Platinum Subindex Total Return ETN01/18/20181.00CommoditiesPrecious metalsPlatinum$0373Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)PYPEETRACS NYSE Pickens Core Midstream Index ETN08/21/20181.00Special Security TypesMLPsEnergy$034Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)QULLETRACS 2x Leveraged MSCI US Quality Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.00$0214Analyze
Elements ETNsRJAELEMENTS Linked to the Rogers International Commodity Index Agriculture Total Return ETN10/19/20071.00CommoditiesAgricultureBroad market$0234,323Analyze
Elements ETNsRJIELEMENTS Linked to the Rogers International Commodity Index ETN10/19/20071.00CommoditiesBroad marketFront month futures$077,215Analyze
Elements ETNsRJNELEMENTS Rogers International Commodity Index Energy Total Return ETN10/19/20071.00CommoditiesEnergyBroad market$067,564Analyze
Elements ETNsRJZELEMENTS Linked to the Rogers International Commodity Index Metals Total Return ETN10/18/20071.00CommoditiesMetalsBroad market$0945Analyze
Barclays ETNsRODIBarclays Return on Disability ETN09/15/20141.00US EquitySocially responsibleLarge cap$02Analyze
Barclays ETNsSBUGiPath Silver ETN10/08/20191.00CommoditiesPrecious metalsSilver$0168Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)SCDLETRACS 2x Leveraged US Dividend Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.00US EquityBroad MarketMulti-cap$0496Analyze
Barclays ETNsSGGiPathA Series B Bloomberg Sugar Subindex Total Return ETN01/25/20181.00CommoditiesAgricultureSingle commodity$02,542Analyze
SHNYBank Of Montreal MicroSectors Gold 3X Leveraged ETNs due January 29, 204302/22/20231.00$60,170,513,1320Analyze
Credit Suisse ETNsSLVOSilver Covered Call Option ETN04/17/20131.00AlternativesOptionsCovered calls$011,323Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)SMHBETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Small Cap High Dividend Series B ETN11/09/20182.00US Equity Broad marketSmall cap$046,011Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)UCIBETRACS CMCI Total Return Series B ETN 10/09/20151.00CommoditiesBroad marketVaried term futures$01,181Analyze
Etracs ETNs (UBS Bank)USMLETRACS 2x Leveraged MSCI US Minimum Volatility Factor TR ETN02/05/20212.00$0429Analyze
Credit Suisse ETNsUSOIX-Links Crude Oil Shares Covered Call ETN04/26/20171.00AlternativesOptionsCovered calls$068,258Analyze
Barclays ETNsVXXiPath Series B S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN05/02/20191.00Alternatives VolatilityLong volatility$632,416,2249,590,419Analyze
Barclays ETNsVXZiPath Series B S&P 500 VIX Mid-Term Futures ETN05/02/20191.00Alternatives VolatilityLong volatility$64,507,90672,374Analyze
Barclays ETNsWILBarclays Women in Leadership ETN07/10/20141.00US EquitySocially responsibleMulti-cap$0218Analyze
WTIDBank Of Montreal MicroSectors Energy 3X Inverse Leveraged ETNs02/15/20231.00$60,170,513,1320Analyze
WTIUBank Of Montreal MicroSectors Energy 3X Leveraged ETNs02/15/20231.00$60,170,513,1320Analyze

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