Funds Offered by  

9 funds.    These are mutual funds, unit investment trusts, or interval funds.

SymbolDescriptionTypeInceptionCategory1Category2Category3Strategy/IndexLeverage factorFeesActions
HSTIXHomestead Stock Index FundMutual fund04/16/2020US Equity Broad marketLarge capS&P 500 Index1.00 0.55%Analyze
HISIXHomestead International Equity FundMutual fund01/22/2001Global Equity Developed markets ex-USLarge capActively managed1.00 0.99%Analyze
HNASXHomestead Growth FundMutual fund09/17/2021US Equity Broad marketLarge capActively managed1.00 0.93%Analyze
HOIBXHomestead Intermediate Bond FundMutual fund05/02/2019Actively managed1.00 0.00%Analyze
HOSBXHomestead Funds Short-Term Bond FundMutual fund11/05/1991US Fixed Income Corporate bondsInvestment gradeActively managed1.00 0.76%Analyze
HOSGXHomestead Funds Short-Term Government Securities FundMutual fund09/17/2021US Fixed Income U.S. treasury bondsShort termActively managed1.00 0.75%Analyze
HOVLXHomestead Funds Value FundMutual fund11/19/1990US Equity Broad marketLarge capActively managed1.00 0.60%Analyze
HRRLXHomestead Funds Trust Rural America Growth and Income FundMutual fund05/03/2021Actively managed1.00 0.00%Analyze
HSCSXHomestead Small Company Stock FundMutual fund03/04/1998US Equity Broad marketSmall capActively managed1.00 0.88%Analyze

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