Funds Offered by  

9 funds.    These are mutual funds, unit investment trusts, or interval funds.

SymbolDescriptionTypeInceptionCategory1Category2Category3Strategy/IndexLeverage factorFeesActions
GAADXGuinness Atkinson Asia Pacific Dividend Builder FundMutual fund03/31/2006Actively managed1.00 1.12%Analyze
GAAEXGuinness Atkinson Alternative Energy FundMutual fund03/31/2006Global Equity Developed markets ex-USSmall and mid capActively managed1.00 1.98%Analyze
GAGEXGuinness Atkinson Global Energy FundMutual fund06/30/2004US Equity Single sectorEnergyActively managed1.00 1.45%Analyze
GAINXGuinness Atkinson Dividend Builder FundMutual fund03/30/2012Global EquityGlobalLarge capActively managed1.00 0.68%Analyze
GARBXGuinness Atkinson Renminbi Yuan & Bond FundMutual fund06/30/2011Global Fixed IncomeEmerging marketsBroad marketActively managed1.00 0.90%Analyze
GINNXGuinness Atkinson Global Innovators Fund Institutional ClassMutual fund12/15/1998US Equity Broad marketLarge capActively managed1.00 0.00%Analyze
IASMXGuinness Atkinson Asia Focus FundMutual fund04/29/1996Actively managed1.00 1.98%Analyze
ICHKXGuinness Atkinson China And Hong Kong FundMutual fund06/30/1994Global Equity Single countryLarge and mid capActively managed1.00 1.64%Analyze
IWIRXGuinness Atkinson Global Innovators Fund Investor ClassMutual fund12/15/1998US Equity Broad marketLarge capActively managed1.00 1.24%Analyze

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