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Note: our database does not include all indexes provided by this index provider. Most index providers have hundreds or even thousands of indexes. We only put an index in our database if there is an ETF that is tracking it, or if the index is particularly important to understanding world financial markets. Also note that index symbols are not always the same from website to website, as explained in what is an index?

SymbolDescriptionInception DateLeverage FactorCategory1Category2Action
3DPRNTIndexTotal 3D-Printing Index10/02/20151.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
ACSIIndexAmerican Customer Satisfaction Investable Index08/08/20161.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
ACTXIndexSolactive Guru Activist Index02/22/20101.00Analyze
AVQINTAlpha Vee American Century Diversified International Equity Index01/01/19001.00Global EquityGlobal ex-USAnalyze
BERNUSQPBernstein US Research Index09/16/20161.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
BUZZIndexBUZZ NextGen AI US Sentiment Leaders Index01/17/20131.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
CHGXIndexChange Finance Diversified Impact US Large Cap Fossil Fuel Free Index01/01/19001.00US EquitySocially responsibleAnalyze
CHIEIndexSolactive China Energy Total Return Index 11/05/20091.00Global EquitySingle countryAnalyze
CHIFSolactive China Financials Total Return Index10/31/20061.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
CHIIIndexSolactive China Industrials Total Return Index10/31/20061.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
CHIMIndexSolactive China Materials Total Return Index10/31/20061.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
CHIQIndexSolactive China Consumer Total Return Index.10/31/20061.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
COBOUSDSolactive Diversified USD Covered Bond Index09/26/20231.00Analyze
EMFMIndexSolactive Next Emerging & Frontier Index06/29/20071.00Global Equity Frontier marketsAnalyze
EMTYIndexSolactive-ProShares Bricks and Mortar Retail Store Index01/01/19001.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
ETHOIndexEtho Climate Leadership Index11/01/20051.00US EquitySocially responsibleAnalyze
FDSODMPFactSet On-Demand Index06/16/20181.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
FITSIDSolactive Health and Fitness Index01/31/20111.00Analyze
FLAGLSXWeatherStorm Forensic Accounting Long-Short Index12/31/20141.00Alternatives Long/short equityAnalyze
GAAPRCambria Global Asset Allocation Index03/05/20191.00Asset AllocationGlobalAnalyze
GAATRCambria Global Asset Allocation Total Return Index09/26/20231.00Asset AllocationGlobalAnalyze
GURIIndexSolactive Guru International Index11/21/20081.00Analyze
GURUIndexSolactive Guru Index05/25/20121.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
GVALICambria Global Value Index03/30/20141.00Global Equity Global ex-USAnalyze
HTXPIETFx HealthTech Index06/30/20051.00Analyze
IZRLINVNARK Israeli Innovation Index TR10/01/20151.00Global EquitySingle countryAnalyze
KARSIndexSolactive Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility Index03/20/20121.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
LAREPRSolactive Latin America Real Estate Index07/01/20131.00Analyze
LVHDIndexQS Low Volatility High Dividend Index04/16/20121.00US EquityBroad MarketAnalyze
LVHEIndexQS Emerging Markets Low Volatility High Dividend Hedged Index11/01/20161.00Global EquityEmerging marketsAnalyze
OLDIndexSolactive Long-term Care Index01/31/20111.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
ORGIDSolactive Organics Index.07/31/20141.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
PCFADTPremise Capital Frontier Advantage Diversified Tactical Index 10/28/20161.00Asset AllocationGlobalAnalyze
PERMIndexSolactive Permanent Index01/30/20121.00Analyze
POTXIndexCannabis Index01/01/19001.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
PPTYXPutnam Pennsylvania Tax Exempt Income Fund Class Y12/29/20171.00US EquitySingle sectorAnalyze
RSQLVRoyce Small-Cap Quality Value Index01/01/19001.00US EquityBroad marketAnalyze
SEMCRCINSolactive ISS Emerging Markets Carbon Reduction & Climate Improvers Index NTR 02/06/20191.00Global EquityEmerging marketsAnalyze
SL0A15Solactive Connected Consumer Index01/01/20151.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SL0AZ0Solactive Remote Work Index04/27/20201.00US EquityThematicAnalyze
SL0DNQSolactive Blockchain Index06/29/20211.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SLA338Solactive GBS Germany Large & Mid Cap Index PR Chart05/08/20171.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
SLA4AUSolactive USD China Corporate High Yield Bond Index01/31/20141.00US Fixed IncomeEmerging market bondsAnalyze
SLA4D4Solactive GBS Canada Large & Mid Cap Index05/08/20171.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
SLA4EGSolactive GBS Developed Markets ex North America Large & Mid Cap Index05/08/20171.00Global EquityDeveloped markets ex-USAnalyze
SLA4H2Solactive GBS Hong Kong Large & Mid Cap Index05/07/20171.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
SLA4MZSolactive GBS Japan Large & Mid Cap Index05/07/20171.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
SLA4W6Solactive GBS United Kingdom Large & Mid Cap Index05/08/20171.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
SLA4YBSolactive GBS United States Large & Mid Cap Index08/05/20061.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
SLA5V86Solactive Emerging Markets Healthcare Index01/01/19001.00Global EquityEmerging marketsAnalyze
SLA63WSolactive E-commerce Index10/31/20181.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
SLA75VSolactive GBS Emerging Markets Large & Mid Cap Index05/08/20171.00Global EquityEmerging marketsAnalyze
SLIMIndexSolactive Obesity Index01/31/20111.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SO2BUCKNSolactive Two Bucks Index04/16/20211.00US EquityBroad MarketAnalyze
SOCLIndexSolactive Social Media Total Return Index11/10/20111.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
SOIDIV27Solactive US Cumulative Dividends Index - Series 202712/30/20161.00AlternativesOtherAnalyze
SOLBRAZSolactive Brazil Mid Cap Index06/14/20101.00Analyze
SOLBZLCSolactive Brazil Consumer Index05/31/20101.00Analyze
SOLCHBSolactive China Biotech Innovation Index12/05/20141.00Global EquitySingle countryAnalyze
SOLDRIVSolactive Autonomous & Electric Vehicles Index03/14/20181.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SOLEDOCSolactive Telemedicine & Digital Health Index07/16/20201.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SOLEMCTSolactive Emerging Markets Consumer Technology Total Return Index06/13/20121.00Global Equity Emerging marketsAnalyze
SOLEMIHSolactive Emerging Markets Bond- Interest Rate Hedged Index12/31/20111.00US Fixed IncomeEmerging market bondsAnalyze
SOLFERTSolactive Global Fertilizers/Potash Total Return Index05/30/20081.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
SOLFINTSolactive Fintech Index05/15/20121.00Analyze
SOLGLEMPSolactive Most Favored Nations Emerging Markets Index12/31/20121.00Global EquityEmerging marketsAnalyze
SOLGLOCOSolactive Global Copper Miners Total Return Index04/28/20061.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SOLGLOSISolactive Global Silver Miners Total Return Index02/26/20101.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SOLGNOMSolactive Genomics Index03/26/20191.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SOLGOEXIndexSolactive Global Gold Explorers & Developers Total Return Index10/31/20161.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SOLHDLVSolactive US High Dividend Low Volatility Index09/18/20141.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
SOLHDLVTSolactive US High Dividend Low Volatility Total Return Index09/26/20231.00Analyze
SOLHEROSolactive Video Games & Esports Index10/15/20191.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
SOLHYCHBSolactive USD High Yield Corporates Total Market High Beta Index11/14/20171.00US Fixed IncomeCorporate bondsAnalyze
SOLHYCLBSolactive USD High Yield Corporates Total Market Low Beta Index12/31/20111.00US Fixed IncomeCorporate bondsAnalyze
SOLHYCSTSolactive USD High Yield Corporates Total Market 0-5 Year Index.11/21/20111.00US Fixed IncomeCorporate bondsAnalyze
SOLHYCTMSolactive USD High Yield Corporates Total Market Index09/16/20161.00US Fixed IncomeCorporate bondsAnalyze
SOLHYIHSolactive High Yield Corporate Bond - Interest Rate Hedged Index12/31/20111.00US Fixed IncomeCorporate bondsAnalyze
SOLIGEPSolactive Innovative Global Equity Index09/15/20201.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
SOLIGIHSolactive USD Investment Grade Bond - Interest Rate Hedged Index12/31/20111.00US Fixed Income Corporate bondsAnalyze
SOLLITSolactive Global Lithium Index07/15/20161.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SOLMLPAPSolactive MLP Composite Index09/03/20121.00Special Security TypesMLPsAnalyze
SOLMLPJSolactive Junior MLP Composite Index11/29/20121.00Analyze
SOLMLPXSolactive MLP & Energy Infrastructure Index05/08/20131.00Special Security TypesMLPsAnalyze
SOLPRFIndexSolactive Preferred Stock ETF Index08/31/20181.00Special Security TypesPreferred stockAnalyze
SOLRVNUSolactive Municipal Infrastructure Revenue Bond Index.03/22/20131.00US Fixed Income Municipal bondsAnalyze
SOLSDIVSolactive Global SuperDividend Total Return Index06/30/20111.00Global Equity GlobalAnalyze
SOLSDIVPSolactive Global SuperDividend Index06/30/20111.00Global Equity GlobalAnalyze
SOLSFYSolactive SoFi US 500 Growth Index03/04/20191.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
SOLSFYFIndexSolactive SoFi US 50 Growth Index05/07/20031.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
SOLSFYXSolactive SoFi US Next 500 Growth Index05/01/20191.00US EquityBroad marketAnalyze
SOLSMHDSolactive US Small Cap High Dividend Index01/26/20151.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
SOLURASolactive Global Uranium & Nuclear Components Total Return Index04/30/20071.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SOLUSBBPSolactive MicroSectors U.S. Big Banks Index03/15/20131.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SOLUSBOPSolactive MicroSectors U.S. Big Oil Index03/15/20131.00US Equity Single industryAnalyze
SOLUSFRCSolactive U.S. Founder-Run Companies Index05/14/20101.00US EquityBroad marketAnalyze
SOLUSLEGSolactive US Large Cap Equal Weight Index05/01/20021.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
SOLVPNSolactive Data Center REITs & Digital Infrastructure Index12/10/20201.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SOLWBIYPSolactive Power Factor High Dividend Index12/06/20161.00US EquityBroad marketAnalyze
SOLWBIYTSolactive Power Factor High Dividend Total Return Index12/06/20161.00Analyze
SOXDIV27Solactive U.S. Equity Ex-Dividends Index Series 202712/30/20161.00AlternativesOtherAnalyze
SRETPSolactive Global SuperDividend REIT Index01/29/20101.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
VOLLIndexVolshares Large Cap Index02/08/20181.00US EquityBroad marketAnalyze
YMLIIndexSolactive High Income Infrastructure MLP Index04/06/20121.00Special Security TypesMLPsAnalyze
YMLPIndexSolactive High Income MLP Index04/06/20121.00Special Security TypesMLPsAnalyze

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