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Note: our database does not include all indexes provided by this index provider. Most index providers have hundreds or even thousands of indexes. We only put an index in our database if there is an ETF that is tracking it, or if the index is particularly important to understanding world financial markets. Also note that index symbols are not always the same from website to website, as explained in what is an index?

SymbolDescriptionInception DateLeverage FactorCategory1Category2Action
AGIXLArdour Global Alternative Energy Index - Extra Liquid07/12/20121.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
BCHAINAlerian Galaxy Global Blockchain Equity, Trusts and ETPs Index06/19/20201.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
CEFMXS Network Municipal Fixed Income CEF Index12/31/20051.00Special Security TypesClosed end fundsAnalyze
CEFMXTRS Network Municipal Fixed Income CEF Total Return Index12/31/20051.00Special Security TypesClosed end fundsAnalyze
CEFXS-Network Composite Closed-End Fund Index10/29/20091.00Special Security TypesClosed end fundsAnalyze
CEFXTRS-Network Composite Closed-End Fund Total Return Index10/29/20091.00Special Security TypesClosed end fundsAnalyze
EDOGXS-Network Emerging Sector Dividend Dogs Index12/31/20031.00Global Equity Emerging marketsAnalyze
EDOGXTRS-Network Emerging Sector Dividend Dogs Total Return Index12/31/20031.00Analyze
EIBIS-Network Emerging Infrastructure Builders Index01/01/19001.00Global Equity Emerging marketsAnalyze
IDOGXS-Network International Sector Dividend Dogs Index01/01/19001.00Global Equity Developed markets ex-USAnalyze
JBRIIndexJames Biblically Responsible Investment Index12/30/20111.00US EquitySocially responsibleAnalyze
PWRMOXW.E. Donoghue Power Momentum Index12/31/19991.00Analyze
PMBIPoliwogg Medical Breakthroughs Index01/27/20061.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
PWRFLXW.E. Donoghue & Co., LLC Power Floating Rate Index05/27/20001.00Analyze
PWRMDXW.E. Donoghue & Co., Power Dividend Mid-Cap Index06/30/20001.00Analyze
RDOGXS-Network REIT Dividend Dogs Index06/30/20061.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SDOGXS-Network Sector Dividend Dogs Index12/31/19991.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
SDOGXTRS-Network Sector Dividend Dogs Total Return Index12/31/19991.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
RVEIRogers - Van Eck Natural Resources Index01/01/20031.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
SPACES-Network Space Index05/07/20181.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
SWANXT S-Network BlackSwan Core Total Return Index12/06/20051.00AlternativesOptionsAnalyze

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