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Note: our database does not include all indexes provided by this index provider. Most index providers have hundreds or even thousands of indexes. We only put an index in our database if there is an ETF that is tracking it, or if the index is particularly important to understanding world financial markets. Also note that index symbols are not always the same from website to website, as explained in what is an index?

SymbolDescriptionInception DateLeverage FactorCategory1Category2Action
BFITIndexIndxx Global Health & Wellness Thematic Index.04/16/20101.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
DUALIndexNorth Shore Dual Share Class Index12/04/20191.00US EquityBroad MarketAnalyze
FTAGIndexIndxx Global Agriculture Index03/23/20071.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
FTRIIndexIndxx Global Natural Resources Income Index 01/01/19001.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
GSPINHorizon Kinetics Global Spin-Off Index 04/01/20141.00Global Equity Developed marketsAnalyze
IAIQIndxx Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Index03/01/20181.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
IALTYTIndxx SuperDividend Alternatives Index09/30/20111.00Special Security TypesBroad marketAnalyze
IBOTZIndxx Global Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic Index06/30/20101.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
IBUGPIndxx Cybersecurity Index09/13/20191.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
ICLOUIndxx Global Cloud Computing Index11/08/20131.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
ICTECIndxx Global CleanTech Index10/12/20201.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
IINXXTIndxx India Infrastructure Total Return Index03/20/20231.00Analyze
IDIVALSIndxx Hedged Dividend Income Index05/17/20191.00Alternatives Long/short equityAnalyze
ILEGRIndxx Blockchain Index03/18/20161.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
IDIVPINDXX SuperDividend U.S. Low Volatility Index02/29/20081.00Special Security TypesBroad marketAnalyze
IDTECIndxx Disruptive Technologies Index09/20/20131.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
IEDUXIndxx Global Education Thematic Index06/09/20201.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
IFINXIndxx Global Fintech Thematic Index06/30/20151.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
IGNRXPIndxx Global Generics & New Pharma Index03/18/20051.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
IGNRXTIndxx Global Generics & New Pharma Total Return Index03/18/20051.00Analyze
IINCOIndxx India Consumer Index 03/30/20071.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
IINCOTIndxx India Consumer Total Return Index 03/30/20071.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
IINXXIndxx India Infrastructure Index09/29/20061.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
IPFFRIndxx REIT Preferred Stock Total Return Index03/31/20041.00Special Security TypesPreferred stockAnalyze
ILNGRIndxx Global Longevity Thematic Index.04/16/20101.00Global EquityDeveloped marketsAnalyze
IMILNIndxx Millennials Thematic Index04/26/20101.00US EquityThematicAnalyze
INXTGIndxx 5G & NextG Thematic Index05/07/20191.00Global Equity Single sectorAnalyze
IPAVEIndxx U.S. Infrastructure Development Index01/31/20111.00US Equity Single industryAnalyze
IYLCORECPIndxx Renewable Energy Producers Index03/31/20161.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
IYLCOTIndxx Global YieldCo Index12/20/20131.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
ISCINIndxx India Small Cap Index03/30/20071.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
ISCINTIndxx India Small Cap Total Return Index03/30/20071.00Analyze
ISNSRIndxx Global Internet of Things Thematic Index06/30/20101.00US EquityThematicAnalyze
ISPACIndxx SPAC & NextGen IPO Index04/30/20201.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
IUSINFIIndxx US Infrastructure Index01/01/19001.00US EquityThematicAnalyze
IUSNIFEIndxx US Fallen Knives Index04/27/20201.00US Equity Broad marketAnalyze
IVPCIndxx Private Credit Index08/31/20131.00Special Security TypesBroad marketAnalyze
IVRAIIndxx Real Asset Income Index12/31/20131.00US EquityThematicAnalyze
NOONDhandho Junoon Index03/01/20161.00Analyze

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