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Note: our database does not include all indexes provided by this index provider. Most index providers have hundreds or even thousands of indexes. We only put an index in our database if there is an ETF that is tracking it, or if the index is particularly important to understanding world financial markets. Also note that index symbols are not always the same from website to website, as explained in what is an index?

SymbolDescriptionInception DateLeverage FactorCategory1Category2Action
DLONGEURDouble Long Euro Index01/01/19001.00CommoditiesCurrencyAnalyze
DSHRTEURDouble Short Euro Index01/01/19001.00CommoditiesCurrencyAnalyze
MVAFKMVIS GDP Africa Index12/29/20061.00Global Equity Emerging marketsAnalyze
MVAFKTRMarket Vectors GDP Africa Total Return Net Index12/29/20061.00Analyze
MVBBHMVIS US Listed Biotech 25 Index08/12/20111.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVBBHTRMarket Vectors Biotech Total Return Index10/20/20211.00Analyze
MVBBHTRGMarket Vectors US Listed Biotech 25 Total Return Index08/12/20111.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVBIZDMVIS US Business Development Companies Index08/04/20111.00Special Security TypesBDCsAnalyze
MVBIZDTGMarket Vectors US Business Development Companies Total Return Index08/04/20111.00Special Security TypesBDCsAnalyze
MVBJKMVIS Global Gaming Index12/29/20061.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVBJKTRMarket Vectors Gaming Total Return Index12/29/20061.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVBRFMVIS Brazil Small-Cap Index12/30/20051.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVBRFTRMarket Vectors Brazil Small-Cap Total Return Net Index12/30/20051.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVCRAKMVIS Global Oil Refiners Index12/30/20051.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVCRAKTRMarket Vectors Oil Refiners Total Return Index12/30/20051.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVEGPTMVIS Egypt Index12/29/20051.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVEGPTTRMarket Vectors Egypt Total Return Net Index12/29/20051.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVEINCTGMVIS North America Energy Infrastructure Index10/16/20191.00US Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVEMAGMarket Vectors EM Aggregate Bond Index09/19/20131.00Global Fixed Income Emerging marketsAnalyze
MVESPOMVIS Global Video Gaming and eSports Index12/31/20141.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVFLMVIS US Investment Grade Floating Rate Index02/10/20111.00US Fixed Income Corporate bondsAnalyze
MVFLTRMarket Vectors Inv. Grade Floating Rate Total Return Index02/10/20111.00US Fixed Income Corporate bondsAnalyze
MVFRAKMVIS Global Unconventional Oil & Gas Index12/29/20061.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVFRAKTRMarket Vectors Global Unconventional Oil & Gas Total Return Net Index12/29/20061.00Analyze
MVGDXJMVIS Global Junior Gold Miners Index12/31/20031.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVGDXJTRMarket Vectors Global Junior Gold Miners Total Return Net Index12/31/20031.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVIDXMVIS Indonesia Index11/24/20081.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVIDXJMarket Vectors Indonesia Small-Cap Index10/20/20211.00Analyze
MVIDXJTRMarket Vectors Indonesia Small-Cap Total Return Index 03/08/20191.00Analyze
MVIDXTRMarket Vectors Indonesia Total Return Net Index11/24/20081.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVKOLMVIS Global Coal Index12/29/20061.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVKOLTRMarket Vectors Global Coal Total Return Net Index12/29/20061.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVKWTMarket Vectors Solar Energy Index10/20/20211.00Analyze
MVKWTTRMarket Vectors Solar Energy Total Return Index10/20/20211.00Analyze
MVMESMarket Vectors Gulf States Index10/20/20211.00Analyze
MVMESTRMarket Vectors Gulf States Total Return Index10/20/20211.00Analyze
MVMOOMarket Vectors Agribusiness Index12/29/20061.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVMOOTRMarket Vectors Agribusiness Total Return Index12/29/20061.00Analyze
MVMORTMVIS Global Mortgage REITs Index08/04/20111.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVMORTTGMarket Vectors Global Mortgage REITs Total Return Index08/04/20111.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVMORTTRMarket Vectors Global Mortgage REITs Total Return Net Index10/20/20211.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVNLRMarket Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Energy Index12/29/20061.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVNLRTRMarket Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Energy Total Return Index12/29/20061.00Global Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVOIHMarket Vectors Oil Services Index09/29/20001.00US Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVOIHTRMarket Vectors Oil Services Total Return Index09/29/20001.00US Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVPLNDMVIS Poland Index12/30/20051.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVPLNDTRMarket Vectors Poland Total Return Net Index12/30/20051.00Analyze
MVPPHMVIS US Listed Pharmaceutical 25 Index09/29/20001.00US Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVPPHTRMarket Vectors US Listed Pharmaceutical 25 Total Return Net Index09/29/20001.00US Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVREMXMVIS Global Rare Earth/Strategic Metals Index12/28/20071.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVREMXTRMarket Vectors Global Rare Earth/Strategic Metals Total Return Net Index12/28/20071.00Global EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVRSXMVIS Russia Index07/14/20101.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVRSXJMVIS Russia Small-Cap Index03/08/20111.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVRSXJTRMarket Vectors Russia Small-Cap Total Return Index03/08/20111.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVRSXTRMarket Vectors Russia Total Return Net Index07/14/20101.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVRTHMVIS US Listed Retail 25 Index08/12/20111.00US Equity Single industryAnalyze
MVRTHTRMarket Vectors Retail Total Return Index08/12/20111.00Analyze
MVSCIFMVIS India Small-Cap Index12/30/20041.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVSCIFTRMarket Vectors India Small-Cap Total Return Index12/30/20041.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVSMHMVIS US Listed Semiconductor 25 Index08/12/20111.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVSMHTRMarket Vectors Semiconductor Total Return Index08/12/20111.00US EquitySingle industryAnalyze
MVTHHYMVIS US Treasury-Hedged High Yield Bond Index12/31/20121.00Analyze
MVVNMMVIS Vietnam Index11/24/20081.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze
MVVNMTRMarket Vectors Vietnam Total Return Index11/24/20081.00Global Equity Single countryAnalyze

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