List of Mutual Fund Sponsors

502 as of today

Our fund counts are reasonably accurate but our assets under management data for mutual funds is not yet complete. We are working on it.

Sponsor CompanyAssets Under ManagementNumber of Funds
Sims Capital Management01
Hartford Mutual Funds, Inc.$68,726,000,000340
Marsico Investment Fund05
Capitol Series Trust$2,376,000,00031
Capital Growth Management03
Domini Funds$1,372,000,00013
Holland Series Fund, Inc.01
Thrivent Funds$24,271,000,00044
AmericaFirst Quantitative Funds018
Six Circles Trust09
The GoodHaven Funds Trust01
Muhlenkamp Funds01
Pax World Mutual Funds$7,012,000,00028
State Funds01
1290 Funds072
Gator Mutual Funds01
MSS Series Trust05
Matthew 25 Fund01
Invesco Funds$93,153,000,000641
Lord Abbett Family of Funds$62,294,000,000494
Cohen & Steers Funds$22,413,000,00072
Jensen Funds$2,603,000,0004
Pear Tree Funds$3,624,000,00018
CornerCap Funds04
Gateway Funds$6,745,000,0008
Paradigm Capital Management, Inc.04
USCA Fund Trust02
Wells Fargo Funds Management$73,019,000,000485
Homestead Funds, Inc.08
UBS Global Asset Management (Americas) Inc.$1,289,000,00073
State Street Institutional Investment Trust$111,000,00057
Ivy Funds$24,948,000,000301
USCF Mutual Funds Trust02
FAM Funds$1,526,000,0005
Old Westbury Funds, Inc.010
Asset Management Funds07
Broadview Funds Trust$219,000,0001
Bragg Capital Trust02
Virtus Alternative Solutions Trust$100,000,0004
Transamerica Mutual Funds$23,453,000,000371
First Eagle Funds Inc.$60,105,000,00058
Henssler Funds, Inc.02
New Alternatives Fund Inc.$304,000,0002
IronBridge Funds, Inc.03
Advisors Asset Management, Inc.01
PFS Funds014
PGIM Funds$103,140,000,000421
Copley Financial Services01
GPS Funds031
Aspiration Funds02
Integrity Viking Funds$654,000,00028
Virtus Equity Trust$413,000,00014
Westchester Capital Funds$217,000,0004
Financial Investors Trust$8,538,000,000105
Aegis Funds$110,000,0002
Baird Funds, Inc.$78,444,000,00032
Tocqueville Trust$1,001,000,00010
Stone Harbor Investment Funds09
Sierra Total Return Fund05
Alpine Management & Research, LLC04
Commonwealth International Series Trust05
TD Asset Management06
Value Line Funds$4,026,000,00014
Firsthand Funds02
Provident Trust Mutual Funds, Inc.01
Payden & Rygel Funds$1,839,000,00031
Guggenheim Funds Trust$29,900,000,00097
MainStay Funds Trust$15,769,000,000105
Second Nature Series Trust02
Highland Capital Management L.P.$529,000,00037
Johnson Mutual Funds012
Allianz Advisors Funds (NY)$13,461,000,000270
360 Funds025
Two Roads Shared Trust$432,000,00040
Trust for Advised Portfolios$3,939,000,00036
Capital Guardian Trust Company011
Frank Funds06
Wall Street Funds01
Fairholme Funds, Inc.03
Merger Funds$3,302,000,0003
PSG Capital Management Trust01
Brinker Capital, Inc.020
WP Trust04
Capital Management Associates, Inc.02
SunAmerica Funds$5,965,000,00064
BMO LGM Frontier Markets Equity Fund01
SA Funds Investment Trust019
Tanaka Funds, Inc.01
Advisors Series Trust$3,614,000,00072
Centre Funds$234,000,0006
First Western Funds Trust06
Steward Funds, Inc.$1,235,000,00024
Thompson IM Funds, Inc.03
Green Century Funds$487,000,0005
Saratoga Advantage Trust$1,143,000,000104
Russell Investment Company0348
Rydex Funds$4,933,000,000208
Starboard Investment Trust$349,000,00031
SEI Catholic Values Trust$256,000,0004
BlackRock Funds (DE)$57,141,000,000260
Pinnacle Value Fund01
Schwartz Funds07
Sanford C. Bernstein Funds023
Saturna Capital Corp.012
Legg Mason Funds (2)01
RBC Funds Trust$2,883,000,00043
Principal Funds, Inc.$110,847,000,000515
Hennessy Funds, Inc$3,618,000,00030
Ranger Funds Trust06
Unified Series Trust$421,000,00038
MP 63 Fund (The)01
First Investors Funds$6,866,000,000129
Prospector Funds02
Oak Associates Funds07
Carillon Series Trust$10,923,000,00084
Advisers Investment Trust$11,575,000,00032
Meridian Fund, Inc.$2,838,000,00020
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. (GMO)$446,000,000105
Kinetics Asset Management$1,653,000,00033
BMO Asset Management Corp.$6,462,000,000108
M3Sixty Funds Trust09
Index Funds01
Cambiar Funds$1,597,000,00012
Royce Funds$6,358,000,00061
USA MUTUALS$105,000,0007
Northern Lights Fund Trust IV020
Wasatch Funds$12,182,000,00033
Smead Capital Management$948,000,00012
Volumetric Funds Inc.01
Dreyfus Family of Funds$17,951,000,000384
Walthausen Funds$200,000,0005
Mutual of America Institutional Funds, Inc.07
Satuit Capital Management Trust02
Income Collecting 1-3 Months T-Bills Mutual Fund06
Hancock Horizon Funds$400,000,0009
Commerce Funds08
Lee Financial Mutual Fund, Inc.01
Ariel Investments, LLC$3,464,000,00012
SSGA Funds$166,000,00013
AdvisorOne Funds$1,011,000,00013
Nationwide Funds$3,243,000,000229
Segall Bryant & Hamill Trust$2,002,000,00034
Torray Funds01
Williamsburg Investment Trust (The)011
Stone Ridge Asset Management028
Clark Fork Funds01
VALIC Company I047
American Pension Investors Funds$1,142,000,00025
American Growth Fund, Inc.06
Kirr Marbach Partners Funds Inc01
Fiera Capital Series Trust$2,221,000,00013
Berkshire Funds01
Boyar Funds02
RMB Investors Trust$301,000,00015
GuideStone Funds$8,981,000,00045
Metropolitan West Funds (The)$68,405,000,00028
Ashmore Funds$2,432,000,00041
ICON Funds$632,000,00041
Wanger Asset Management03
Northern Lights Fund Trust III$4,208,000,000109
DoubleLine Funds Trust$82,350,000,00044
Clough Funds Trust04
Northern Funds$755,000,00041
Bridges Investment Fund01
Champlain Small Company Fund$397,000,0001
Causeway Capital Management Trust$8,687,000,00012
Goldman Sachs Funds$14,103,000,000638
Copeland Trust08
Harvest Volatility Edge Trust06
RiverPark Funds$1,648,000,00011
Aquila Group of Funds$2,077,000,00049
Undiscovered Managers Fund$2,556,000,00014
Chesapeake Investment Trust01
Manor Investment Funds, Inc.03
Deutsche Asset Management02
Managed Account Series II$256,000,0003
Equinox Fund Trust$213,000,00014
Mundoval Fund01
Wilshire Funds$1,314,000,00014
Litman Gregory Funds Trust$2,260,000,00010
Ancora Trust$118,000,00010
Voya Investment Management$19,980,000,000705
Gallery Trust010
Pacific Advisors Fund011
Trust for Credit Unions04
Natixis Funds$14,402,000,00079
Heartland Advisors, Inc.$1,109,000,00010
Sit Funds$695,000,00019
American Century Investments$98,041,000,000567
Forum Funds$946,000,00030
First Trust Advisors L.P.014
KP Funds Trust015
Needham Funds, Inc. (The)$366,000,0006
TCW Funds$17,365,000,00040
James Advantage Funds$700,000,0007
Investment House Funds01
Monteagle Funds07
Franklin Funds$206,735,000,000482
Madison Funds$1,638,000,00049
Pinnacle Capital Management Fund02
FQF Trust04
Amundi Pioneer Asset Management, Inc.$40,570,000,000116
Chou America Mutual Funds02
Pacific Funds Series Trust$7,896,000,00075
RiverNorth Funds$1,943,000,0006
Brown Capital Management Mutual Funds$7,778,000,0008
Dunham Funds$1,380,000,00045
FS Series Trust$192,000,00014
The Oberweis Funds$248,000,00014
Professionally Managed Portfolios$17,489,000,00046
BlackRock Funds III$13,084,000,000153
Fidelity Investments$821,361,000,0001587
First Pacific Advisors Capital Funds07
Hussman Investment Trust05
American Beacon Funds$3,174,000,000181
Chestnut Street Exchange Fund01
GL Beyond Income Fund01
Loomis Sayles Funds$36,378,000,00051
Trust for Professional Managers$6,619,000,00060
Concorde Funds, Inc01
Natixis Funds Trust II$113,000,0009
Morgan Stanley Variable Insurance Fund, Inc.018
State Street Institutional Funds010
Morgan Stanley Institutional Funds, Inc.$52,377,000,000216
Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund05
Miller Convertible Fund$982,000,0009
Glenmede Funds$6,117,000,00025
Wintergreen Funds, Inc.$131,000,0002
Community Development Fund Advisors01
Morningstar Funds Trust09
Series Portfolios Trust$125,000,00023
World Funds Trust$816,000,00079
Miller/Howard Funds Trust06
Centerstone Investors Trust$300,000,0006
LoCorr Investment Trust$1,871,000,00015
Adirondack Funds01
CG Funds Trust01
Hartford Series Fund, Inc.032
WesMark Funds06
Deutsche DWS$19,348,000,000276
AMG Funds$13,509,000,000141
Spirit Management018
Baron Funds$32,585,000,00054
Wildermuth Endowment Strategy Fund03
Stadion Investment Trust$676,000,00012
JPM Institutional Funds$13,110,000,00018
Clipper Funds01
Cook & Bynum Funds Trust01
Dupree Mutual Funds010
Forester Funds, Inc.04
Permanent Portfolio Family of Funds$2,060,000,00010
Blue Chip Investor Fund01
World Funds, Inc.07
Bullfinch Fund, Inc.02
BlackRock Funds (NJ)$96,191,000,000154
AlphaMark Investment Trust01
AMM Funds01
Arrow Investments Trust$227,000,00013
Vericimetry Funds01
MFS Investment Management$86,697,000,000722
Transparent Value Trust$439,000,00025
Investment Managers Series Trust II$667,000,00029
Mutual Fund and Variable Insurance Trust$795,000,00037
Northeast Investors Trust01
Nysa Trust01
Collaborative Investment Series Trust014
Education Trust of Alaska John Hancock Freedom 529 Plan092
Neuberger Berman$27,687,000,000194
Artisan Funds$29,607,000,00047
TIAA-CREF Mutual Funds$8,312,000,000333
Azzad Funds02
Harding, Loevner Funds, Inc.$20,889,000,00022
Matrix Advisors Dividend Fund01
Cutler Trust (The)04
The MainStay Funds$36,758,000,000223
MH Elite Portfolio of Funds Inc.04
Gabelli & Company, Inc.$9,314,000,000128
Manning & Napier Fund$3,164,000,000107
Lord Asset Management Trust05
Wilmington Funds$2,166,000,00019
ALPS Variable Investment Trust09
Advisors Preferred Trust$807,000,00026
Dodge & Cox Funds06
Jacob Funds Inc.05
Forward Management, LLC$741,000,00018
Eclipse Funds03
Angel Oak Funds Trust$6,790,000,00015
Wm Blair Funds$7,919,000,00061
Horizon Funds$2,220,000,00024
M Fund, Inc.04
Papp Investment Trust01
PRIMECAP Odyssey Funds03
Blackstone Alternative Investment Funds$4,224,000,0004
Harbor Funds$41,681,000,000123
Virtus Opportunities Trust$6,414,000,00017
Mairs & Power Funds03
J.P. Morgan$197,396,000,000615
LKCM Funds07
Aspiriant Funds05
Clearwater Investment Trust04
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Funds$6,660,000,00020
Janus Henderson Funds$71,083,000,000354
Pacific Capital Funds02
Touchstone Funds$19,654,000,000148
Longleaf Partners Funds04
Forum Funds II$257,000,00023
Baillie Gifford Funds060
SCM Trust$156,000,00010
Laudus Trust01
Timothy Plan$979,000,00039
Upright Investment Trust03
Bishop Street Funds04
Cavanal Hill Funds031
Community Capital Trust$2,605,000,0004
Destra Multi-Alternative Fund04
PPM Funds09
Matrix Funds01
Alger Funds$23,081,000,00082
Templeton Funds$34,139,000,00052
Evermore Funds Trust$277,000,0002
Cullen Funds$1,554,000,00022
Fiduciary Funds$7,768,000,0007
Colorado BondShares01
American Funds, Inc.$1,003,347,000,0001114
Destra Capital Investment LLC$347,000,0008
Thornburg Management Company$35,862,000,00091
Savos Investments Trust01
Western Asset Trust Funds$38,830,000,00034
John Hancock Funds$54,355,000,000627
Oakmark Family of Funds$38,363,000,00030
Eubel Brady & Suttman Mutual Fund Trust02
AB Funds$19,234,000,000454
Shelton Funds$1,409,000,00018
Lazard Asset Management$22,948,000,00099
Oppenheimer Funds, Inc.$108,836,000,000290
Selected Funds$1,757,000,0004
KEELEY Funds$888,000,00010
Ultimus Managers Trust$313,000,00037
Nuveen Funds$27,492,000,000344
Caldwell & Orkin Funds01
Mercer Global Investments, Inc.07
Perritt Capital Funds03
Trust for Advisor Solutions03
Diamond Hill Funds$2,405,000,00049
Monetta Fund Trust02
Aberdeen Funds$8,078,000,000131
Tributary Funds, LLC$1,009,000,00013
Barrett Opportunity Fund, Inc.01
Bridge Builder Trust08
Cortina Funds, Inc.03
Bridgeway Funds, Inc.09
Parnassus Funds$30,741,000,00010
Steben Alternative Investments Funds04
InvestEd Portfolios010
Putnam Investments$54,444,000,000522
MassMutual Funds0404
T. Rowe Price Funds$448,809,000,000396
Centaur Mutual Funds03
SEI Funds$40,740,000,000164
Archer Investment Series Trust06
Victory Funds$10,069,000,000193
New Covenant Funds04
Credit Suisse Asset Management$3,975,000,00027
Leuthold Funds$586,000,0008
PNC Funds, Inc.$1,302,000,00047
ALPS Series Trust$1,112,000,00021
BlackRock Funds V$54,981,000,00060
Federated Funds$59,926,000,000193
Davis Funds$10,730,000,00027
Emerging Markets Growth Fund, Inc.03
AQR Funds$12,324,000,000123
Valued Advisers Trust$354,000,00016
Frontier Funds, Inc.$1,403,000,00020
Schroder Capital Funds (Delaware)09
Brown Advisory Funds$4,645,000,00046
Amana Mutual Funds$4,070,000,0007
Forefront Income Trust01
CRM Funds$921,000,00011
MainGate MLP Fund$767,000,0003
Sterling Capital Funds$4,719,000,00088
Hillman Capital Management Funds01
Delaware Investments Family of Funds$10,278,000,000158
State Farm04
Cushing Funds Trust05
CM Advisors Family of Funds02
BlackRock Funds IV$3,372,000,00011
BBH Funds$9,479,000,00015
Fund X Funds06
Matthews Asia Funds$20,478,000,00038
Nicholas Funds$1,529,000,0008
Sequoia Funds01
Greenspring Funds01
Arbitrage Funds$1,563,000,00016
Brookfield Investment Management Inc.$977,000,00028
Great-West Funds, Inc.0200
United Services Funds$122,000,00012
Calvert Investments, Inc.$22,205,000,00080
Sparrow Funds03
BMT Investment Funds01
Praxis Mutual Funds$1,772,000,00013
Quaker Family of Funds04
HSBC Funds$227,000,00014
LSV Value Equity Fund$1,337,000,0002
North Country Funds (The)02
Plan Investment Fund, Inc.02
Tweedy Browne Funds04
The Hartford Mutual Funds II, Inc$13,443,000,000114
FDP Series II, Inc.03
Neiman Funds05
Vanguard Group$1,781,658,000,000321
Weitz Funds$2,914,000,00015
STAAR Investment Trust09
Symmetry Panoramic Trust08
Versus Capital Advisors LLC05
DFA Funds0117
Buffalo Funds$2,846,000,00020
PENN Capital Funds Trust07
Barings Funds Trust$1,150,000,00037
Federated Investors$7,067,000,00041
Salient MF Trust$522,000,0008
Intrepid Capital Management Inc.$131,000,0007
Schwab Funds$1,508,000,00063
Columbia Funds$59,570,000,000916
Amidex Funds, Inc.03
General Electric Funds\Elfun Funds\S&S07
Allied Asset Advisors, Inc.01
Adams Fund Group02
WST Investment Trust$2,195,000,0004
Managed Portfolio Series$6,713,000,00071
Virtus Investment Partners, Inc$33,616,000,000184
Wisconsin Capital Funds, Inc.$168,000,0004
Brandes Funds$1,922,000,00031
DWS Investments Funds02
OCM Funds02
Direxion Funds$106,000,00017
Midas Fund Inc.02
State Street Variable Insurance Series Funds, Inc.08
USAA Funds$41,158,000,000106
HC Capital Trust044
Adviser Managed Trust02
Mutual Fund Series Trust$13,148,000,000153
Northern Lights Fund Trust$13,736,000,000215
Boston Trust & Walden Funds (The)011
Goehring & Rozencwajg02
Manager Directed Portfolios$368,000,00012
BlackRock Funds VI$1,729,000,0004
Calamos Funds$4,490,000,00060
City National Rochdale Funds$1,364,000,00020
Waddell & Reed Mutual Funds$136,000,0008
Driehaus Capital Management LLC$2,246,000,00012
IVA Funds$3,885,000,0006
Legg Mason Funds$60,454,000,000449
Bread & Butter Fund Inc.01
Sound Shore Fund, Inc.$1,107,000,0002
EIP Investment Trust02
Guinness Atkinson Funds$193,000,0009
Mirae Asset Discovery Funds$982,000,00012
Access One04
Conestoga Funds$1,083,000,0004
Reynolds Funds01
Optimum Trust018
RBB Fund, Inc.$5,707,000,00057
Northern Lights Fund Trust II$896,000,00048
Meeder Funds$1,675,000,00027
Third Avenue Trust$1,082,000,00012
Nile Capital Investment Trust03
NorthQuest Capital Fund01
Investment Managers Series Trust$25,770,000,000153
Eaton Vance$71,472,000,000314
Van Eck Funds$2,636,000,00025
Hotchkis & Wiley Funds$850,000,00033
The Chartwell Funds05
Morgan Stanley Pathway Funds011
Virtus Asset Trust01
Mercer Funds021
UBS Funds07
X-Square Balanced Fund, LLC03
Mutual of America Investment Corporation028
North Capital Funds Trust02
Frost Family of Funds03
Rimrock Funds Trust01
Allianz Global Investors01
BlackRock Funds II08
Red Cedar Fund Trust01
BondHouse Investment Trust03
Axonic Strategic Income Fund$518,000,0002
AGF Investments Trust02
Sprott Funds Trust$1,358,000,0002
Cushing SMID Growth Focused Fund02
Global Clean Equity Fund02
FPA Funds Trust03
Federated Hermes, Inc.01
Ohio Variable College Savings Trust Fund081
Datum One Series Trust03
John Hancock Funds II014
Total number of funds7,887,592,610,00030,693

Data is current as of yesterday.

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