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List of U.S. Exchange Traded Rights

There are currently 77 U.S. exchange traded rights in our database. A right is a security that gives the right to do something. Every right is unique.

SymbolNameMarket cap20 Day Average VolumeIssuer SymbolIssuer NameIssuer TypeAction
ACAXRAlset Capital Acquisition Corp. - Right$93,626,1388,264Analyze
ADOCREdoc Acquisition Corp. - Right$27,870,75019,842Analyze
AGBARAGBA Acquisition Limited - Right$22,647,023244,091Analyze
AIBBRAIB Acquisition Corporation Right$95,416,778557AIBAIB Acquisition Corporation Class ACommon stocksAnalyze
ALSARAlpha Star Acquisition Corporation Rights$153,726,495149,705Analyze
AQUNRAquaron Acquisition Corp. - Rights$55,332,1608,841Analyze
ARIZRArisz Acquisition Corp. Right$92,040,3622,560Analyze
ASCARA SPAC I Acquisition Corp. - Right$56,006,1098,820Analyze
ASCBRA SPAC II Acquisition Corp. Right$211,120,00034,026ASCBA SPAC II Acquisition Corp.Common stocksAnalyze
ATAKRAurora Technology Acquisition Corp. Rights$209,272,000191,851ATAKAurora Technology Acquisition Corp. Class ACommon stocksAnalyze
BENERBenessere Capital Acquisition Corp. - Right$0328,803Analyze
BLEURbleuacacia ltd Rights$281,520,00017,600BLEUbleuacacia ltd Class ACommon stocksAnalyze
BMAQRBlockchain Moon Acquisition Corp. - Rights$156,197,192145,075Analyze
BNIXRBannix Acquisition Corp. Right$97,915,3602,739Analyze
BRACRBroad Capital Acquisition Corp Rights$31,434,3274,089BRACBroad Capital Acquisition CorpCommon stocksAnalyze
BREZRBreeze Holdings Acquisition Corp. - Right$51,918,81111,975BREZBreeze Holdings Acquisition Corp.Common stocksAnalyze
BRLIRBrilliant Acquisition Corporation - Rights$19,802,3905,702Analyze
BSGARBlue Safari Group Acquisition Corp. Right$22,152,4352,531BSGABlue Safari Group Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary ShareCommon stocksAnalyze
BWAQRBlue World Acquisition Corporation Right$124,550,23712,500Analyze
CELG^Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Celegne Contingent Value Rights$140,576,015,0064,619Analyze
CLAQRCleanTech Acquisition Corp. - Rights$111,262,50028,558Analyze
CLINRClean Earth Acquisitions Corp. - Right$244,872,50023,656Analyze
CLOERClover Leaf Capital Corp. - Rights$162,707,4508,533Analyze
CLRCRClimateRock - Right$82,728,8443,476Analyze
CSLMRConsilium Acquisition Corp I, Ltd. Right$195,916,87520,000Analyze
DMAQRDeep Medicine Acquisition Corp. Rights$48,763,744267Analyze
EMCGREmbrace Change Acquisition Corp - Rights$100,762,9791,600Analyze
ENERRAccretion Acquisition Corp. Right$266,838,675504ENERAccretion Acquisition Corp.Common stocksAnalyze
ESSCREast Stone Acquisition Corporation - Right$1,793,074,6161,531,953Analyze
FEXDRFintech Ecosystem Development Corp. Right$121,803,3376,395Analyze
FLFVRFeutune Light Acquisition Corporation - Right$107,472,3005,017Analyze
FXCORFinancial Strategies Acquisition Corp. Rights$114,597,8871,124Analyze
GBRGRGoldenbridge Acquisition Limited - Right$37,684,5112,549Analyze
GDSTRGoldenstone Acquisition Limited - Rights$79,001,0002,382Analyze
GGGVRG3 VRM Acquisition Corp. Rights$0111,688Analyze
GLLIRGlobalink Investment Inc. - Rights$155,726,90013,908Analyze
GLU^The Gabelli Global Utility and Income Trust Rights (expiring June 23, 2022) Rights$86,361,9756,080Analyze
GPCORGolden Path Acquisition Corporation Rights$12,231,650206,467Analyze
GSRMRGSR II Meteora Acquisition Corp. - Right$326,370,0001,494Analyze
HHGCRHHG Capital Corporation Rights$78,134,6507,577Analyze
HMACRHainan Manaslu Acquisition Corp. - Right$92,534,280500Analyze
IGTARInception Growth Acquisition Limited - Rights$129,675,7804,321Analyze
IMAQRInternational Media Acquisition Corp. Rights$89,374,9896,179Analyze
JGGCRJaguar Global Growth Corporation I - Right$238,740,000463,654Analyze
JWACRJupiter Wellness Acquisition Corp. to receive one-eighth (1/8) of one share of Class A common stock upon the consummation of an initial business combination$155,431,850127,307JWACJupiter Wellness Acquisition Corp. Class ACommon stocksAnalyze
KACLRKairous Acquisition Corp. Limited - Rights$47,686,55936,183Analyze
KYCHRKeyarch Acquisition Corporation - Rights$126,123,500887Analyze
LAXXR8i Acquisition 2 Corp. Rights$40,971,95012,948LAX8i Acquisition 2 Corp.Common stocksAnalyze
LBBBRLakeshore Acquisition II Corp. - Rights$95,071,60073,409Analyze
MAAQRMana Capital Acquisition Corp. Rights$15,681,2501,513,228Analyze
MBTCRNocturne Acquisition Corporation Right$57,500,06413,421Analyze
MCACRMonterey Capital Acquisition Corporation - Rights$95,901,2603,088Analyze
MCAERMountain Crest Acquisition Corp. III Right$10,951,7241,299,359Analyze
MCAFRMountain Crest Acquisition Corp. IV - Rights$78,144,55020,294Analyze
MCAGRMountain Crest Acquisition Corp. V Right$92,425,21631,300Analyze
MPACRModel Performance Acquisition Corp. Right$17,812,000190,392Analyze
MSSARMetal Sky Star Acquisition Corporation Right$153,814,3001,547MSSAMetal Sky Star Acquisition CorporationCommon stocksAnalyze
NOVVRNova Vision Acquisition Corp. Rights$79,991,52031,800Analyze
NVACRNorthView Acquisition Corporation - Rights$251,596,68816,388Analyze
PAFORPacifico Acquisition Corp. Rights$07,250Analyze
PLM^Polymet Mining Corp. Rights (expiring April 4, 2023) Rights$220,664,269249,352Analyze
PLM^#Polymet Mining Corp. Rights (expiring April 4, 2023) Rights when issued$00Analyze
PNACRPrime Number Acquisition I Corp. - Right$87,406,1795,021Analyze
PPHPRPHP Ventures Acquisition Corp. Rights$78,999,05210,825Analyze
RFACRRF Acquisition Corp. - Rights$120,159,00097,483Analyze
ROCARROC Energy Acquisition Corp. Rights to receive one-tenth (1/10) of a share of common stock upon the consummation of an initial business combination,$280,055,93060,221ROCROC Energy Acquisition Corp.Common stocksAnalyze
RWODRRedwoods Acquisition Corp. - Rights$153,670,550942Analyze
SAGARSagaliam Acquisition Corp. Rights$126,878,400197,314SAGASagaliam Acquisition Corp. Class ACommon stocksAnalyze
SPKARSPK Acquisition Corp - Right$0339,476SPKSPK Acquisition CorpCommon stocksAnalyze
SVIIRSpring Valley Acquisition Corp. II - Rights$238,050,000116,994Analyze
TENKRTenX Keane Acquisition - Right$03,250Analyze
TIGORMillicom International Cellular S.A. - Rights$1,524,053,471304,026Analyze
VENARVenus Acquisition Corporation Rights$10,285,00026,956Analyze
VHAQ^Viveon Health Acquisition Corp. Rights, each exchangeable into one-twentieth of a share of$109,397,02817,924Analyze
VTAQRVentoux CCM Acquisition Corp. - Right$11,413,412118,272Analyze
WINVRWinVest Acquisition Corp. Right$121,440,0005,026Analyze
WTMARWelsbach Technology Metals Acquisition Corp. - one right to receive 1/10th of a share of$103,720,81815,141Analyze

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