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Course Outline

Researching U.S. common stocks

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The Basics

Estimated time to complete:   10 hours.

Course description:   This online class is designed for any investor who wants training on how to research U.S. common stocks. We start by having you read about topics like understanding financial statements, understanding valuation methods (for example, P/E and P/S ratios), and understanding statistical analysis. We also provide you training on using the various research tools on our website. We then have you perform various exercises where you conduct research using our database. So this course is a mixture of reading online educational material and studying and researching U.S. common stocks.

Prerequisites:   A basic understanding of how the U.S. stock market works.

Recommended Way To Take The Class:    It is an online class, which gives you the flexibility to take the class however you can, whenever you can. Our suggestion is to try to find solid blocks of time of at least two or three hours where you can focus on the class. Better yet, set aside an entire day to taking the class, so that you really focus, and "dig in".

To Complete The Course:   You must complete all the steps in the course and successfully pass an online test in order to receive a completion certificate.

Price:   $100.00

Course Outline

You complete the class by completing 28 steps, organized into sections. It should take you about 4 hours.

Section 1, Introductory reading
In this section, we have you read various introductory materials that provide you with a good overview of U.S. common stocks.
Section 2, Understanding financial statements
In this section we focus on the basics of understanding financial statements and we practice quickly pulling up financial statements using our website.
Section 3, Screening for profitable companies
In this section, we practice using the tools on our website to screen for profitable companies using metrics like net income as a percentage of sales and return on equity.
Section 4, Screening for stocks with momentum
In this section we practice using the tools on our website to screen for stocks with momentum.
Section 5, Wrapping Up
Final steps. We ask that you take our completion exam and pass with a correct score of at least 70% in order to print your completion exam.

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