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Smart Beta ETF Deep Dive

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The Basics

Estimated time to complete:   16 hours.

Course description:   Get up to speed on smart beta ETFS by taking this deep dive training class. As a "deep dive" class, this class consists of some introductory reading, but then mostly consists of you studying actual ETFs. We give you tools that will allow you to quickly and easily study all smart beta ETFs currently on the market. There is no substitute for reading and studying as many smart beta ETFs as you can, so you have a good understanding of the market.

Prerequisites:   Some basic knowledge of ETFs.

Recommended Way To Take The Class:    It is an online class, which gives you the flexibility to take the class however you can, whenever you can. Our suggestion is to try to find solid blocks of time of at least two or three hours where you can focus on the class. Better yet, set aside an entire day to taking the class, so that you really focus, and "dig in".

To Complete The Course:   0

Price:   $100.00

Course Outline

You complete the class by completing 13 steps, organized into sections. It should take you about 18 hours.

Section 1, Introduction
In this section, we provide some introductory material for you to read, and we introduce you to the tools that you will be using in this class to study ETFs. The introductory reading may contain material that you already know, but please read it anyways so that we are all starting at the same point. Hopefully, there is some material in this reading that is helpful.
Section 2, Study U.S. Equity Smart Beta ETFs
Let's start studying U.S. equity broad market smart beta ETFs. Your mission is to assign a rating to each of the U.S. broad market smart beta ETFs.
Section 3, Wrapping Up
Final steps to complete the class.

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