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Closed-end funds deep dive

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The Basics

Estimated time to complete:   16 hours.

Course description:   Get up to speed on closed-end funds by taking this deep dive training class. Closed-end funds have several unique properties that every investor needs to understand. Unlike mutual funds and ETFs, closed-end funds can borrow at a fund level and issue preferred stock. Closed-end funds also tend to trade a discount to their net asset value, unlike mutual funds and ETFs. As a "deep dive" class, this class consists of some introductory reading, but then mostly consists of you studying actual securities. We give you tools that will allow you to quickly and easily study all closed-end funds currently on the market.

Prerequisites:   We do not assume you have previous knowledge of closed-end funds. A good basic understanding of how the stock market works is recommended. This course will benefit both beginning investors as well as experienced pros.

Recommended Way To Take The Class:    It is an online class, which gives you the flexibility to take the class however you can, whenever you can. Our suggestion is to try to find solid blocks of time of at least two or three hours where you can focus on the class. Better yet, set aside an entire day to taking the class, so that you really focus, and "dig in".

To Complete The Course:   0

Price:   $100.00

Course Outline

You complete the class by completing 35 steps, organized into sections. It should take you about 11 hours.

Section 1, Introductory reading
We start by having you read some introductory articles on closed-end funds. We try to include in this reading live market summaries and analysis. Because we have all closed-end funds in our database, our training classes can include real time analytics that training classes normally can't provide.
Section 2, The Tools We Will Use
In this section we will spend a few minutes getting to know and practice using some of the tools / webpages we will be using in this course.
Section 3, Deep dive studying - The Largest Closed-end Funds
In this section we will have you research the largest closed-end funds based on market capitalization. This is a good starting point to getting up to speed on CEFs.
Section 4, Deep dive studying - Equity Closed-end Funds
In this section we focus on closed-end funds that buy stocks.
Section 5, Deep dive studying - Bond Funds
In this section we focus on closed-end funds that buy bonds.
Section 6, Deep dive studying - Municipal Bond Closed-end Funds
In this section we focus on closed-end funds that buy municipal bonds.
Section 7, Deep dive studying - Preferred Stock Closed-end Funds
In this section we focus on closed-end funds that buy preferred stocks.
Section 8, Deep dive studying - Business Development Companies
In this section we focus on business development companies ("BDCs"), a special type of closed-end fund that focuses on making venture capital type investments in private businesses.
Section 9, Deep dive studying - Closed-end fund ETFs
In this section we study exchange traded funds ("ETFs") that focus on buying closed-end funds.
Section 10, Wrapping up
We ask that you pass our online exam about closed-end funds with a score of at least 70%. If you have passed the test, you can print your completion certificate. We would also appreciate it if you would give us feedback about the course.

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