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Our Training Class Format

We strive to provide the best online education on the stock market.   Here's why we believe our classes are unique.

Two class types

IntroductoryThese classes primary involve reading course material. The course materials primarily consists of studying facts and statistics about the stock market. These materials give you a great overview of the stock market because you are studying the real thing - our database contains the entire stock market and is updated nightly. We summarize the market in ways you haven't seen before.
Deep DiveOur deep dive courses primarily involve studying securities. We have found through experience that there is a value to studying all securities on the market (or most of them). If you want to understand closed-end funds, you need to study 200 of them to see what's really on the market. That sounds difficult, but we give you the tools to easily accomplish just that.

Real Data

Our classes involve studying real data and actual securities, not just watching videos. Our database contains the entire U.S. stock market and is automatically updated nightly using dozens of data feeds. We summarize this data so that it is easy to understand.
Our website was designed from scratch to be an educational platform. When you pull up a security on our website, we explain everything about the security and provide links to detailed educational articles that explain all concepts in even more detail.
We aren't teaching you a trading system. We won't make you rich. Sorry. Our focus is to provide you the knowledge you need so that you can make your own well-informed decisions.
We strive to help both beginning and advanced investors. We strive to help both amateurs and professionals.

Stock market training almost has a bad name because there are so many people trying to teach you about their "proven system" to get rich in five years.
We are different. We are trying to help you understand how the market works and give you some easy tools to do your own research.

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