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Here are the last 100 initial public offerings on U.S. stock exchanges of preferred stocks and exchange traded debt. Note that when you see a symbol that ends in "*", it's not really a new security. Nasdaq puts an * on securities that are in the process of being redeemed.

SymbolDescriptionSEC FilingsTypeMarket capIPO DateIssuing SymbolCountryAction
HROWLHarrow Health, Inc. - 8.625% senior notes due 2026Exchange traded debt$005/07/2021Analyze
COF-LCapital One Financial Corporation ADRs of Fixed Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred, Series LGoPreferred stocks$666,090,00005/06/2021COFUSAAnalyze
RF-ERegions Financial ADRs of 4.45% Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series EGoPreferred stocks$392,320,00005/06/2021RFUSAAnalyze
KREF-AKKR Real Estate Finance Trust Inc. 6.50% Series A Cumulative Redeemable PreferredGoPreferred stocks$154,500,00004/26/2021KREFUSAAnalyze
KKRSKKR Group Finance Co. IX LLC 4.625% Subordinated Notes due 2061GoExchange traded debt$511,400,00004/21/2021KKRUSAAnalyze
TGH-ATextainer Group Holdings Limited ADRs of 7.000% Series A Cumulative Preference SharesGoPreferred stocks$178,848,00004/19/2021TGHBermudaAnalyze
BEPHBrookfield BRP Holdings (Canada) Inc. 4.625% Perpetual Subordinated NotesGoExchange traded debt$344,960,00004/16/2021BEPCanadaAnalyze
XOMAOXOMA Corporation ADRs of Series B 8.375% Cumulative Preferred GoPreferred stocks$34,146,00004/12/2021XOMAUSAAnalyze
HTFBHorizon Technology Finance Corporation 4.875% Notes due 2026GoExchange traded debt$52,000,00004/07/2021HRZNUSAAnalyze
ET-CEnergy Transfer L.P. 7.375% Series C Fixed-to-Floating Rate Cumulative Preferred UnitGoPreferred stocks$004/05/2021ETUSAAnalyze
ET-DEnergy Transfer L.P. 7.625% Series D Fixed-to-Floating Rate Cumulative Preferred UnitGoPreferred stocks$004/05/2021ETUSAAnalyze
ET-EEnergy Transfer L.P. 7.600% Series E Fixed-to-Floating Rate Cumulative Preferred UnitGoPreferred stocks$004/05/2021ETUSAAnalyze
XFLT-AXAI Octagon Floating Rate & Alternative Income Term Trust 6.50% Series 2026 Term PreferredGoPreferred stocks$26,738,40004/05/2021XFLTUSAAnalyze
SCHW-JCharles Schwab Corporation ADRs of 4.450% Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred, Series JGoPreferred stocks$616,080,00004/01/2021SCHWUSAAnalyze
FTAI-CFortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC 8.25% Fixed - Rate Reset Series C Cumulative PreferredGoPreferred stocks$109,920,00003/30/2021FTAIUSAAnalyze
RILYKB. Riley Financial, Inc. 5.50% Senior Notes Due 2026GoExchange traded debt$150,480,00003/30/2021RILYUSAAnalyze
ECCWEagle Point Credit Company Inc. 6.75% Notes due 2031GoExchange traded debt$39,561,60003/29/2021ECCUSAAnalyze
GLP-BGlobal Partners LP 9.50% Series B Fixed Rate Cumulative Preferred UnitsGoPreferred stocks$003/25/2021GLPUSAAnalyze
VIACPViacomCBS Inc. - 5.75% Series A Mandatory Convertible Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$684,500,00003/25/2021VIACUSAAnalyze
PRIF-GPriority Income Fund, Inc. 6.25% Series G Preferred Stock Due 2026GoPreferred stocks$32,576,00003/24/2021Privately heldAnalyze
JPM-KJ P Morgan Chase & Co ADRs of 4.55% Non-Cumulative Preferred Series JJGoPreferred stocks$1,566,600,00003/23/2021JPMUSAAnalyze
RC-BReady Capital Corporation 8.625% Series B Cumulative Preferred GoPreferred stocks$1,023,867,86403/22/2021RCUSAAnalyze
RC-CReady Capital Corporation 6.25% Series C Cumulative Convertible Preferred GoPreferred stocks$1,023,867,86403/22/2021RCUSAAnalyze
RC-DReady Capital Corporation 7.625% Series D Cumulative Redeemable PreferredGoPreferred stocks$1,023,867,86403/22/2021RCUSAAnalyze
PRE-JPartnerRe Ltd. 4.875% Fixed Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred, Series JGoPreferred stocks$212,960,00003/19/2021Privately heldAnalyze
MBINNMerchants Bancorp ADRs of 6.00% Series C Non-Cumulative PreferredGoPreferred stocks$156,960,00003/18/2021MBINUSAAnalyze
OXLCLOxford Lane Capital Corp. - 6.75% Notes due 2031GoExchange traded debt$88,670,40003/18/2021OXLCUSAAnalyze
TDS-UTelephone and Data Systems ADRs of 6.625% Series UU Cumulative Preferred GoPreferred stocks$439,360,00003/08/2021TDSUSAAnalyze
GAINNGladstone Investment Corporation - 5.00% Notes Due 2026GoExchange traded debt$115,077,00003/04/2021GAINUSAAnalyze
HBANPHuntington Bancshares ADRs of 4.500% Series H Non-Cumulative Perpetual PreferredGoPreferred stocks$510,600,00002/25/2021HBANUSAAnalyze
TCBIOTexas Capital Bancshares, Inc. ADRs of 5.75% Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Series BGoPreferred stocks$3,554,348,65402/24/2021TCBIUSAAnalyze
WRB-HW.R. Berkley Corporation 4.125% Subordinated Debentures due 2061GoExchange traded debt$306,240,00002/19/2021WRBUSAAnalyze
BWSNBabcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. 8.125% Senior Notes due 2026GoExchange traded debt$123,936,00002/17/2021BWUSAAnalyze
RCCReady Capital Corporation 5.75% Senior Notes due 2026GoExchange traded debt$179,760,00002/16/2021RCUSAAnalyze
FRC-LFIRST REPUBLIC BANK ADRs of 4.250% Noncumulative Perpetual Series L PreferredGoPreferred stocks$672,620,00002/11/2021FRCUSAAnalyze
TFSATerra Income Fund VI 7.00% Notes due 2026GoExchange traded debt$35,083,60002/11/2021Privately heldAnalyze
USB-RU.S. Bancorp ADRs of 4% Series M Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$750,900,00002/05/2021USBUSAAnalyze
WFC-CWells Fargo & Company ADRs of 4.375% Non-Cumulative Class A Preferred, Series CCGoPreferred stocks$1,003,600,00002/03/2021WFCUSAAnalyze
WAFDPWashington Federal ADRs of 4.875% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series AGoPreferred stocks$312,960,00002/02/2021WAFDUSAAnalyze
BAC-PBank of America ADRs of 4.125% Non-Cumulative Preferred, Series PPGoPreferred stocks$927,078,00001/29/2021BACUSAAnalyze
BIP-BBrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP 5.000% Class A Preferred Limited Partnership Units, Series 14GoPreferred stocks$201,760,00001/26/2021BIPBermudaAnalyze
RILYTB. Riley Financial, Inc. - 6.00% Senior Notes Due 2028GoExchange traded debt$202,000,00001/26/2021RILYUSAAnalyze
NEWTZNewtek Business Services Corp. 5.50% Notes Due 2026GoExchange traded debt$104,480,00001/25/2021NEWTUSAAnalyze
EQH-CEquitable Holdings, Inc. ADRs of 4.3% Noncumulative Preferred Stock, Series CGoPreferred stocks$298,800,00001/13/2021EQHUSAAnalyze
LANDMGladstone Land Corporation 5.00% Series D Cumulative Term Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$53,949,00001/13/2021LANDUSAAnalyze
NHF-ANexPoint Strategic Opportunities Fund 5.50% Series A Cumulative PreferredGoPreferred stocks$76,229,16501/08/2021NHFUSAAnalyze
ALTG-AAlta Equipment Group Inc. ADRs of 10% Series A Cumulative Perpetual Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$32,451,30012/28/2020ALTGUSAAnalyze
ATH-DAthene Holding Ltd. ADRs 4.875% Fixed-Rate Perpetual Non-Cumulative Preference, Series DGoPreferred stocks$607,680,00012/24/2020ATHUSAAnalyze
LBRDPLiberty Broadband Corporation - Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$195,127,02212/22/2020LBRDAUSAAnalyze
CSR-CCenterspace 6.625% Series C Cumulative PreferredGoPreferred stocks$107,821,28312/21/2020CSRUSAAnalyze
XOMAPXOMA Corporation - 8.625% Series A Cumulative Perpetual Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$22,264,00012/16/2020XOMAUSAAnalyze
UZEUnited States Cellular Corporation 5.500% Senior Notes due 2070GoExchange traded debt$517,400,00012/15/2020USMUSAAnalyze
SBNYPSignature Bank ADRs of 5.000% Noncumulative Perpetual Series A Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$717,080,00012/11/2020SBNYUSAAnalyze
SIGIPSelective Insurance Group, Inc. ADRs of 4.60% Non-Cumulative Preferred, Series BGoPreferred stocks$201,840,00012/04/2020SIGIUSAAnalyze
VNO-NVornado Realty Trust 5.25% Series N Cumulative PreferredGoPreferred stocks$320,280,00012/03/2020VNOUSAAnalyze
CNO-ACNO Financial Group, Inc. 5.125% Subordinated Debentures due 2060GoExchange traded debt$153,600,00011/30/2020CNOUSAAnalyze
BAMIBrookfield Finance Inc. 4.50% Perpetual Subordinated NotesGoExchange traded debt$198,320,00011/27/2020BAMCanadaAnalyze
AIZNAssurant, Inc. 5.25% Subordinated Notes due 2061GoExchange traded debt$263,900,00011/25/2020AIZUSAAnalyze
CFR-BCullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. ADRs of 4.450% non-cumulative perpetual preferred Series BGoPreferred stocks$152,790,00011/25/2020CFRUSAAnalyze
PSA-OPublic Storage ADRs of a 3.900% Cumulative Preferred Share of Beneficial Interest, Series OGoPreferred stocks$155,580,00011/18/2020PSAUSAAnalyze
BHFANBrighthouse Financial, Inc. ADRs of 5.375% Non-Cumulative Preferred, Series CGoPreferred stocks$529,800,00011/11/2020BHFUSAAnalyze
BAC-OBank of America ADRs of 4.375% Non-Cumulative Preferred, Series NNGoPreferred stocks$1,118,480,00011/03/2020BACUSAAnalyze
FULTPFulton Financial Corporation ADRs of 5.125% Non-Cumulative Preferred, Series AGoPreferred stocks$207,360,00011/03/2020FULTUSAAnalyze
GFNSZGeneral Finance Corporation - 7.875% Senior Notes due 2025GoExchange traded debt$111,000,00011/02/2020GFNUSAAnalyze
USB-QU.S. Bancorp ADRS of Series L 3.75% Non-Cumulative Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$485,400,00010/30/2020USBUSAAnalyze
WFC-AWells Fargo ADRs of 4.7% Non-Cumulative Class A Preferred, Series AAGoPreferred stocks$1,196,676,00010/30/2020WFCUSAAnalyze
OPP-ARiverNorth/DoubleLine Strategic Opportunity Fund, Inc. 4.375% Series A Cumulative Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$48,700,00010/27/2020OPPUSAAnalyze
BAMHBrookfield Finance Inc. 4.625% Subordinated Notes due October 16, 2080GoExchange traded debt$398,720,00010/21/2020BAMCanadaAnalyze
LANDOGladstone Land Corporation - 6.00% Series B Cumulative Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$512,800,00010/19/2020LANDUSAAnalyze
PSA-NPublic Storage ADRs of a 3.875% Cumulative Preferred Share, Series NGoPreferred stocks$256,130,00010/09/2020PSAUSAAnalyze
PXSAPPyxis Tankers Inc. - 7.75% Series A Cumulative Convertible PreferredGoPreferred stocks$5,233,92010/08/2020PXSGreeceAnalyze
DTBDTE Energy Company 2020 Series G 4.375% Junior Subordinated Debentures due 2080GoExchange traded debt$202,320,00010/07/2020DTEUSAAnalyze
MGRBAffiliated Managers Group, Inc. 4.750% Junior Subordinated Notes due 2060GoExchange traded debt$259,200,00009/29/2020AMGUSAAnalyze
BIP-ABrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP 5.125% Class A Preferred Limited Partnership Units, Series 13GoPreferred stocks$207,920,00009/25/2020BIPBermudaAnalyze
WRB-GW.R. Berkley Corporation 4.25% Subordinated Debentures due 2060GoExchange traded debt$253,600,00009/24/2020WRBUSAAnalyze
SOJESouthern Company (The) Series 2020C 4.20% Junior Subordinated Notes due October 15, 2060GoExchange traded debt$758,700,00009/23/2020SOUSAAnalyze
COF-KCapital One Financial Corporation ADRs of Fixed Rate Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred, Series KGoPreferred stocks$129,110,00009/21/2020COFUSAAnalyze
FRGAPFranchise Group, Inc. - 7.50% Series A Cumulative Perpetual PreferredGoPreferred stocks$30,420,00009/21/2020FRGUSAAnalyze
OFSSGOFS Capital Corporation - 6.25% Notes Due 2023GoExchange traded debt$25,470,00009/21/2020OFSUSAAnalyze
AFGEAmerican Financial Group, Inc. 4.500% Subordinated Debentures due 2060GoExchange traded debt$216,480,00009/18/2020AFGUSAAnalyze
FRC-KFIRST REPUBLIC BANK ADRs of 4.125% Noncumulative Perpetual Series K PreferredGoPreferred stocks$502,600,00009/17/2020FRCUSAAnalyze
MNSBPMainStreet Bancshares ADRs of 7.50% Series A Fixed-Rate Non-Cumulative PreferredGoPreferred stocks$27,380,00009/16/2020MNSBUSAAnalyze
QRTEPQurate Retail, Inc. - 8.0% Fixed Rate Cumulative Redeemable Preferred GoPreferred stocks$1,332,211,80009/11/2020QRTEAUSAAnalyze
SCCCSachem Capital Corp. 7.75% Notes due 2025GoExchange traded debt$13,494,00009/10/2020SACHUSAAnalyze
RILYLB. Riley Financial ADRs of Series B 7.375% Cumulative Perpetual Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$35,828,00009/08/2020RILYUSAAnalyze
DRH-ADiamondrock Hospitality Company 8.250% Series A Cumulative PreferredGoPreferred stocks$127,644,00009/03/2020DRHUSAAnalyze
CCNEPCNB Financial ADRs of 7.125% Series A Fixed- Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred GoPreferred stocks$56,763,00009/02/2020CCNEUSAAnalyze
OTRKPOntrak, Inc. - 9.50% Series A Cumulative Perpetual Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$41,888,00008/28/2020OTRKUSAAnalyze
AGM-FFederal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation 5.250% Non-Cumulative Preferred, Series FGoPreferred stocks$126,144,00008/26/2020AGMUSAAnalyze
KKR-CKKR & Co. Inc. 6.00% Series C Mandatory Convertible Preferred GoPreferred stocks$1,532,000,00008/21/2020KKRUSAAnalyze
PSA-MPublic Storage ADRs of a 4.125% Cumulative Preferred, Series MGoPreferred stocks$209,560,00008/20/2020PSAUSAAnalyze
SABRPSabre Corporation - 6.50% Series A Mandatory Convertible Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$478,470,00008/20/2020SABRUSAAnalyze
UZDUnited States Cellular Corporation 6.250% Senior Notes due 2069GoExchange traded debt$536,200,00008/19/2020USMUSAAnalyze
LEVLPLevel One Bancorp, Inc. ADRs of 7.50% Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred, Series BGoPreferred stocks$27,290,00008/18/2020LEVLUSAAnalyze
IIVIPII-VI Incorporated - 6.00% Series A Mandatory Convertible Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$508,400,00008/07/2020IIVIUSAAnalyze
TFC-RTruist Financial Corporation ADRs of 4.75% Series R Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred StockGoPreferred stocks$988,270,00008/07/2020TFCUSAAnalyze
WSBCPWesBanco, Inc. ADRs of 6.75% Fixed-Rate Reset Non-Cumulative Preferred, Series AGoPreferred stocks$167,580,00008/05/2020WSBCUSAAnalyze
NREF-ANexPoint Real Estate Finance, Inc. 8.50% Series A Cumulative Redeemable PreferredGoPreferred stocks$53,400,00007/27/2020NREFUSAAnalyze
ARGO-AArgo Group International ADRs of 7.00% Resettable Fixed Rate Preference Share, Series AGoPreferred stocks$163,890,00007/21/2020ARGOUSAAnalyze
CSSENChicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc. - 9.50% Notes due 2025GoExchange traded debt$22,344,00007/21/2020CSSEUSAAnalyze

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