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SymbolNameFeesLeverage FactorIndexCategory1Category2Market capAvg VolumeInception DateActions
ABEQAbsolute Core Strategy ETF0.85%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS EquityBroad Market$28,381,5003,80801/23/2020Analyze
ALTLPacer Lunt Large Cap Alternator ETF0.60%1.00Lunt Capital US Large Cap Equity Rotation Total Return IndexUS Equity Broad market$0006/25/2020Analyze
ARBAltShares Merger Arbitrage ETF0.75%1.00AlternativesOther$01,30005/07/2020Analyze
ARMRArmor US Equity Index ETF0.60%1.00Armor US Equity IndexUS Equity Broad market$2,680,6074,99702/11/2020Analyze
AWAYETFMG Travel Tech ETF0.00%1.00Prime Travel Technology IndexUS EquitySingle industry$5,519,62112,35502/13/2020Analyze
AZAAAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Apr ETF0.74%1.00n/a - OtherAlternativesOther$2,499,8481,00506/01/2020Analyze
AZALAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Jul ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0007/01/2020Analyze
AZBAAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Apr ETF0.74%1.00n/a - OtherAlternativesOther$2,499,84815306/01/2020Analyze
AZBLAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Jul ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0007/01/2020Analyze
BBMCJPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF0.07%1.00US EquityBroad market$7,232,77914104/15/2020Analyze
BETZRoundhill Sports Betting & iGaming ETF0.76%1.00Roundhill Sports Betting & iGaming IndexGlobal EquitySingle industry$0574,26806/04/2020Analyze
BFEBInnovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF - February0.00%1.00n/a - OtherAlternativesOther$39,325,00013,84002/03/2020Analyze
BKAGBNY Mellon Core Bond ETF0.00%1.00Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond IndexUS Fixed IncomeBroad market$27,663,1043,29904/24/2020Analyze
BKEMBNY Mellon Emerging Markets Equity ETF0.11%1.00Morningstar Emerging Markets Large Cap IndexGlobal Equity Emerging markets$29,042,3528504/24/2020Analyze
BKHYBNY Mellon High Yield Beta ETF0.22%1.00Bloomberg Barclays US Corporate High Yield Total Return IndexUS Fixed IncomeCorporate bonds$31,429,92431,17204/24/2020Analyze
BKIEBNY Mellon International Equity ETF0.04%1.00Morningstar Developed Markets ex-US Large Cap IndexGlobal Equity Developed markets ex-US$29,961,59415704/24/2020Analyze
BKLCBNY Mellon US Large Cap Core Equity ETF0.00%1.00Morningstar U.S. Large Cap IndexUS Equity Broad market$34,565,0484,11104/09/2020Analyze
BKMCBNY Mellon US Mid Cap Core Equity ETF0.04%1.00Morningstar U.S. Mid Cap IndexUS EquityBroad market$32,891,78859404/09/2020Analyze
BKSBBNY Mellon Short Duration Corporate Bond ETF0.06%1.00Bloomberg Barclays U.S. 1-5 Year Corporate Bond IndexUS Fixed Income Corporate bonds$28,025,5401,80004/24/2020Analyze
BKSEBNY Mellon US Small Cap Core Equity ETF0.04%1.00Morningstar U.S. Small Cap IndexUS Equity Broad market$36,741,68825104/09/2020Analyze
BMARInnovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF - March0.00%1.00n/a - AlternativesOther$22,448,2505,94403/02/2020Analyze
BMAYInnovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF - May0.00%1.00n/a - AlternativesOther$15,974,7854,31405/01/2020Analyze
BUYZFranklin Disruptive Commerce ETF0.50%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS EquityThematic$5,673,00012,53902/27/2020Analyze
CEFAGlobal X S&P Catholic Values Developed ex-U.S. ETF0.35%1.00S&P Developed Ex-U.S. Catholic Values IndexGlobal EquityDeveloped markets ex-US$0006/24/2020Analyze
CFCVClearBridge Focus Value ETF0.50%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Equity Broad market$2,594,67444205/28/2020Analyze
DEEDFirst Trust TCW Securitized Plus ETF0.65%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Fixed IncomeMortgage backed$25,476,72816904/30/2020Analyze
DEEPRoundhill Acquirers Deep Value ETF0.80%1.00Acquirers Deep Value IndexUS Equity Broad market$19,950,000006/22/2020Analyze
DFEBFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - February0.00%1.00n/a - OtherAlternativesOther$469,500,060121,41802/24/2020Analyze
DJUNFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - June0.00%1.00n/a - $0006/22/2020Analyze
DMAYFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - May0.00%1.00n/a - AlternativesOther$12,437,8265,70305/18/2020Analyze
DMXFiShares ESG Advanced MSCI EAFE ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0006/18/2020Analyze
DYHGDirexion Dynamic Hedge ETF0.57%1.00n/a - OtherAlternativesOther$0006/11/2020Analyze
EAOAiShares ESG Aware Aggressive Allocation ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0006/18/2020Analyze
EAOKiShares ESG Aware Conservative Allocation ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0006/18/2020Analyze
EAOMiShares ESG Aware Moderate Allocation ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0006/18/2020Analyze
EAORiShares ESG Aware Growth Allocation ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0006/18/2020Analyze
ECOZTrueMark ESG Active Opportunities ETF0.58%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS EquitySocially responsible$2,669,6332,91003/02/2020Analyze
EMBDGlobal X Emerging Markets Bond ETF0.39%1.00n/a - Actively managedGlobal Fixed IncomeEmerging markets$068,44806/03/2020Analyze
ESCRXtrackers Bloomberg Barclays US Investment Grade Corporate ESG ETF0.15%1.00 Bloomberg Barclays MSCI US Corporate Sustainability SRI Sector/Credit/Maturity Neutral IndexUS Fixed Income Corporate bonds$10,075,52264005/12/2020Analyze
ESEBXtrackers J.P. Morgan ESG Emerging Markets Sovereign ETF0.35%1.00J.P. Morgan ESG EMBI Global Diversified Sovereign IndexGlobal Fixed IncomeEmerging markets$15,176,02226,69805/12/2020Analyze
ESHYXtrackers J.P. Morgan ESG USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF0.20%1.00US Fixed IncomeCorporate bonds$18,715,0206,54005/12/2020Analyze
ESNGDirexion MSCI USA ESG - Leaders vs. Laggards ETF0.42%1.00AlternativesOther$13,072,55267202/05/2020Analyze
EUSBiShares ESG Advanced Total USD Bond Market ETF0.12%1.00Bloomberg Barclays MSCI US Universal Choice ESG Screened IndexUS Fixed Income Broad market$0006/25/2020Analyze
FBCGFidelity Blue Chip Growth ETF0.59%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Equity Broad market$078,83106/04/2020Analyze
FBCVFidelity Blue Chip Value ETF0.59%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Equity Broad market$021,22706/04/2020Analyze
FDGAmerican Century Focused Dynamic Growth ETF0.45%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Equity Broad market$18,039,18823,85804/02/2020Analyze
FFEBFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - February0.00%1.00n/a - OtherAlternativesOther$111,187,55927,98002/24/2020Analyze
FJUNFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - June0.00%1.00n/a - $0006/22/2020Analyze
FLGVFranklin Liberty U.S. Treasury Bond ETF0.09%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Fixed Income U.S. Treasury bonds$0006/11/2020Analyze
FLVAmerican Century Focused Large Cap Value ETF0.42%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Equity Broad market$14,587,1312,27304/02/2020Analyze
FLYTDirexion Flight to Safety Strategy ETF0.40%1.00n/a - Actively managedAsset AllocationUS$31,194,0522,34502/05/2020Analyze
FMAYFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - May0.00%1.00n/a - AlternativesOther$22,114,34416,82605/18/2020Analyze
FMILFidelity New Millennium ETF0.59%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Equity Broad market$019,46606/04/2020Analyze
GERMETFMG Treatments Testing and Advancements ETF0.68%1.00Prime Treatments, Testing and Advancements IndexUS Equity Single industry$0006/16/2020Analyze
GSEEGoldman Sachs MarketBeta Emerging Markets Equity ETF0.36%1.00Solactive GBS Emerging Markets Large & Mid Cap IndexGlobal EquityEmerging markets$40,635,94439,69205/15/2020Analyze
GSIDGoldman Sachs MarketBeta International Equity ETF0.20%1.00Global EquityDeveloped markets ex-US$21,054,01655,31405/15/2020Analyze
GSIGGolden Sachs ETF Trust Goldman Sachs Access Investment Grade Corporate 1-5 Year Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0007/09/2020Analyze
GSUSGoldman Sachs MarketBeta U.S. Equity ETF0.07%1.00US Equity Broad market$10,412,677252,53805/15/2020Analyze
HCRBHartford Core Bond ETF0.29%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Fixed IncomeBroad market$21,080,00023,91002/20/2020Analyze
HDIVQRAFT AI-Enhanced U.S. High Dividend ETF0.75%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Equity Broad market$2,879,9842,25202/27/2020Analyze
HELXFranklin Genomic Advancements ETF0.50%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS EquitySingle industry$3,244,0001,17902/27/2020Analyze
HIPRDirexion High Growth ETF0.40%1.00Russell 1000 Hyper Growth IndexUS Equity Broad market$0006/11/2020Analyze
HSMVFirst Trust Horizon Managed Volatility Small/Mid ETF0.80%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS EquityBroad market$2,407,25546,12004/07/2020Analyze
HYTRCP High Yield Trend ETF0.60%1.00US Fixed IncomeCorporate bonds$12,064,50049801/23/2020Analyze
IBDViShares iBonds Dec 2030 Term Corporate ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0006/25/2020Analyze
IBTAiShares iBonds Dec 2021 Term Treasury ETF0.07%1.00US Fixed Income U.S. treasury bonds$6,340,00030002/27/2020Analyze
IBTBiShares iBonds Dec 2022 Term Treasury ETF0.07%1.00US Fixed Income U.S. treasury bonds$3,838,50015902/27/2020Analyze
IBTDiShares iBonds Dec 2023 Term Treasury ETF0.07%1.00US Fixed Income U.S. treasury bonds$12,870,00015902/27/2020Analyze
IBTEiShares iBonds Dec 2024 Term Treasury ETF0.07%1.00US Fixed Income U.S. treasury bonds$11,695,50030002/27/2020Analyze
IBTFiShares iBonds Dec 2025 Term Treasury ETF0.07%1.00US Fixed Income U.S. treasury bonds$15,702,0004,00002/27/2020Analyze
IBTGiShares iBonds Dec 2026 Term Treasury ETF0.07%1.00US Fixed Income U.S. treasury bonds$19,687,5002,10002/27/2020Analyze
IBTHiShares iBonds Dec 2027 Term Treasury ETF0.07%1.00US Fixed Income U.S. treasury bonds$11,871,0006,60002/27/2020Analyze
IBTIiShares iBonds Dec 2028 Term Treasury ETF0.07%1.00US Fixed Income U.S. treasury bonds$13,275,0006,20002/27/2020Analyze
IBTJiShares iBonds Dec 2029 Term Treasury ETF0.07%1.00US Fixed Income U.S. treasury bonds$19,980,0009,30002/27/2020Analyze
IQMFranklin Intelligent Machines ETF0.50%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS EquityThematic$2,932,0001,17202/27/2020Analyze
JEPIJPMorgan Equity Premium Income ETF0.35%1.00n/a - Actively managedAlternativesOptions$20,455,79613,15505/21/2020Analyze
JIGJPMorgan International Growth ETF0.55%1.00n/a - Actively managedGlobal EquityGlobal ex-US$15,838,1426,35905/21/2020Analyze
JULZTrueShares Structured Outcome (July) ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0007/01/2020Analyze
KAPRInnovator Russell 2000 Power Buffer ETF -April0.00%1.00n/a - AlternativesOther$25,384,02823,21504/01/2020Analyze
KJULInnovator Russell 2000 Power Buffer ETF - July0.00%1.00n/a - $0007/01/2020Analyze
KOKUXtrackers MSCI Kokusai Equity ETF0.09%1.00MSCI Kokusai IndexGlobal EquityDeveloped markets$113,844,8726,97404/08/2020Analyze
LDEMiShares ESG MSCI EM Leaders ETF0.16%1.00MSCI EM Extended ESG Leaders 5% Issuer Capped Net IndexGlobal EquityEmerging markets$619,885,5007,36702/07/2020Analyze
LRNZTrueMark Technology, AI & Deep Learning ETF0.68%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS EquitySingle industry$5,521,57310,55903/02/2020Analyze
MARBFirst Trust Merger Arbitrage ETF1.94%1.00n/a - Actively managedAlternativesOther$1,949,0391,96102/05/2020Analyze
MRSKAgility Shares Managed Risk ETF0.96%1.00n/a - Actively managedAlternativesOther$0006/25/2020Analyze
MSVXLHA Market State Alpha Seeker ETF1.16%1.00n/a - Actively managedAlternativesOther$32,315,1848,76505/14/2020Analyze
NAPRInnovator Nasdaq-100 Power Buffer ETF - April0.00%1.00n/a - AlternativesOther$21,948,76013,56604/01/2020Analyze
NIFEDirexion Fallen Knives ETF0.50%1.00Indxx US Fallen Knives IndexUS Equity Broad market$0006/11/2020Analyze
NJULInnovator Nasdaq-100 Power Buffer ETF - July0.00%1.00n/a - $0007/01/2020Analyze
PALCPacer Lunt Large Cap Multi-Factor Alternator ETF0.60%1.00n/a - US Equity Broad market$0006/25/2020Analyze
PAMCPacer Lunt MidCap Multi-Factor Alternator ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0006/25/2020Analyze
PFEBInnovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF - February0.00%1.00n/a - OtherAlternativesOther$73,881,22464,91002/03/2020Analyze
PFFVGlobal X Variable Rate Preferred ETF0.25%1.00ICE U.S. Variable Rate Preferred Securities IndexSpecial Security TypesPreferred stock$0006/24/2020Analyze
PMARInnovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF - March0.00%1.00n/a - OtherAlternativesOther$73,782,50015,65903/02/2020Analyze
PMAYInnovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF - May0.00%1.00n/a - OtherAlternativesOther$88,810,75010,84405/01/2020Analyze
PQDIPrincipal Spectrum Tax-Advantaged Dividend Active ETF0.60%1.00n/a - Actively managedAsset AllocationUS $0006/17/2020Analyze
QMJDirexion S&P 500 High minus Low Quality ETF0.37%1.00S&P 500 150/50 Quality 0.30% Decrement IndexAlternatives Long/short equity$15,102,0502,06202/05/2020Analyze
SGOViShares 0-3 Month Treasury Bond ETF0.07%1.00ICE 0-3 Month US Treasury Securities IndexUS Fixed Income U.S. treasury bonds$10,002,000388,84705/28/2020Analyze
SIXA6 Meridian Mega Cap Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Equity Broad market$89,101,73616,73805/11/2020Analyze
SIXH6 Meridian Hedged Equity-Index Option Strategy ETF0.81%1.00n/a - Actively managedAlternativesOptions$168,533,15230,82005/11/2020Analyze
SIXL6 Meridian Low Beta Equity Strategy ETF0.84%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS EquityBroad Market$74,293,89613,07205/11/2020Analyze
SIXS6 Meridian Small Cap Equity ETF0.97%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Equity Broad market$19,026,7163,75105/11/2020Analyze
SMDYSyntax Stratified MidCap ETF0.30%1.00Syntax Stratified MidCap IndexUS EquityBroad market$2,598,97011001/17/2020Analyze
SNUGMerlyn.AI Tactical Growth & Income ETF0.75%1.00Asset AllocationUS$3,769,6432,27202/25/2020Analyze
SPQQSiren Large Cap Blend Index ETF0.20%1.00Siren Large Cap Blend IndexUS Equity Broad market$0007/01/2020Analyze
SQEWLeaderShares Equity Skew ETF0.75%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Equity Broad market$54,786,7285,09205/12/2020Analyze
SSLYSyntax Stratified SmallCap ETF0.30%1.00Syntax Stratified SmallCap IndexUS Equity Broad market$11,921,85514705/29/2020Analyze
SSUSDay Hagan/Ned Davis Research Smart Sector ETF0.78%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Equity Broad market$61,357,50028,82401/17/2020Analyze
STLCiShares Factors US Blend Style ETF0.25%1.00Russell US Large Cap Factors Blend Style IndexUS Equity Broad market$5,802,000604/16/2020Analyze
STLGiShares Factors US Growth Style ETF0.25%1.00Russell US Large Cap Factors Growth Style IndexUS Equity Broad market$5,272,0001,14301/16/2020Analyze
STLViShares Factors US Value Style ETF0.25%1.00Russell US Large Cap Factors Value Style IndexUS Equity Broad market$6,036,00018101/16/2020Analyze
STMBiShares Factors US Mid Blend Style ETF0.30%1.00Russell US Mid Cap Factors Blend Style IndexUS EquityBroad market$5,657,2177104/16/2020Analyze
STSBiShares Factors US Small Blend Style ETF0.35%1.00Russell US Small Cap Factors Blend Style IndexUS Equity Broad market$5,744,12911804/16/2020Analyze
TAAGTrend Aggregation Aggressive Growth ETF1.87%1.00n/a - Actively managedAlternatives Long/short equity$6,433,3102,14005/08/2020Analyze
TADSTrend Aggregation Dividend Stock ETF1.87%1.00n/a - Actively managedAlternatives Long/short equity$46,666,64010,14605/08/2020Analyze
TAEQTrend Aggregation U.S. ETF1.87%1.00n/a - Actively managedAsset AllocationUS$54,141,57212,62905/08/2020Analyze
TEGSTrend Aggregation ESG ETF1.87%1.00n/a - Actively managedAsset AllocationUS$17,558,8841,11305/08/2020Analyze
THNQROBO Global Artificial Intelligence ETF0.68%1.00ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence IndexGlobal Equity Single industry$2,687,8937,31605/11/2020Analyze
THYAgility Shares Dynamic Tactical Income ETF1.60%1.00n/a - Actively managedUS Fixed IncomeCorporate bonds$0006/25/2020Analyze
UFEBInnovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF - February0.00%1.00n/a - OtherAlternativesOther$32,515,50024,92502/03/2020Analyze
UMARInnovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF - March0.00%1.00n/a - OtherAlternativesOther$37,933,50012,40303/02/2020Analyze
UMAYInnovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF - May0.00%1.00n/a - AlternativesOther$9,785,5321,18905/01/2020Analyze
USXFiShares ESG Advanced MSCI USA ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0006/18/2020Analyze
VIRSPacer BioThreat Strategy ETF0.70%1.00LifeSci BioThreat Strategy IndexUS EquityThematic$0006/25/2020Analyze
WFHDirexion Work From Home ETF0.45%1.00Solactive Remote Work IndexUS EquityThematic$0006/25/2020Analyze
WUGIEsoterica NextG Economy ETF0.75%1.00n/a - Actively managedGlobal Equity Single industry$3,308,7204,50403/31/2020Analyze

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