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SymbolNameFeesLeverage FactorIndexCategory1Category2Market capAvg VolumeInception DateActions
AAPBGraniteShares 1.75x Long AAPL Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $788,3963,14508/09/2022Analyze
AAPDDirexion Daily AAPL Bear 1X Shares0.00%1.00n/a - $12,673,027186,55708/09/2022Analyze
AAPUDirexion Daily AAPL Bull 1.5X Shares0.00%1.00n/a - $8,256,02164,96208/09/2022Analyze
ADPVSeries Portfolios Trust Adaptiv Select ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,787,200011/04/2022Analyze
AGIHiShares U.S. ETF Trust iShares Inflation Hedged U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,474,840706/24/2022Analyze
AGRHiShares U.S. ETF Trust iShares Interest Rate Hedged U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,534,50022306/24/2022Analyze
AHOYTidal ETF Trust Newday Ocean Health ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,497,33066706/07/2022Analyze
AMIDArgent Mid Cap ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $27,138,98075008/17/2022Analyze
AMZDDirexion Daily AMZN Bear 1X Shares0.00%1.00n/a - $6,238,53141,11909/07/2022Analyze
AMZUDirexion Daily AMZN Bull 1.5X Shares0.00%1.00n/a - $6,743,066105,12509/07/2022Analyze
AOTGAOT Growth and Innovation ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $19,453,76096206/29/2022Analyze
APRTAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Apr ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $18,351,84050910/31/2022Analyze
APRWAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Apr ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $59,753,5405,28810/31/2022Analyze
AVGEAmerican Century ETF Trust Avantis All Equity Markets ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $49,559,25026,38509/29/2022Analyze
AVIEAmerican Century ETF Trust Avantis Inflation Focused Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $8,331,0228,59109/29/2022Analyze
AZTDTidal ETF Trust Aztlan Global Stock Selection DM SMID ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,112,5007,54408/19/2022Analyze
BBLUEA Series Trust EA Bridgeway Blue Chip ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $212,358,51061,49010/17/2022Analyze
BCDFListed Funds Trust Horizon Kinetics Blockchain Development ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,096,95075608/02/2022Analyze
BITIProShares Trust ProShares Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $121,482,0001,483,82806/21/2022Analyze
BKGIBNY Mellon ETF Trust BNY Mellon Global Infrastructure Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $11,129,228011/03/2022Analyze
BLLDJPMorgan Sustainable Infrastructure ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $10,778,9855509/08/2022Analyze
BNDISHP ETF Trust NEOS Enhanced Income Aggregate Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $975,5166608/30/2022Analyze
BPAYBlackRock ETF Trust BlackRock Future Financial and Technology ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,401,02015908/19/2022Analyze
BRLNBlackRock ETF Trust II BlackRock Floating Rate Loan ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $20,450,00030010/06/2022Analyze
BRNYBurney U.S. Factor Rotation ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $143,432,9106,17110/14/2022Analyze
BSCWInvesco BulletShares 2032 Corporate Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $6,123,00010,05209/08/2022Analyze
BSJUInvesco BulletShares 2030 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,000,2602,04309/08/2022Analyze
BUCKSimplify Exchange Traded Funds Simplify Stable Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,125,02514,57210/28/2022Analyze
BUFQFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII FT Cboe Vest Fund of Nasdaq-100 Buffer ETFs0.00%1.00n/a - $16,020,26843206/16/2022Analyze
BUYWNorthern Lights Fund Trust IV Main BuyWrite ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $165,120,00040,37409/12/2022Analyze
BWEBBitwise Funds Trust Bitwise Web3 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,624,6668710/04/2022Analyze
BYOBSoFi Be Your Own Boss ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,763,2501,65608/09/2022Analyze
CARYAngel Oak Funds Trust Angel Oak Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $20,175,000011/08/2022Analyze
CCSOCarbon Collective Climate Solutions U.S. Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $481,03323,04909/20/2022Analyze
CGMSCapital Group Fixed Income ETF Trust Capital Group U.S. Multi-Sector Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $57,680,92012,50810/27/2022Analyze
CGMUCapital Group Fixed Income ETF Trust Capital Group Municipal Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $39,592,35045,99110/27/2022Analyze
CGSDCapital Group Fixed Income ETF Trust Capital Group Short Duration Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $32,935,50023,60210/27/2022Analyze
CGVAffinity World Leaders Equity ETF Conductor Global Equity Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $92,865,720115,43708/01/2022Analyze
CIRCJPMorgan Sustainable Consumption ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $11,587,635209/08/2022Analyze
CLOIVanEck ETF Trust VanEck CLO ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $25,202,5004,02606/23/2022Analyze
CONLGraniteShares 1.5x Long Coinbase Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,218,607154,09008/09/2022Analyze
CPIITidal ETF Trust Ionic Inflation Protection ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $9,945,10026206/29/2022Analyze
CSHISHP ETF Trust NEOS Enhanced Income Cash Alternative ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,000,80093308/30/2022Analyze
DECTAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Dec ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0012/01/2022Analyze
DECWAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Dec ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0012/01/2022Analyze
DEFITeucrium Corn Fund Hashdex Bitcoin Futures ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,081,20140609/16/2022Analyze
DFSBDimensional ETF Trust Dimensional Global Sustainability Fixed Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $41,291,360011/16/2022Analyze
DFSEDimensional ETF Trust Dimensional Emerging Markets Sustainability Core 1 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $86,709,60057,89011/02/2022Analyze
DFSIDimensional ETF Trust Dimensional International Sustainability Core 1 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $85,559,40074,34811/02/2022Analyze
DFSUDimensional ETF Trust Dimensional US Sustainability Core 1 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $103,407,330131,09911/02/2022Analyze
DIEMFranklin Emerging Market Core Dividend Tilt Index ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $11,666,4002,29008/01/2022Analyze
DIVDAltrius Global Dividend ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,476,6001,45809/30/2022Analyze
DIVIFranklin International Core Dividend Tilt Index ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $54,599,0009,98408/01/2022Analyze
DRLLEA Series Trust Strive U.S. Energy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $410,564,000125,06308/09/2022Analyze
DSMCETF Series Solutions Distillate Small/Mid Cash Flow ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $11,424,68031610/06/2022Analyze
DTREFirst Trust Alerian Disruptive Technology Real Estate ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $26,738,94999810/03/2022Analyze
DVALBrandywineGLOBAL - Dynamic US Large Cap Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $185,072,08342,47210/31/2022Analyze
DVNDTouchstone ETF Trust Touchstone Dividend Select ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $28,979,72051708/04/2022Analyze
EFRAiShares Environmental Infrastructure and Industrials ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,417,872011/03/2022Analyze
EIPXFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund IV FT Energy Income Partners Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $82,680,041011/03/2022Analyze
EMCAEmerge EMPWR Sustainable Dividend Equity ETF Emerge EMPWR Sustainable Dividend Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $058509/08/2022Analyze
EMCHEmerge EMPWR Sustainable Dividend Equity ETF Emerge EMPWR Sustainable Emerging Markets Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0009/08/2022Analyze
EMGCEmerge EMPWR Sustainable Dividend Equity ETF Emerge EMPWR Sustainable Select Growth Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0009/09/2022Analyze
EMPWEmerge EMPWR Sustainable Dividend Equity ETF Emerge EMPWR Unified Sustainable Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0009/09/2022Analyze
EMZAEmerge EMPWR Sustainable Dividend Equity ETF Emerge EMPWR Sustainable Global Core Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0009/08/2022Analyze
ENRGSoFi Smart Energy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,224,0001,27208/09/2022Analyze
ERETiShares Environmentally Aware Real Estate ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $9,165,276011/17/2022Analyze
ETPAEcofin Digital Payments Infrastructure Fund0.00%1.00n/a - $6,286,2501,85907/15/2022Analyze
EVAVDirexion Shares ETF Trust Direxion Daily Electric and Autonomous Vehicles Bull 2X Shares0.00%1.00n/a - $3,122,95428,71708/11/2022Analyze
FDLSNorthern Lights Fund Trust IV Inspire Fidelis Multi Factor ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $46,890,00011,48408/26/2022Analyze
FDVFederated Hermes ETF Trust Federated Hermes U.S. Strategic Dividend ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,210,000011/16/2022Analyze
FGLDFranklin Templeton Holdings Trust Franklin Responsibly Sourced Gold ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $44,655,11525,25006/30/2022Analyze
FIAXTidal ETF Trust II Nicholas Fixed Income Alternative ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0011/30/2022Analyze
FLYDBank of Montreal MicroSectors Travel -3x Inverse Leveraged ETN0.00%1.00n/a - $67,064,420,7647,47806/22/2022Analyze
FLYUBank of Montreal MicroSectors Travel 3x Leveraged ETN0.00%1.00n/a - $67,064,420,7643,20906/22/2022Analyze
FTGSFirst Trust Growth Strength ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,107,7891,14010/26/2022Analyze
FYLGGlobal X Funds Global X Financials Covered Call & Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,521,380011/22/2022Analyze
GGLLDirexion Daily GOOGL Bull 1.5X Shares0.00%1.00n/a - $5,572,87226,53809/07/2022Analyze
GGLSDirexion Daily GOOGL Bear 1X Shares0.00%1.00n/a - $4,460,23311,22709/07/2022Analyze
GVLUTidal ETF Trust Gotham 1000 Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $46,026,6802,78306/08/2022Analyze
HAPIHarbor ETF Trust Harbor Corporate Culture ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $228,128,3005210/13/2022Analyze
HDUSLattice Strategies Trust Hartford Disciplined US Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,133,600011/17/2022Analyze
HFNDTidal ETF Trust Unlimited HFND Multi-Strategy Return Tracker ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $44,892,00039,42110/11/2022Analyze
HIDEEA Series Trust Alpha Architect High Inflation and Deflation ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,492,764011/17/2022Analyze
HIGHSimplify Exchange Traded Funds Simplify Enhanced Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,476,0255,90710/28/2022Analyze
HYGIiShares U.S. ETF Trust iShares Inflation Hedged High Yield Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,555,3602506/24/2022Analyze
HYGWiShares Trust iShares High Yield Corporate Bond BuyWrite Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $12,209,92512,67008/26/2022Analyze
HYLGGlobal X Funds Global X Health Care Covered Call & Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,567,260011/22/2022Analyze
IBDXiShares Trust iShares iBonds Dec 2032 Term Corporate ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $17,344,60012,79006/30/2022Analyze
IBITDefiance Daily Short Digitizing the Economy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $845,24765009/08/2022Analyze
IBRNiShares Trust iShares Neuroscience and Healthcare ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,333,30075708/26/2022Analyze
IBTMiShares iBonds Dec 2032 Term Treasury ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $13,062,50015,65307/08/2022Analyze
IDVOAmplify ETF Trust Amplify International Enhanced Dividend Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,039,6804,56609/08/2022Analyze
IGTRInnovator ETFs Trust Innovator Gradient Tactical Rotation Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $327,294,000011/17/2022Analyze
INCVanEck ETF Trust VanEck Dynamic High Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $532,420011/03/2022Analyze
INTLNorthern Lights Fund Trust IV Main International ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,069,080,651012/02/2022Analyze
IONProShares Trust ProShares S&P Global Core Battery Metals ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0012/01/2022Analyze
IQHIIQ MacKay Municipal Insured ETF IQ MacKay ESG High Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $25,960,00034110/25/2022Analyze
IQSMIndexIQ ETF Trust IQ Candriam ESG U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,580,000110/25/2022Analyze
IRHGGlobal X Funds Global X Interest Rate Hedge ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $03,06107/06/2022Analyze
IRVHGlobal X Funds Global X Interest Rate Volatility & Inflation Hedge ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,034,0964207/06/2022Analyze
IWFGIQ MacKay Municipal Insured ETF IQ Winslow Focused Large Cap Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,659,2201,38106/23/2022Analyze
IWLGIQ MacKay Municipal Insured ETF IQ Winslow Large Cap Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $13,737,0502,97306/23/2022Analyze
IWTRiShares MSCI Water Management Multisector ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,505,0609309/22/2022Analyze
JANTAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Jan ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $68,531,3087,55310/31/2022Analyze
JANWAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Jan ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $43,238,25012,13810/31/2022Analyze
JGROJ.P. Morgan Exchange-Traded Fund Trust JPMorgan Active Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $123,188,00041,25308/09/2022Analyze
JHDVJohn Hancock Exchange-Traded Fund Trust John Hancock U.S. High Dividend ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $6,301,17446009/28/2022Analyze
JUCYETF Series Solutions Aptus Enhanced Yield ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $107,992,35072,32911/01/2022Analyze
JULTAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Jul ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $50,444,97512,80210/31/2022Analyze
JULWAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Jul ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $130,387,02517,58610/31/2022Analyze
KARBETF Series Solutions Carbon Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $346,43036109/13/2022Analyze
KDIVKraneShares Trust KraneShares S&P Pan Asia Dividend Aristocrats Index ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,542,5001,43209/15/2022Analyze
KMETKraneShares Trust KraneShares Electrification Metals Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $22,023,76073210/13/2022Analyze
KPOPExchange Traded Concepts Trust KPOP and Korean Entertainment ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,711,0721,35009/01/2022Analyze
LCFTouchstone ETF Trust Touchstone US Large Cap Focused ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $25,506,500007/29/2022Analyze
LCLGAdvisors Series Trust Logan Capital Broad Innovative Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $46,661,96840208/08/2022Analyze
LONZPIMCO U.S. Treasury Index Fund PIMCO Senior Loan Active Exchange-Traded Fund0.00%1.00n/a - $125,568,00025,63706/09/2022Analyze
LQDWiShares Trust iShares Investment Grade Corporate Bond BuyWrite Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $14,312,0006,77808/26/2022Analyze
MAXISimplify Bitcoin Strategy PLUS Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,453,3082309/30/2022Analyze
MCHMatthews International Funds Matthews China Active ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,080,00094307/14/2022Analyze
MCSEMartin Currie Sustainable International Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $34,998,41313,67110/31/2022Analyze
MEDIHarbor ETF Trust Harbor Health Care ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,609,875011/17/2022Analyze
MEMMatthews International Funds Matthews Emerging Markets Equity Active ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,503,1607,49807/14/2022Analyze
MINVMatthews International Funds Matthews Asia Innovators Active ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $27,071,00073,53507/14/2022Analyze
MISLFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund First Trust Indxx Aerospace & Defense ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,223,5641,66910/26/2022Analyze
MMSBIQ MacKay Municipal Insured ETF IQ MacKay Multi-Sector Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $24,030,6002007/26/2022Analyze
MODLVictoryShares WestEnd U.S. Sector ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $147,117,8702,27310/12/2022Analyze
MSFDDirexion Daily MSFT Bear 1X Shares0.00%1.00n/a - $4,190,32920,54909/07/2022Analyze
MSFUDirexion Daily MSFT Bull 1.5X Shares0.00%1.00n/a - $3,694,19516,86909/07/2022Analyze
MSOXAdvisorShares Trust AdvisorShares MSOS 2x Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $8,577,68869,09308/26/2022Analyze
NBCMNeuberger Berman ETF Trust Neuberger Berman Commodity Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $223,574,44083,32410/24/2022Analyze
NDIVAmplify ETF Trust Amplify Natural Resources Dividend Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,029,1552,74008/26/2022Analyze
NIWMUnified Series Trust NightShares 2000 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,184,7501,54106/28/2022Analyze
NKELAXS 2X NKE Bull Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,114,6001,41207/14/2022Analyze
NKEQAXS 2X NKE Bear Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,465,3402,21207/14/2022Analyze
NOPETidal ETF Trust Noble Absolute Return ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $20,215,000130,15109/29/2022Analyze
NSPLUnified Series Trust NightShares 500 1x/1.5x ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,528,6253,16510/06/2022Analyze
NSPYUnified Series Trust NightShares 500 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,832,5251,85406/28/2022Analyze
NVBTAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Nov ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $11,084,00033,83011/01/2022Analyze
NVBWAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Nov ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $31,527,09061,11311/01/2022Analyze
NVDSAXS 1.25X NVDA Bear Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,531,86055,31507/14/2022Analyze
NXTEInvestment Managers Series Trust II AXS Green Alpha ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $56,405,1508,50309/29/2022Analyze
OAEMUnified Series Trust OneAscent Emerging Markets ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $03,32209/15/2022Analyze
OAIMUnified Series Trust OneAscent International Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $09,47609/15/2022Analyze
OARKTidal ETF Trust II YieldMax ARKK Option Income Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $522,815011/23/2022Analyze
OBILUS Treasury 12 Month Bill ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,510,450011/15/2022Analyze
OCTTAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Oct ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $67,928,8287,43210/31/2022Analyze
OCTWAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Oct ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $162,017,50023,07510/31/2022Analyze
OSEAHarbor ETF Trust Harbor International Compounders ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,379,15883909/08/2022Analyze
PBDCPutnam ETF Trust Putnam BDC Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,794,4401,52009/30/2022Analyze
PFELAXS 2X PFE Bull Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,112,41085007/14/2022Analyze
PFESAXS 2X PFE Bear Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,240,36041107/14/2022Analyze
PPTidal ETF Trust II The Meet Kevin Pricing Power ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0011/29/2022Analyze
PYPSAXS 1.5X PYPL Bear Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,428,0001,72907/14/2022Analyze
PYPTAXS 1.5X PYPL Bull Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,342,1601,75007/14/2022Analyze
QQQSInvesco NASDAQ Future Gen 200 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,782,5936,18110/13/2022Analyze
RATEGlobal X Funds Global X Interest Rate Hedge ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,693,742011/14/2022Analyze
RBLDFirst Trust Alerian US NextGen Infrastructure ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,542,43119308/01/2022Analyze
RDVIFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund IV FT Cboe Vest Rising Dividend Achievers Target Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $6,752,29522,42610/20/2022Analyze
RENWHarbor ETF Trust Harbor Energy Transition Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $23,506,42534907/14/2022Analyze
RNEWVanEck Green Infrastructure ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,393,1251,86810/20/2022Analyze
RVRBAdvisors Series Trust Reverb ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0011/04/2022Analyze
RYLGGlobal X Funds Global X Russell 2000 Covered Call & Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,686,87048210/05/2022Analyze
SCMBSchwab Strategic Trust Schwab Municipal Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $43,928,00032,18210/12/2022Analyze
SDGSTidal ETF Trust Newday Sustainable Development Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,511,47530509/13/2022Analyze
SDSIAmerican Century Short Duration Strategic Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $30,501,0002,33910/13/2022Analyze
SESGSprott ESG Gold ETF Units of Beneficial Interest0.00%1.00n/a - $12,606,40542108/02/2022Analyze
SFLRInnovator ETFs Trust Innovator Equity Managed Floor ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,158,090011/09/2022Analyze
SHDGTrust For Advised Portfolios Soundwatch Hedged Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $023,18610/24/2022Analyze
SHOCEA Series Trust Strive U.S. Semiconductor ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $11,193,00011,02210/06/2022Analyze
SHPPPacer Funds Pacer Industrials and Logistics ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $978,4681,38106/09/2022Analyze
SIOTouchstone ETF Trust Touchstone Strategic Income Opportunities ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $99,574,4009,55007/25/2022Analyze
SMOTVanEck ETF Trust VanEck Morningstar SMID Moat ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $14,260,6509,96910/06/2022Analyze
SNPDDBX ETF Trust Xtrackers S&P ESG Dividend Aristocrats ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,285,146011/09/2022Analyze
SNPGDBX ETF Trust Xtrackers S&P 500 Growth ESG ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,412,887011/09/2022Analyze
SNPVDBX ETF Trust Xtrackers S&P ESG Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,251,926011/09/2022Analyze
SPCZListed Funds Trust RiverNorth Enhanced Pre-Merger SPAC ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,809,2501107/12/2022Analyze
SPKXConvexityShares Trust ConvexityShares 1x SPIKES Futures ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,228,0006,74008/17/2022Analyze
SPKYConvexityShares Trust ConvexityShares Daily 1.5x SPIKES Futures ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,051,92052808/17/2022Analyze
SPYISHP ETF Trust NEOS S&P 500 High Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,912,1122,45008/30/2022Analyze
SRHQElevation Series Trust SRH U.S. Quality ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $103,652,17013,43410/05/2022Analyze
SSXUStrategy Shares Day Hagan/Ned Davis Research Smart Sector International ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $9,089,4651,58107/01/2022Analyze
STCESchwab Strategic Trust Schwab Crypto Thematic ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,211,5606,04308/04/2022Analyze
STRVEA Series Trust Strive 500 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $85,442,28084,75309/15/2022Analyze
STXDStrive 1000 Dividend Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,662,320011/10/2022Analyze
STXGStrive 1000 Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,704,540011/10/2022Analyze
STXKStrive 2000 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,616,480011/10/2022Analyze
STXVStrive 1000 Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,606,200011/10/2022Analyze
SUREAdvisorShares Insider Advantage ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $52,069,19210809/01/2022Analyze
SYNBPutnam ETF Trust Putnam BioRevolution ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,478,100509/30/2022Analyze
TAFIAB Active ETFs, Inc. AB Tax-Aware Short Duration Municipal ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $45,000,00089,69909/14/2022Analyze
TBILUS Treasury 3 Month Bill ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $169,592,00096,68108/09/2022Analyze
TFLRT. Rowe Price Exchange-Traded Funds, Inc. T. Rowe Price Floating Rate ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $21,245,453011/17/2022Analyze
TGNInvestment Managers Series Trust II AXS Brendan Wood TopGun Index ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,134,040011/10/2022Analyze
THLVTHOR Financial Technologies Trust THOR Low Volatility ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $88,864,030112,49809/13/2022Analyze
THYFT. Rowe Price Exchange-Traded Funds, Inc. T. Rowe Price U.S. High Yield ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $21,990,05339810/26/2022Analyze
TLTWiShares Trust iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond BuyWrite Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $25,599,75016,76608/26/2022Analyze
TRFKPacer Funds Pacer Data and Digital Revolution ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $961,00873406/09/2022Analyze
TRFMETF Series Solutions AAM Transformers ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,129,5008,14107/12/2022Analyze
TSLGraniteShares 1.25x Long Tesla Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $729,5151,00808/09/2022Analyze
TSLHInnovator ETFs Trust Innovator Hedged TSLA Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,259,88025807/26/2022Analyze
TSLIGraniteShares 1x Short TSLA Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $676,3806,73708/09/2022Analyze
TSLLDirexion Daily TSLA Bull 1.5X Shares0.00%1.00n/a - $128,777,2632,694,96508/09/2022Analyze
TSLQAXS TSLA Bear Daily ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $54,070,0001,045,56607/14/2022Analyze
TSLSDirexion Daily TSLA Bear 1X Shares0.00%1.00n/a - $17,844,784340,60508/09/2022Analyze
TSLYTidal ETF Trust II YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $539,053011/23/2022Analyze
TSMEThrivent ETF Trust Thrivent Small-Mid Cap ESG ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $043,63710/05/2022Analyze
TUASimplify Exchange Traded Funds Simplify Short Term Treasury Futures Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $22,146,275011/15/2022Analyze
TUSITouchstone ETF Trust Touchstone Ultra Short Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $52,143,00013608/08/2022Analyze
TWEBSoFi Web 3 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $731,18044608/09/2022Analyze
TYLGGlobal X Funds Global X Information Technology Covered Call & Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,557,850011/22/2022Analyze
UDIUSCF ETF Trust USCF Dividend Income Fund0.00%1.00n/a - $5,892,9535106/08/2022Analyze
UDIVFranklin U.S. Core Dividend Tilt Index ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $30,764,3258,78508/01/2022Analyze
UPWDJPMorgan Social Advancement ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $11,587,208109/08/2022Analyze
USNZDBX ETF Trust Xtrackers Net Zero Pathway Paris Aligned US Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $80,927,3861,61306/28/2022Analyze
USPXFranklin U.S. Equity Index ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $635,548,4506,16608/01/2022Analyze
UTENUS Treasury 10 Year Note ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $9,342,02010,84508/09/2022Analyze
UTWOUS Treasury 2 Year Note ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $147,135,00066,42408/09/2022Analyze
UYLDAngel Oak Funds Trust Angel Oak UltraShort Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $40,140,0005,53210/25/2022Analyze
VMATManaged Portfolio Series V-Shares MSCI World ESG Materiality and Carbon Transition ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,427,0201406/09/2022Analyze
XCWisdomTree Trust WisdomTree Emerging Markets Ex-China Fund0.00%1.00n/a - $15,768,4803,46309/22/2022Analyze
XCORFundX Investment Trust FundX ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $156,637,8559,23410/17/2022Analyze
XEMDBondBloxx ETF Trust BondBloxx JP Morgan USD Emerging Markets 1-10 Year Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $180,384,75570806/30/2022Analyze
XFIVBondBloxx ETF Trust BondBloxx Bloomberg Five Year Target Duration US Treasury ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $20,842,41614309/15/2022Analyze
XHLFBondBloxx ETF Trust BondBloxx Bloomberg Six Month Target Duration US Treasury ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $73,544,10033,51509/15/2022Analyze
XNAVFundX Investment Trust FundX Aggressive ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $28,356,3881,19710/17/2022Analyze
XONEBondBloxx ETF Trust BondBloxx Bloomberg One Year Target Duration US Treasury ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $40,301,550454,49609/15/2022Analyze
XSEPFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Enhance & Moderate Buffer ETF - September0.00%1.00n/a - $177,122,478266,27909/22/2022Analyze
XSVNBondBloxx ETF Trust BondBloxx Bloomberg Seven Year Target Duration US Treasury ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $21,780,57214809/15/2022Analyze
XTENBondBloxx ETF Trust BondBloxx Bloomberg Ten Year Target Duration US Treasury ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $21,224,32733209/15/2022Analyze
XTREBondBloxx ETF Trust BondBloxx Bloomberg Three Year Target Duration US Treasury ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $20,852,4124809/15/2022Analyze
XTWOBondBloxx ETF Trust BondBloxx Bloomberg Two Year Target Duration US Treasury ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $36,715,1001,04709/15/2022Analyze
XTWYBondBloxx ETF Trust BondBloxx Bloomberg Twenty Year Target Duration US Treasury ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $21,397,90423809/15/2022Analyze
XUSPInnovator ETFs Trust Innovator Uncapped Accelerated U.S. Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $6,494,9006,04508/11/2022Analyze
YALLTidal ETF Trust God Bless America ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $27,744,00035,71910/11/2022Analyze
YEARAB Active ETFs, Inc. AB Ultra Short Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $149,664,00010,69909/14/2022Analyze

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