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SymbolNameFeesLeverage FactorIndexCategory1Category2Market capAvg VolumeInception DateActions
ADPVSeries Portfolios Trust Adaptiv Select ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $44,193,20023,44411/04/2022Analyze
APRTAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Apr ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $18,623,21587510/31/2022Analyze
APRWAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Apr ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $75,679,96011,38310/31/2022Analyze
ARPThe Advisors? Inner Circle Fund II PMV Adaptive Risk Parity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $24,819,000119,35712/22/2022Analyze
AVGEAmerican Century ETF Trust Avantis All Equity Markets ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $138,508,22540,35309/29/2022Analyze
AVIEAmerican Century ETF Trust Avantis Inflation Focused Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $24,371,9504,05909/29/2022Analyze
AWEGThe Alger ETF Trust Alger Weatherbie Enduring Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,323,213003/07/2023Analyze
BBAGJPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,549,121,25377,69302/01/2023Analyze
BBCBJPMorgan BetaBuilders USD Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $45,724,30012302/01/2023Analyze
BBHYJPMorgan BetaBuilders USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $313,170,000306,39002/01/2023Analyze
BBLUEA Series Trust EA Bridgeway Blue Chip ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $118,137,66061,39110/17/2022Analyze
BEMBiShares Trust iShares J.P. Morgan Broad USD Emerging Markets Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $40,784,080002/24/2023Analyze
BITCBitwise Funds Trust Bitwise Bitcoin Strategy Optimum Roll ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0003/21/2023Analyze
BKGIBNY Mellon ETF Trust BNY Mellon Global Infrastructure Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $10,715,66746611/03/2022Analyze
BOXXEA Series Trust Alpha Architect 1-3 Month Box ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $129,453,0565,43212/21/2022Analyze
BRLNBlackRock ETF Trust II BlackRock Floating Rate Loan ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $20,540,00030010/06/2022Analyze
BRNYBurney U.S. Factor Rotation ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $144,482,24012,04710/14/2022Analyze
BSMWInvesco BulletShares 2032 Municipal Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,077,000003/01/2023Analyze
BUCKSimplify Exchange Traded Funds Simplify Stable Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $11,936,77514,57210/28/2022Analyze
BWEBBitwise Funds Trust Bitwise Web3 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $675,34610810/04/2022Analyze
CAMXThe Advisors? Inner Circle Fund Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $44,603,2342,46602/13/2023Analyze
CAOSEA Series Trust Alpha Architect Tail Risk ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $124,472,095003/06/2023Analyze
CARYAngel Oak Funds Trust Angel Oak Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $33,470,25016,82011/08/2022Analyze
CDEIMorgan Stanley ETF Trust Calvert US Large-Cap Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Index ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $22,628,970602/01/2023Analyze
CGMSCapital Group Fixed Income ETF Trust Capital Group U.S. Multi-Sector Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $99,487,80031,49410/27/2022Analyze
CGMUCapital Group Fixed Income ETF Trust Capital Group Municipal Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $109,224,00075,04410/27/2022Analyze
CGSDCapital Group Fixed Income ETF Trust Capital Group Short Duration Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $200,772,00095,12510/27/2022Analyze
CHRGThe RBB Fund Trust Element EV, Solar & Battery Materials (Lithium, Nickel, Copper, Cobalt) Futures Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,813,2882,37412/29/2022Analyze
CLOABlackRock AAA CLO ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $30,096,0004,26101/12/2023Analyze
CLOZSeries Portfolios Trust Panagram BBB-B CLO ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $67,540,5002,72001/24/2023Analyze
COWGPacer US Large Cap Cash Cows Growth Leaders ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,931,9203,62512/22/2022Analyze
CVIEMorgan Stanley ETF Trust Calvert International Responsible Index ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $19,359,56077302/01/2023Analyze
CVLCMorgan Stanley ETF Trust Calvert US Large-Cap Core Responsible Index ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $81,292,77216,02102/01/2023Analyze
CVMCMorgan Stanley ETF Trust Calvert US Mid-Cap Core Responsible Index ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $20,964,9608002/01/2023Analyze
CVSBMorgan Stanley ETF Trust Calvert Ultra-Short Investment Grade ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $27,546,7505,12002/01/2023Analyze
CVSEMorgan Stanley ETF Trust Calvert US Select Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $20,863,7291102/01/2023Analyze
DECTAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Dec ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $24,050,81374,22712/01/2022Analyze
DECWAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Dec ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $113,704,500299,14612/01/2022Analyze
DFGRDimensional ETF Trust Dimensional Global Real Estate ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $310,486,040142,34312/07/2022Analyze
DFLVDimensional ETF Trust Dimensional US Large Cap Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $384,908,000883,73312/07/2022Analyze
DFSBDimensional ETF Trust Dimensional Global Sustainability Fixed Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $119,384,95026,36311/16/2022Analyze
DFSEDimensional ETF Trust Dimensional Emerging Markets Sustainability Core 1 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $125,732,00046,84611/02/2022Analyze
DFSIDimensional ETF Trust Dimensional International Sustainability Core 1 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $165,015,00089,50911/02/2022Analyze
DFSUDimensional ETF Trust Dimensional US Sustainability Core 1 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $335,098,00075,12611/02/2022Analyze
DIPETF Series Solutions BTD Capital Fund0.00%1.00n/a - $1,646,1762,10212/13/2022Analyze
DIVDAltrius Global Dividend ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,251,0001,24209/30/2022Analyze
DKRBSeries Portfolios Trust Subversive Decarbonization ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $608,33513612/22/2022Analyze
DSMCETF Series Solutions Distillate Small/Mid Cash Flow ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $17,017,7505,84710/06/2022Analyze
DTREFirst Trust Alerian Disruptive Technology Real Estate ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $24,374,7522,79110/03/2022Analyze
DULLBank Of Montreal MicroSectors Gold -3X Inverse Leveraged ETNs due January 29, 20430.00%1.00n/a - $60,170,513,13286502/22/2023Analyze
DVALBrandywineGLOBAL - Dynamic US Large Cap Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $150,937,28414,41710/31/2022Analyze
EFRAiShares Environmental Infrastructure and Industrials ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,192,00097811/03/2022Analyze
EGUSiShares Trust iShares ESG Aware MSCI USA Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,148,60810002/02/2023Analyze
EIPXFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund IV FT Energy Income Partners Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $110,258,03871,85711/03/2022Analyze
EMDMFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund II First Trust Bloomberg Emerging Market Democracies ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $985,989003/03/2023Analyze
ENAVCollaborative Investment Series Trust Mohr Sector Navigator ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $18,825,370828,84101/11/2023Analyze
EQTYValued Advisers Trust Kovitz Core Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $761,838,000311,34012/12/2022Analyze
ERETiShares Environmentally Aware Real Estate ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,667,74016911/17/2022Analyze
EVUSiShares Trust iShares ESG Aware MSCI USA Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,682,97652402/02/2023Analyze
FCUSTidal ETF Trust II Pinnacle Focused Opportunities ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $6,184,1101,55212/30/2022Analyze
FDVFederated Hermes ETF Trust Federated Hermes U.S. Strategic Dividend ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $44,387,04021,25111/16/2022Analyze
FEBTAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Feb ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $31,932,810132,39802/01/2023Analyze
FEBWAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Feb ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $51,377,000104,51602/01/2023Analyze
FIAXTidal ETF Trust II Nicholas Fixed Income Alternative ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $32,072,16036,21311/30/2022Analyze
FIXTProcure Disaster Recovery Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $623,993302/15/2023Analyze
FTBDFidelity Merrimack Street Trust Fidelity Tactical Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $14,886,0001,11301/26/2023Analyze
FTGSFirst Trust Growth Strength ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,151,98390610/26/2022Analyze
FTIFFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund First Trust Bloomberg Inflation Sensitive Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $946,538003/14/2023Analyze
FUSIAmerican Century ETF Trust American Century Multisector Floating Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $20,082,000003/16/2023Analyze
FWDAB Active ETFs, Inc. AB Disruptors ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0003/22/2023Analyze
FYLGGlobal X Funds Global X Financials Covered Call & Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,193,4708211/22/2022Analyze
GCADGabelli ETFs Trust Gabelli Equity Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,482,4511,05001/04/2023Analyze
GDEFGoldman Sachs ETF Trust Goldman Sachs Defensive Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $8,416,9604101/23/2023Analyze
GFEBFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Moderate Buffer ETF - February0.00%1.00n/a - $167,013,058145,99302/21/2023Analyze
GJANFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Moderate Buffer ETF - January0.00%1.00n/a - $168,109,56195,29401/23/2023Analyze
GLOFiShares Global Equity Factor ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $117,293,760003/01/2023Analyze
GMARFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Moderate Buffer ETF - March0.00%1.00n/a - $44,820,060003/20/2023Analyze
GMUNGoldman Sachs ETF Trust Goldman Sachs Community Municipal Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $20,263,280003/09/2023Analyze
HAPIHarbor ETF Trust Harbor Corporate Culture ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $226,656,2335,62310/13/2022Analyze
HDUSLattice Strategies Trust Hartford Disciplined US Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,960,1801111/17/2022Analyze
HFNDTidal ETF Trust Unlimited HFND Multi-Strategy Return Tracker ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $67,201,00040,34410/11/2022Analyze
HIDEEA Series Trust Alpha Architect High Inflation and Deflation ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $14,535,9001,64211/17/2022Analyze
HIDVAB Active ETFs, Inc. AB US High Dividend ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0003/22/2023Analyze
HIGHSimplify Exchange Traded Funds Simplify Enhanced Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,674,5484,52010/28/2022Analyze
HIYSInvesco Actively Managed Exchange-Traded Fund Trus Invesco High Yield Select ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $9,900,720012/09/2022Analyze
HYLGGlobal X Funds Global X Health Care Covered Call & Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,375,36036211/22/2022Analyze
ICLOInvesco Actively Managed Exchange-Traded Fund Trus Invesco AAA CLO Floating Rate Note ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $30,474,0006712/09/2022Analyze
IGTRInnovator ETFs Trust Innovator Gradient Tactical Rotation Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $274,254,0001,045,47811/17/2022Analyze
IMSIInvesco Actively Managed Exchange-Traded Fund Trus Invesco Municipal Strategic Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $30,011,5206312/09/2022Analyze
INCVanEck ETF Trust VanEck Dynamic High Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $507,78069111/03/2022Analyze
INTLNorthern Lights Fund Trust IV Main International ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $063,69112/02/2022Analyze
IONProShares Trust ProShares S&P Global Core Battery Metals ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,584,42063012/01/2022Analyze
IQHIIQ MacKay Municipal Insured ETF IQ MacKay ESG High Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $25,640,00046010/25/2022Analyze
IQSMIndexIQ ETF Trust IQ Candriam ESG U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,150,28019210/25/2022Analyze
ISDBInvesco Actively Managed Exchange-Traded Fund Trus Invesco Short Duration Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $9,979,5602512/09/2022Analyze
IVRSiShares Trust iShares Future Metaverse Tech and Communications ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,174,1001,16202/16/2023Analyze
JANTAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Jan ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $76,415,04015,01310/31/2022Analyze
JANWAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Jan ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $100,362,87040,82710/31/2022Analyze
JCHIJ.P. Morgan Exchange-Traded Fund Trust JPMorgan Active China ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $10,065,000003/16/2023Analyze
JHIDJohn Hancock Exchange-Traded Fund Trust John Hancock International High Dividend ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,969,4432212/21/2022Analyze
JPSVJ.P. Morgan Exchange-Traded Fund Trust JPMorgan Active Small Cap Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $9,925,024003/08/2023Analyze
JUCYETF Series Solutions Aptus Enhanced Yield ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $278,349,50072,32911/01/2022Analyze
JULTAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Jul ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $54,655,56313,47810/31/2022Analyze
JULWAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Jul ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $126,624,66016,30610/31/2022Analyze
KCALSeries Portfolios Trust Subversive Food Security ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $586,47076812/22/2022Analyze
KLIPKraneShares Trust KraneShares China Internet and Covered Call Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,403,90015,13001/12/2023Analyze
KMETKraneShares Trust KraneShares Electrification Metals Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $22,915,1702,75510/13/2022Analyze
KRUZSeries Portfolios Trust Unusual Whales Subversive Republican Trading ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,648,40034,52202/07/2023Analyze
LALTFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII First Trust Multi-Strategy Alternative ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $991,0402502/01/2023Analyze
LJIMNorthern Lights Fund Trust IV Long Cramer Tracker ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $969,124003/02/2023Analyze
LOWVAB Active ETFs, Inc. AB US Low Volatility Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0003/22/2023Analyze
MARTAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Mar ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,497,150003/01/2023Analyze
MARWAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Mar ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $25,102,200003/01/2023Analyze
MAXISimplify Bitcoin Strategy PLUS Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $23,611,51742,70709/30/2022Analyze
MCSEMartin Currie Sustainable International Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $32,949,26710,38610/31/2022Analyze
MEDIHarbor ETF Trust Harbor Health Care ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,496,2031911/17/2022Analyze
MEDXHorizon Kinetics Medical ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $17,380,860001/30/2023Analyze
MEMXMatthews International Funds Matthews Emerging Markets ex China Active ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,869,3803,66801/11/2023Analyze
MISLFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund First Trust Indxx Aerospace & Defense ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $15,144,7532,71410/26/2022Analyze
MODLVictoryShares WestEnd U.S. Sector ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $149,490,3602,27310/12/2022Analyze
MOREASYMmetric ETFs Trust ASYMmetric Smart Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $639,5402,605,96702/01/2023Analyze
NANCSeries Portfolios Trust Unusual Whales Subversive Democratic Trading ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $6,684,86537,96102/07/2023Analyze
NBCMNeuberger Berman ETF Trust Neuberger Berman Commodity Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $281,491,84678,28910/24/2022Analyze
NIKLSprott Nickel Miners ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,452,367003/22/2023Analyze
NOPETidal ETF Trust Noble Absolute Return ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $36,171,500211,09209/29/2022Analyze
NSPLUnified Series Trust NightShares 500 1x/1.5x ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $14,596,9882,34010/06/2022Analyze
NVBTAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Nov ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $17,398,32818,46411/01/2022Analyze
NVBWAIM ETF Products Trust AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Nov ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $35,570,56316,06711/01/2022Analyze
NVIRListed Funds Trust Horizon Kinetics Energy and Remediation ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,276,86097902/22/2023Analyze
NXTEInvestment Managers Series Trust II AXS Green Alpha ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $66,396,00011,86409/29/2022Analyze
OAIAListed Funds Trust Teucrium AiLA Long-Short Agriculture Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,036,3589,15112/20/2022Analyze
OARKTidal ETF Trust II YieldMax ARKK Option Income Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,187,00020511/23/2022Analyze
OBILUS Treasury 12 Month Bill ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $68,080,50013,61211/15/2022Analyze
OCTTAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Oct ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $65,710,8006,59710/31/2022Analyze
OCTWAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Oct ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $150,649,80028,46110/31/2022Analyze
PBDCPutnam ETF Trust Putnam BDC Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $27,339,10086209/30/2022Analyze
PBLPGIM ETF Trust PGIM Portfolio Ballast ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $25,520,45610312/14/2022Analyze
PCRBPutnam ETF Trust Putnam ESG Core Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $464,413,170001/20/2023Analyze
PHYDPutnam ETF Trust Putnam ESG High Yield ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $103,194,000289,18701/20/2023Analyze
PITVanEck ETF Trust VanEck Commodity Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $27,946,8001,46512/22/2022Analyze
PJFGPGIM ETF Trust PGIM Jennison Focused Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $46,425,045112/14/2022Analyze
PJFVPGIM ETF Trust PGIM Jennison Focused Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $9,928,905112/14/2022Analyze
PPTidal ETF Trust II The Meet Kevin Pricing Power ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $20,997,50066,14011/29/2022Analyze
PPEMPutnam ETF Trust Putnam PanAgora ESG Emerging Markets Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $19,266,300001/20/2023Analyze
PPIEPutnam ETF Trust Putnam PanAgora ESG International Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $125,592,320001/20/2023Analyze
PRFDPIMCO U.S. Treasury Index Fund PIMCO Preferred and Capital Securities Active Exchange-Traded Fund0.00%1.00n/a - $45,955,0004,57501/19/2023Analyze
PULTPutnam ETF Trust Putnam ESG Ultra Short ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $120,192,0001,44301/20/2023Analyze
QGRWWisdomTree Trust WisdomTree U.S. Quality Growth Fund0.00%1.00n/a - $2,755,10019,63112/15/2022Analyze
QQQSInvesco NASDAQ Future Gen 200 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,818,6005,18910/13/2022Analyze
QVOYQ3 All-Season Active Rotation ETF Q3 All-Season Active Rotation ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $53,461,9809,61012/07/2022Analyze
QYLEGlobal X Nasdaq 100 ESG Covered Call ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,543,810002/22/2023Analyze
RATEGlobal X Funds Global X Interest Rate Hedge ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,090,46490411/14/2022Analyze
RDVIFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund IV FT Cboe Vest Rising Dividend Achievers Target Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $58,938,04122,42610/20/2022Analyze
RNEWVanEck Green Infrastructure ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,220,06090410/20/2022Analyze
RNWZListed Funds Trust TrueShares Eagle Global Renewable Energy Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,347,4208,09212/09/2022Analyze
RSBTReturn Stacked Bonds & Managed Futures ETF Return Stacked Bonds & Managed Futures ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $9,641,62513,93202/08/2023Analyze
RVRBAdvisors Series Trust Reverb ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,049,2904811/04/2022Analyze
RYLGGlobal X Funds Global X Russell 2000 Covered Call & Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,604,19599710/05/2022Analyze
RYSEETF Series Solutions Cboe Vest 10 Year Interest Rate Hedge ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,931,625001/24/2023Analyze
SANESeries Portfolios Trust Subversive Mental Health ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $599,2233812/23/2022Analyze
SCMBSchwab Strategic Trust Schwab Municipal Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $122,293,53043,24510/12/2022Analyze
SDSIAmerican Century Short Duration Strategic Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $33,280,4559,98110/13/2022Analyze
SECDTidal ETF Trust II Senior Secured Credit Opportunities ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $495,05056812/06/2022Analyze
SFLRInnovator ETFs Trust Innovator Equity Managed Floor ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $23,681,20032,22111/09/2022Analyze
SHDGTrust For Advised Portfolios Soundwatch Hedged Equity ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $98,589,26723,18610/24/2022Analyze
SHNYBank Of Montreal MicroSectors Gold 3X Leveraged ETNs due January 29, 20430.00%1.00n/a - $60,170,513,132002/22/2023Analyze
SHOCEA Series Trust Strive U.S. Semiconductor ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $21,385,20011,02210/06/2022Analyze
SJIMNorthern Lights Fund Trust IV Inverse Cramer Tracker ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,634,200003/02/2023Analyze
SMOTVanEck ETF Trust VanEck Morningstar SMID Moat ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $51,898,0009,96910/06/2022Analyze
SNAVCollaborative Investment Series Trust Mohr Sector Nav ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $106,212,920003/15/2023Analyze
SNPDDBX ETF Trust Xtrackers S&P ESG Dividend Aristocrats ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,732,104111/09/2022Analyze
SNPGDBX ETF Trust Xtrackers S&P 500 Growth ESG ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,560,708511/09/2022Analyze
SNPVDBX ETF Trust Xtrackers S&P ESG Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $4,830,784611/09/2022Analyze
SPAQHorizon Kinetics SPAC Active ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $9,589,000001/30/2023Analyze
SRHQElevation Series Trust SRH U.S. Quality ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $99,956,3402,11510/05/2022Analyze
SROICalamos ETF Trust Calamos Antetokounmpo Global Sustainable Equities ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0002/06/2023Analyze
STXDStrive 1000 Dividend Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $8,816,5004,59411/10/2022Analyze
STXEEA Series Trust Strive Emerging Markets Ex-China ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $104,947,95011,59701/31/2023Analyze
STXGStrive 1000 Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $6,791,1255,91011/10/2022Analyze
STXKStrive 2000 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,239,0003,72311/10/2022Analyze
STXVStrive 1000 Value ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $7,063,2902,83011/10/2022Analyze
SUPPEngine No. 1 ETF Trust Engine No. 1 Transform Supply Chain ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $9,371,060002/15/2023Analyze
SURISimplify Exchange Traded Funds Simplify Propel Opportunities ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $59,947,820002/08/2023Analyze
SYNBPutnam ETF Trust Putnam BioRevolution ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $5,236,780509/30/2022Analyze
TFLRT. Rowe Price Exchange-Traded Funds, Inc. T. Rowe Price Floating Rate ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $27,587,7253,64311/17/2022Analyze
TGNInvestment Managers Series Trust II AXS Brendan Wood TopGun Index ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,876,3702411/10/2022Analyze
THYFT. Rowe Price Exchange-Traded Funds, Inc. T. Rowe Price U.S. High Yield ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $21,315,28025910/26/2022Analyze
TPMNThe Timothy Plan Timothy Plan Market Neutral ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $60,653,772001/25/2023Analyze
TSLYTidal ETF Trust II YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $11,312,00013911/23/2022Analyze
TSMEThrivent ETF Trust Thrivent Small-Mid Cap ESG ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $111,363,42047,24710/05/2022Analyze
TUASimplify Exchange Traded Funds Simplify Short Term Treasury Futures Strategy ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $113,271,77662,72711/15/2022Analyze
TYLGGlobal X Funds Global X Information Technology Covered Call & Growth ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,712,9808411/22/2022Analyze
UNIYWisdomTree Voya Yield Enhanced USD Universal Bond Fund0.00%1.00n/a - $1,091,841,906002/07/2023Analyze
UYLDAngel Oak Funds Trust Angel Oak UltraShort Income ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $47,629,8004,78710/25/2022Analyze
VEMYVirtus ETF Trust II Virtus Stone Harbor Emerging Markets High Yield Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $3,653,4078,20712/13/2022Analyze
VTESVanguard Wellington Fund Vanguard Short-Term Tax Exempt Bond ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $0003/09/2023Analyze
WCEOAffinity World Leaders Equity ETF Hypatia Women CEO ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $1,727,7891,73001/10/2023Analyze
WTIDBank Of Montreal MicroSectors Energy 3X Inverse Leveraged ETNs0.00%1.00n/a - $60,170,513,132002/15/2023Analyze
WTIUBank Of Montreal MicroSectors Energy 3X Leveraged ETNs0.00%1.00n/a - $60,170,513,132002/15/2023Analyze
XCORFundX Investment Trust FundX ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $135,191,3332,60210/17/2022Analyze
XMARFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Enhance & Moderate Buffer ETF - March0.00%1.00n/a - $60,426,060003/20/2023Analyze
XNAVFundX Investment Trust FundX Aggressive ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $23,723,46273310/17/2022Analyze
XYLEGlobal X Funds Global X S&P 500 ESG Covered Call ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $2,454,160002/22/2023Analyze
YALLTidal ETF Trust God Bless America ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $30,118,53011,32810/11/2022Analyze
ZSBUSCF ETF Trust USCF Sustainable Battery Metals Strategy Fund0.00%1.00n/a - $2,360,00031201/11/2023Analyze
ZSPYASYMmetric ETFs Trust ASYMmetric Smart Alpha S&P 500 ETF0.00%1.00n/a - $696,783002/01/2023Analyze

Market cap data provided for free by IEX and is current as of yesterday.

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