Securities We Own

Since one of the things we do is provide ratings of ETFs for long-term investors, we believe we should disclose what securities we own so that you are aware of any hidden bias or conflicts of interest that we may have.

Stock Market MBA, Inc. is a Colorado corporation that owns this website. Stock Market MBA, Inc. does not own any securities and is not in the business of investing in securities. It's sole function is to publish this website.

Our editor (the owner of Stock Market MBA, Inc.) does not personally own a large number of securities, as most of his wealth is tied up in real estate, the computer business he owns, this website and his company retirement plan.

Our editor and owner currently owns the following individual securities:

ARLPAlliance Resource Partners LPAnalyze

No one should attempt to follow his trades, as this information is displayed here solely for the purpose of disclosing conflicts of interest.

Other than owning the above securities, we don't believe we have any other conflicts of interest. We don't take advertising so that we are free to provide independent analysis of the stock market.

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