List of Stocks Owned by Ark Investment Management (Catherine Wood)

There are currently 6 companies owned by Ark Investment Management's actively managed ETFs. These ETFs are managed by Catherine Wood, who became famous for being one of the earliest fund managers to take a large position in Tesla, before Tesla became a runaway stock. Her actively managed ETFs are now many of the largest actively managed ETFs, with $12,271,400,060 assets under management.

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SymbolNameIndustryAmount Held% of TotalMarket cap% of Stock MarketAction
CT:MGMagna International IncAuto Parts$00.00$23,262,281,7280.00Analyze
JT:4689Yahoo Japan Corporation$00.00$00.00Analyze
JT:6301Komatsu Ltd$00.00$00.00Analyze
LN:KSPIJsc Kaspi Global Sponsored Gdr RepConsumer Finance$00.00$00.00Analyze
NA:ADYENAdyen N.VSoftware-Infrastructure$00.00$45,401,874,4320.00Analyze
SJ:DSYDiscovery Limited$00.00$00.00Analyze

Data is pulled from our database automatically and may not be complete. Our data is often delayed by several days. Visit Ark's website for accurate holdings information.

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