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Future Enhancements

This is our list of 21 future enhancements that we would like to implement. Please email us any ideas you have for future improvements to our site.

Priority Description
2Add more info on pre-market and after-hours trading
1Start putting individual bonds in our database
2Need an educational page on explaining the correlation of bond returns to TNX (interest rates)
2Need better mutual fund descriptions
2Need mutual fund pricing data
2Educational articles on what is the hang seng and cs300 indexes
2New page showing interesting indexes like SPTRALUP
2Build training class on OTC stocks
2Show industry charts (banks, etc...) on the charts tab
2Feature to browse holdings of an ETF
2Add a detailed page showing analytics of ETF holdings
1Finish adding short interest data
1Display SEC insider transactions
2Need to build integration to pull in press releases through OTC Markets Group OTC news feed
2Add technical indicators like RSI, ADX and slope
1Display data on percentage of float held by insiders and institutions
1Can I get automated data on stocks undergoing merger (such as CIT)?
1Calculate and show actual year over year revenue growth
1Summarize stocks held by actively managed ETFs. What is overweighted?
1Provide pre-market and after-market quotes when you pull up a symbol
1Provide page showing upcoming earnings dates

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