Future Enhancements

This is our running list of 18 future enhancements and changes that we would like to implement. A priority of 1 is the highest priority. We have not yet started working on all of these, so we can't really promise when they will go live. But this list gives you an insight into what we are thinking about adding. More importantly, we want to hear from you what you think we should add to the site. Please email us any ideas you have for future improvements to our site.

Priority DescriptionAdd Date
2Update etf screener so you can screen by sharpe ratio, correlation and standard deviation, and index sampling versus replication, dividend yield01/09/2017
2Add an ETF comparison tool (put in 4 etf symbols, and comparisons are generated)01/19/2017
2Need flag in database about when an etf invests in REITs. Need to also use adr flag for certain us etfs.11/09/2017
2Need charts and data on flatness or stepness of yield curve11/13/2017
2Need to display commodity spot price information 11/20/2017
2New page that shows market signals used by downside hedged ETFs such as FFTY11/26/2017
2When an ETF changes indexes, need to automatically show price chart that starts with new index date.12/18/2017
2Update closed end fund and BDC information to indicate which ones use leverage (also display balance sheet data)01/03/2018
2Calculate currency adjusted value of global single country stocks (take US dollar price of ETF and adjust for US currency exchange rate)01/05/2018
2Add functionality to the "your analysis" tab of symbol page (let users add charts, follow stocks, etc...)01/16/2018
2Make the technical indicators tab on symbols page better (show volatility stop, rsi, volume, etc...)01/16/2018
2Need to add a bond duration field (short term, intermediate, long-term)01/16/2018
1Update etfscreener and stock screener to add more moving average (above or below)01/16/2018
2Need flag for whether an etf buys floating rate instruments or not01/16/2018
2When we have holdings information, we need to somehow compare holdings on the "alternatives" tab of symbol page (BLCN verus BLOK)01/18/2018
1Show financial statement data for stocks (including earnings)10/18/2018
1Show technical indicators for stocks (PE ratio, PB, beta, correlation, sharpe ratio, etc...)10/18/2018
1Change stock and closed end fund screeners to add more criteria10/18/2018

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