Why us?

No adsSince we don't accept any advertising, our website is free of clutter. That also means we don't have any conflicts of interest with advertisers from Wall Street.
No conflicts of interestWe are independently owned and thus aren't beholden to anyone on Wall Street.
Focus on educationWe have a focus on education and training classes that is unlike any other stock market website.
Suitable for all levelsOur goal is to provide quality training classes and certification programs that are appropriate for everyone, whether you are a beginner to the stock market, or whether you are a full-time professional investor or financial advisor.
No BSWe aren't trying to sell you anything, other than our online education classes. Isn't everyone tired of investing websites that promise to make you rich before the age of 40? Or that offer a "proven" investing program that will earn 20% per year? We never tell you how to invest - we want you to be educated so you can make your own well-informed decisions.
An honest approachInvesting is difficult. We don't pretend to know all the answers. We are open to feedback.
We explain everythingWhen you pull up a stock or exchange traded fund on our website, we try to give you all the key information about that stock or ETF that you need to understand it. We don't assume you that you know what we are talking about - we try to explain everything and/or give you links to educational articles that explain it. Try it yourself - type in "SPY" in the Enter Symbol box on the top of our website and see how we try to explain and analyze it.

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